cabg guidelines for aortic valve replacement congenital heart disease indications heart failure concept pci type b type a acute dissection acute aortic syndrome thoracotomy торакотомия усложнения екстракорпорално кръвообращение екк transplantology malignancies benign tumors tricuspid valve repair ebstain tricuspid regurgitation tricuspid stenosis tricuspid valve disease circuit cardioplegia cannulas cannulation cardiopulmonary bypas extracorporeal circulation cpb eisenmenger tapvc tga tof chd bypass surgery cad coronary artery bypass grafting coronary artery disease symptoms of aortic stenosis signs of aortic stenosis avr indications for savr stented xenografts stentless xenografts apicoaortic conduit ross operation ozaki procedure tissue valves biological valves bioprosthesis mechanical valves savr tavr aortic valve replacement aortic stenosis type 3a dysfunction type 2 dysfunction type 1 dysfunction barlow's disease infective endocarditis triangular resection quadrangular resection mitral valve surgery techniques mitral valve surgery prosthetic devices prosthetic rings symptoms of mitral regurgitation symptoms of mitral stenosis signs of mitral stenosis signs of mitral regurgitation mitral valve replacement carpentier classification mitral valve repair mitral stenosis mitral regurgitation crawford classification stanford classification debakey classification thoracic aortic aneurysm saccular aneurysm fusiform aneurysm aortic root surgery intramural haematoma penetrating ulcer dissections aneurysms stage d heart failure tah impella lvad ecmo iabp atrioventricular canal defect congenital heart malformations coarctation of the aorta pda vsd asd homans trendelenburg-brodie pratt test superficial venous system stripping ceap classification varicose disease varicosity safety ppe cardiac surgery sars-cov-2 covid19 lv aneurysm post infarction vsd ischamic mitral regurgitation blunt chest trauma penetrating chest trauma aortic transsection cardiac trauma angiosarcoma cardiac neoplasms cardiac tumors lipoma sarcoma myxoma streptokinase aspirin sintrom heparin antifibrinolytics fibrinolytics antiplatelets anticoagulants rvot lvot right ventricle left ventricle right atrium left atrium triangle of koch tendon of todaro pericardium pulmonic valve aortic root aortic valve tricuspid valve complex mitral valve complex coronary arteries heart anatomy cardiac anatomy 6 p's emboli fogarthy embolectomy peripheral vascular disease peripheral arterial disease acute limb ischeamia dvt deep vein thrombosis symptoms phlegmasia cerulea dolens phlegmasia alba dolens pericardial tamponade cea indications transitory ischaemic attack amaurosis fugax cardiac and vascular surgery carotid stenting carotid endarterectomy carotid artery disease
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