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NPGBC - Monthly Theme Commentary - May 2016

The New Piney Grove Baptist Church monthly theme commentary for the month of May, 2016 entitled "God's Mercy".

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NPGBC - Monthly Theme Commentary - May 2016

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION It was noted last month that God’s Love and God’s Grace were, two- sides of the same coin. If we view this “coin” as a priceless, pure gold, coin, then “mercy” would be what only that coin can purchase. Mercy is an attribute of God, toward His people, in spite of their sinfulness, unworthiness and unfaithfulness.
  4. 4. The biblical concept of mercy can be complicated. Therefore there are several Hebrew and Greek words used to comprehend the many-sided concept. The three most often used terms are: • PITY • COMPASSION • STEADFAST LOVE The common idea is God’s nature to forgive offenders and to spare them the just punishment which is due.
  5. 5. At the heart of the concept of mercy is the love of God. This is clearly illustrated in His dealing with the Nation of Israel. God persistently put up with His disobedient and wayward people and continuously sought them out to draw them back to Himself. This is the reason mercy is often viewed as God’s “steadfast” love. God’s mercy has always had as its main goal, restoration through forgiveness.
  6. 6. A common adage says that Grace gives what we do not deserve, Eternal Life, while Mercy withholds what we do deserve, Eternal Death. But, Mercy goes much deeper than that. Mercy is not only punishment which, is just and due. Nor, is mercy an act of having compassion or feeling sorry toward a person. But mercy is also an action of giving the needed assistance to that person.
  7. 7. RESPONSE TO GOD’S MERCY Because God has freely extended His mercy toward us, regardless of our unworthiness or unfaithfulness, we are to respond by showing mercy to others, who do not deserve it. As members of the Body of Christ, we are to show compassion and concern for each other. We are mandated to give aid, relief, love and comfort to one another as Christ gave to us.