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What is dynamics 365? - aOS Canadian tour (Ottawa)

  1. aOS 2017Canadian Tour Fueled by Quebec Montreal Ottawa Toronto February 6 February 7 February 8 February 10
  2. What is Dynamics 365? How Microsoft is using Azure and Office 365 to modernize their business applications? Nicolas Georgeault Emergent technologies Officer @ngeorgeault
  3. 86% Of CEOs see digital as their # 1 priority The CEOs are convinced that of all the current global trends, It is the technology that will have the most impact and transform their business. Technological advances Demographic Changes Global change in economic power Rare resources & climate change Urbanization
  4. Result Digitale tranformation
  5. CreateCustomize Reinvent
  6. Azure and Office 365 as support for application modernization
  7. • Simplify management and operations • Continue to take advantage of previous development investments • Reassure users with identical versions • Unify authentication • Provide an "abstraction layer" of the service • Consuming Services Available in Office 365 • Homogenize the Experiences • Transforming the backend without worrying users • Innovate on the management and structure of data in a transparent way • Edit in depth and take advantage of the BigData • Benefit from the contribution of Azure services • Enrich the product with intelligence functionalities • Connect systems altogether • Identify correlations in uses and processes Publish applications “as is” in the cloud Make client applications more reliable Transform the backend Extend cross- functionalities Modernization in 4 acts
  8. What is Dynamics 365?
  9. CRM ERP A new era of intelligent business applications
  10. CRM ERPMicrosoft Dynamics 365 A new era of intelligent business applications
  11. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications intelligentes : Office 365, Power BI, la suite Cortana Intelligence et Azure loT VENTES OPÉRATIONS FINANCES MARKETING SERVICE CLIENT SERVICE SUR SITE AUTOMATISTION DE PROJET DE SERVICE
  12. An intelligente platform ACTIONINTELLIGENCEOffice 365 Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Etc..Météo loT Analyse web Médias sociaux CRM + ERP
  13. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Before Now Dynamics CRM • Sales, Service, Marketing • Field Service • Project Service Automation • Social Engagement Dynamics AX ‘Project Madeira’ Dynamics 365 for Sales Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Dynamics 365 for Marketing Dynamics 365 for Field Service Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation Dynamics 365 for Operations (Enterprise Edition) Dynamics GP Dynamics NAV Dynamics SL Dynamics GP Dynamics NAV Dynamics SL Dynamics 365 for Financials (Business Edition) • Portals • Gamification • Voice of the Customer • Unified Service Desk
  14. Microsoft Sales Customer Service Field Service Project Service Automation Operations Finance Marketing
  15. Sales Features Opportunity Management Social Selling Office 365 Productivity Mobility Account Management Activity Management Intelligence Scenarios B2B or B2C pipeline management Stakeholder Management Membership Management Wealth Management Donations and Fundraising Grants Management Loyalty Management
  16. Sales examples
  17. Marketing Empired support Marketo and ClickDimensions as strategic marketing platform providers partners. There are other Marketing platforms that integrate with Dynamics 365 additionally. Features Lead Management Campaign Planning Marketing Lists Social Engagement Intelligence Enterprise Marketing* Business Marketing* Scenarios Nurture marketing Contextual personalisation Omni-channel marketing Progressive profiling Event management Web analytics
  18. Marketing examples
  19. Field Service Features Scheduling & Dispatch Asset and Warranty Management Service Agreements Inventory Management Resource Management Customer billing Dedicated Mobile App Scenarios Connected Field Service (IoT) Traditional asset break/fix Healthcare client management Financial services on-the-road Home services (car service, home maintenance) Facilities booking
  20. Field Service examples
  21. Project Service Automation Features Scheduling Resource Management Time & Expenses Project Planning Team Collaboration Customer Billing Intelligence Scenarios Business / Professional Services Construction Engineering Legal Accounting IT
  22. Project Service
  23. Customer Service Features Case Management Self Service Portal Agent Enablement (Unified Service Desk) Integrated Social Engagement Knowledge Base Management Omni-Channel Communication Intelligence Scenarios Employee Self Service (HR / Help Desk) Customer / Partner Self Service Complaints and Issues Management Call Centre Public sector citizen services Claims management Client care
  24. Operations Features Retail Budget Control Procurement & Sourcing Warehouse Management Supply Chain Management Transportation Management Project Accounting Inventory Management Human Capital Management Order fulfillment Manufacturing Mobility Financial Management (AR/AP/GL) Analytics and Reporting
  25. Operations
  26. Finance (‘Project Madeira’) Features Supplier / Vendor Management Sales Invoicing General Ledger Product Management Accounts Payable Mobility Accounts Receivable Analytics and Reporting
  27. Empired Ltd. Financials example
  28. Purpose-built end-to-end business process Empower people to delight customers through an end-to-end view PROCESS PERSONAS Customer lifetime value Pricing, discounts, taxation Product availability Order information, resource reservations MANAGER Payment history Problems, Issues, Requests
  29. Unified UI
  30. Embedded Power BI
  31. Mobility
  32. Outlook Integration
  33. How are my people supported in their decision making?
  34. Journey from data to action… Dynamics 365 — Intelligence built-in
  35. Relationship Insight
  36. Dynamics 365 intelligence Intelligence built-in today Sales Relationship Insights Cross-sell / Up-sell Product Recommendations Customer Service Knowledge Base Insights Previous Case recommendations Customer Insights Marketing Lead Scoring Intent Analysis Sentiment Analysis Field Service Preemptive Service Resource Optimisation Project Service Automation Resource Optimisation Operations Demand Forecasting Cash Flow Forecast Predictive Sales and Inventory Forecast
  37. How do I adapt and extend the standard business processes provided by the services?
  38. DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS APPS Adaptability of business processes Other data sources Microsoft AppSource 3rd PARTY APPS PURPOSE BUILT APPS FOR MY TEAM Custom Apps by PowerApps Compose Workflow by Microsoft Flow OFFICE 365, APPS & DASHBOARDS PRODUCTIVITY
  39. AppSource
  40. Microsoft AppSource Simplifies the discovery, trial, and acquisition of line-of-business apps An ecosystem to help business users get started using apps faster An ecosystem to help business users get started using apps faster One destination for business users to discover, trial, and acquire line-of-business SaaS apps
  41. PowerApps
  42. Extensibility Dynamics 365 PowerApps/ Microsoft Flow Power User / IT Pro Systems Integrator / Developer new
  44. Common Data Model - CDM
  45. The Common Data Model - backbone for all your business data Operational data store Transaction Processing Store Common Data Model and custom entities Real time sync Data API
  46. Public Roadmap
  47. Roadmap produits Microsoft Dynamics
  49. Your questions?
  50. • Dive into the Microsoft Common Data Model – Ignite 2016 • • PowerApps and the Common Data Service – Azure Friday • Common-Data-Service • Dynamics 365 public roadmap • • References

