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mcs multimedia project

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Week #1 -- Pulling it All Together Multimedia Project

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mcs multimedia project

  1. 1. Pulling it All Together: Grey’s Anatomy By:Ninoshka Burgos
  2. 2. Describe ● It's a show based on the lives of surgeons both inside and out of the hospital. ● Reveals the everyday struggle of having a job devoted to helping others. ● Shows not only their love for their job, but shows the lives of every patient and how these doctors change their lives. ● Life-or-death consequences on a daily basis ● Are always fighting for something, from surgeries to relationships to patients' lives.
  3. 3. Analyze ● Thinking about the struggle of these surgeons makes me think if surgeons in reality care about their patients as much as the show narrates. ● Every member of the cast has their own flaws and make mistakes, which leads to new storylines and creates a relatable connection for the audience to keep them engaged. ● The women in this show are united because they have one common desire to be strong, successful professionals. ● They each embrace their sexuality, but they also struggle with their femininity, which makes them feel vulnerable and insecure.
  4. 4. Interpret ● Themes of hope and finding strength in others and within oneself are present in Grey's Anatomy “Every day a surgeon makes decisions that can go one of two ways, either very good or very, very, very bad. The problem is the epically great decisions and the epically bad ones look exactly the same when you’re making them. Looking back, it’s easy to see when a mistake has been made but the deepest most painful regret of them all – the regret that comes from letting something amazing pass you by.” ("Take It Back".Narr. Meredith Grey. Grey's Anatomy) ● Both the show and the quote explain how people make mistakes. It’s hard to accept when things don’t go my way but by focusing on the present and making new choices, things will turn out for the better. Always take risk instead of living your life wondering. The important thing is to focus on heading in a better direction instead of lingering in the past, and learn from those good or bad decisions to make better ones in the future.
  5. 5. Evaluate ● Some people might say that Grey’s Anatomy is a misrepresentation of what actually happens in a hospital. ● They say this because the amount of downtime they have is completely inaccurate. Surgeons and Nurses barely have time to eat lunch let alone have intimate relationships with their co workers in hospital rooms and gossiping on lunch, especially as interns. ● Critics may say that this show is a form of media as distraction.
  6. 6. Evaluate Continued In response, even though Medical dramas produce unrealistic narratives about what goes on in hospitals, I think Grey's Anatomy is using media as information. ● It has an educational impact by helping raise awareness of serious real-life health issues. ● It can also be very educational for medical students who are beginners to this field because the show covers a wide range of topics that may emerge in real-life practice. ● It is valuable because the audience learns about particular illnesses and the professional and ethical issues that establish best medical practice.
  7. 7. Engage ● Reflects the diversity of women by using characters Dr. Yang, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Torres to give faces to the under represented Asian, African American and Hispanic communities ● Promotes positive images of women working in highly competitive professional environments, rather than the standard representation of female characters ● Acknowledges feminism and promotes feminist goals ● The portrayal of female characters on the show challenges media stereotypes of women, and supports equal treatment of women as complex individuals with interests as diverse as their male counterparts