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No Such Thing as Social Media

Social Media is a much used term.

Beneath the name the categories of tools have emerged and evolved. This deck explains how Social Media is two things and how these two things are both very similar AND very different.

Treat them the same at your peril.

No Such Thing as Social Media

  1. @NickKellet - Co-Founder @Listly No Such Thing as Social Media
  2. SOCiAL+MEDIA NOT SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL NETWORKS MEDIA PLATFORMS Makes content easier to find, share & reuse Makes people easier to manage,find & connect L
  3. People Catalog = Identity - Find People - Get Introduced (Reuse) - Share/Recommend People - Networking Expert (Extrovert?) Social Metrics - Connections - Social Proof (Likes etc) - Influence (Klout etc) Content Catalog = Knowledge - Find Content - Embed Content(ReUse) - Share/Recommend Content - Domain Expert (Introvert?) Media Metrics - Views / Shares - Embeds (Earned Media) - Mentions / Links SOCIAL Mediavs
  4. Social Networks (People) Destination sites where you go to interact with people. Social Graph: (who knows who) Six Degrees Separation: (how to reach someone) Preference Graph: (who likes what, who shares that passion) People hangout on Social Networks to connect, reconnect & discover new people. Action (content & dialog) revolve around people.
  5. Media platforms (Content) Destination sites where you go to find & interact with content Content Graph: (what’s to know - aka “Best Practice”) Knowledge Graph: (who knows what) Community Graph: (Create 1% - Contribute 9% - Consume 90%) People hang out on Media Platforms to find great content and domain expertise. Action (people & ideas) revolve around content (lists, slides, videos, podcasts)
  6. LifeTime Value Social feeds are algorithmic & therefore don’t persist. Get value by: - keeping your stream alive - nurturing your connections - extending reach over time Content on a Media Platform persists over time. Get value by: - accruing social proof: views/ embeds - creating a rich body of work - - earning organic rank/traffic Social Mediavs
  7. Key Activity Connect ahead. Engage with people Cultivate a following Build a community of like minds Help Others (generosity) Make Lists (who’s who) Look for/ create tomorrows stars Notice who is engaging with you Create ahead. Help people find you Create original content [body of work] Generate a following / Follow others Communicate, Curate & Share Ideas Engage with content Like/ Share /Embed / Curate Help Connect people with ideas Social Mediavs
  8. Social centric vs Media Centric? MEDIA PLATFORMS offers innovators a new strategy to be MEDIA CENTRIC Most brands have more SOCIAL than CONTENT connections (i.e. SOCIAL CENTRIC) Where does your BRAND have more followers ? MEDIA CENTRIC SOCIAL CENTRIC VS
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk CONNECTION CENTRIC Twitter 1.0m Facebook 173k Linkedin 329k G+ 2.1m vs Vine - 24,6k YouTube 46k Instagram 44k Soundcloud 713k Slideshare 3.6k 831.2k3.6m SOCIAL vs MEDIA Gary SOCIAL CENTRIC
  10. Nash Grier CONTENT CENTRIC Twitter 3.4m Facebook 2.2m vs Vine - 9.5M YouTube 3.6m Instagram 6.7m 19.8m 5.6m SOCIAL Vs MEDIA Nash MEDIA CENTRIC
  11. Trio: Social NetWorks, Blogs & Media PLATFORMS BLOGS SOCIAL NETWORKS MEDIA PLATFORMS embedded media embedded media
  13. platforms have emerged since 2004 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 YOUTUBE SCRIBD SLIDESHARE SOUNDCLOUD LISTLY INSTAGRAM FLICKR VINE
  14. finite List: 5 MEDIA TYPEs
  15. Eg Slides The 34% of the 16k total views came from embedded media. 30 Embeds in total. Other people’s blogs are more effective than yours. You need to let go and utilize media in every post. Note: 265 downloads. That’s dark social at work. You don’t know where that got shared. 16k VIEWS SlideShare LINK. Highlights Embeds/Views michaelqtodd.com - 1151 scoop.it - 809 linkedin.com770 webershandwick.net - 719 twitter.com - 455 intuit.ca- 397 blog.list.ly - 261 contentjam.com - 199 42medien.de - 118 rebelmouse.com - 104 news.google.com - 44 storify.com - 13 pinterest.com - 11 m4marketinghits.com - 3
  16. Eg Videos Embedding accounted for 66% of this video’s 51k views. This is proof that MEDIA and BLOGS trump MEDIA or BLOGS Media and blog work best together. YouTube Link 51k VIEWS
  17. Eg LISTs 50% of this list’s 166k views are via multiple embeds. If you are not using media, you are missing out. Great quality content will get found, but not always on your blog. A search on YouTube or Slideshare won’t find your blog, it could find your content. Listly Link Listly 166k VIEWS
  18. Eg Images Just to prove a point (and not to convey any form of Presidential approval), I thought I’d share this image because it’s had so many views! More proof of the power of Media Platforms. Flickr Link Flickr images are easy to embed 2.4m VIEWS
  19. Next Steps / Questions Are you Social Centric? Are you Blog focussed? Do you author media first? Do you compose blogs from media? Check out Listly and go Pro with a 20% discount (until 20/2/2015. Code: GEN20