Hinweis der Redaktion

  2. PIERRE GILBERT Answering these questions requires the mindset of a digital company...a way of operating like a digital company beyond procuring and deploying individual solutions – such as CRM, ERP or even office automation solutions – that is instead anchored on building systems of intelligence. Systems of intelligence represent the digital feedback loops that help you draw better insight out of data and convert it to intelligent action – engage with your customers, empower your employees, optimize your operations, and reinvent products and business models. Previously businesses designed, built, produced and shipped a product, then customers bought it. That was the end of the cycle. Now organizations are building in continuous feedback loops – sensors in product, after-market services, customer feedback from a variety of channels. Transformation requires these rich systems of intelligence. And it isn’t simply about technology…systems of intelligence represent the combination of technology, people and process that enable these feedback loops, and define an organization’s competitiveness and ability to change the entire landscape of the industries in which it participates.
  4. STEPHANE L. Microsoft is unifying all its business applications. Breaking down the artificial silo’s of ERP and CRM and delivering new purpose-built applications in the cloud.
  5. STEPHANE L. -Fusion entre le ERP et CRM afin de gérér les différents processus d'affaire à travers les ventes, les opérations etc.. -Ce qui fait que Dynamics 365 est unique c'est qu'elle représente  le one Microsoft -Nous avons maintenant accès à encore plus de donnés qu'auparavant et nous voulons les exploiter plus rapidement. Le défi c'est toujours de transformer le tout en inteliligence afin de prendre de meilleures décisions quinous amèneront les résultats attendus -Ça semble de base mais le fait est que la délimitation que l'on peut retrouver au niveau d'un ERP vs CRM a créer une séparation au niveau des données à exploiter et des processus These applications work seamlessly together to manage specific business processes across, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Project Service Automation  and Marketing.  Specifically on the marketing front, we want to note out our recent announcement with Adobe, that we are partnering with them to make Adobe Marketing Cloud our preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365 for the Enterprise Edition.  This is exciting as we help businesses deliver compelling and personalized experiences through every phase of their customer relationships.     Now what makes Dynamics 365 unique is that it harnesses the power of One Microsoft. Data has become the new currency, and organizations create and have access to more of it, and faster than ever before. The challenge is how to transform it into intelligence that generates action and drive outcomes. Dynamics 365 will allow organizations to adopt individual business apps such as Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations, but as organizations adopt more of the apps, synergies will be unleashed in the form ‘Intelligent Business Processes’.  This will help proactively guide employees & customers to generate optimal outcomes. Take Project Service Automation as an example. Project teams can use it as standalone app in close alignment with Office 365, but when combined with Operations, the time and expense reports that project members submit, will automatically go to accounting, HR and Payroll systems, and Project Accounts will be automatically updated for Finance in the Operations App. It sounds basic… but the fact is that the classic delineation between CRM and ERP has created a separation in data and processes. Dynamics 365 breaks down this separation, and our business platform strategy together with CIT and IOT is centered on enabling this to new levels.
  7. STEPHANE L. L'intégration ou l'accès à plusieurs autres composantes permet à Dynamics 365 d'exploiter non seulement des données structurées mais également une multitude de données structurées et provenant de différentes sources permettant ainsi au décideurs d'entreprise de prendre des décisions éclairés.  L'intelligence que l'on peut sous-tirer d'un tel écosystème nous permet d'agir en toute connaissance de cause.