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Photo shoot

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Photo shoot

  1. 1. Nick Crompton
  2. 2. The two people I chose had to be good looking as this isthe main image on the magazine front cover. The readerneeds to be attracted to the magazine, therefore puttingunpleasant people on the front cover will more than likelyput them off buying the magazine. I suppose you could callit ‘eye candy’ but to a less extent. I think the two models Ichose represented all of the criteria above, thereforemaking my front cover eye-catching to the reader.
  3. 3. In any professional photo you see in a magazine or anyother publication like that, the models will always bewearing makeup. The amount of makeup depends on thesituation the picture is supposed to represent. In this casethey are two celebrities attending an awards event. Thepicture had to look glamorous yet real. The models had to ause makeup that they would use on a ‘posh’ night out. Ithink they listened to my instructions well and the makeuplooked glamours yet it still looked real as if they where inthat situation.
  4. 4. I wanted the two models to compliment each other with thecolours and styles that they where going to wear. I didn’twant one model to stand out more that the other. I asked ifthey could wear a dress that they would be comfortablegoing to a big event in. I also asked if one could wear a reddress and the other could wear a black. They stuck exactlyto my specifications and I think the pictures turned outgreat. As the magazine had a turquoise theme to it I had toask one of them to bring an accessory that I could thenphoto shop to the exact colour I wanted.
  5. 5. As you can see this picture is far toblurry to even consider. If thispicture had not have been blurry Ithink this would have been the one.
  6. 6. I had chosen a close up angle in thispicture which I then realised wouldn’tgo onto my magazine properly. Ineeded more of a full body shot thana close up. I also think that thispicture is too dark although a fewPhotoshop tweaks would change that.I also think that the models look likethey are being forced next to eachother and I want the picture to looknatural.
  7. 7. As I was failing to get aperfect picture I tried to takea picture of the modelsindividually and themPhotoshop them togetherlater on. I did try this but theangles in which the photo’swhere taken meant it lookedobvious they where not inthe same picture.
  8. 8. I then tried to take a picture in aroom with more light but thecamera I was using didn’t havethe settings to change theexposure which meant the picturewas too bright. If it wasn’t for thedress’s the two models wouldmore or less have blended intothe white background.
  9. 9. This is the picture that I though wasperfect and would fit in well on myfront cover. The two models lookgreat in this picture and they bothhave the facial expressions and bodylanguage I was looking for. Theyboth look very confidant and they areclose together as if they where bestfriends. The story that continuesinside of the newspaper from thispicture explains how close they arewhich is why I wanted to put acrossthat in this picture. However thereare still some issues that needchanging in this picture as thelighting isnt how I would like it. Thispicture is taken inside, yet thebackground on the magazine isoutside. I will need to use the lightingeffects on Photoshop to amend this.