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Discovering Unprecedented Ways to Join the Conversation

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Whether customer care is looking to deliver timely responses to ensure the highest customer satisfaction or marketing is looking to amplify the message of a brand advocate to increase brand equity, accurately pinpointing the conversations that matter most to your brand can reduce customer care costs and maximize your reach.

Watch now to hear the top 3 benefits of deploying best of breed analytics and engagement platforms, NetBase and Spredfast, and how they allow brands an unprecedented way to find customer stories and join the conversation.

You will also learn to:
Segment and prioritize conversations for customer care
Recognize crisis situations faster
Amplify the message of brand advocates
Drive opportunities down the purchase funnel

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Discovering Unprecedented Ways to Join the Conversation

  1. 1. Discovering Unprecedented Ways to Join the Conversation September 15, 2016
  2. 2. 1 THREE DAYS OF UNFORGETTABLE SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS THAT WILL HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT ON YOUR SUCCESS 33 game changing sessions that will inspire you – Coca- Cola, Visa, Yum! and others http://www.netbase.com/nblive2016/ OCT 25th-27th IN SAN FRANCISCO NETBASE LIVE : OCT 25-27
  3. 3. All-Star Keynotes: Trevor Noah, The Daily Show Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist Cubby Graham, charity: water Eric Toda, Airbnb Rob King, ESPN Sportscenter 30 Sessions: roundtables and breakouts with social leaders at Facebook, Google, RocNation, Twitch, Charles Schwab, Brooks Brothers, Coca-Cola, The NFL, and more! 700 Social Leaders 200 Global Brands, Media Companies, & Agencies 20+ Keynote & Breakout Sessions
  4. 4. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 3 Ryan Taketa Product Marketing Manger NetBase @artee46 Today’s Speakers Sofie Leon Pompa Integrations Product Manager Spredfast @sofieleon #netbasewebinar
  5. 5. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 4Overview Agenda 1. NetBase + Spredfast Overview 2. Best-of-Breed Approach 3. Integration Benefits 4. Customer Care Demo 5. Q&A #netbasewebinar
  6. 6. NetBase Overview
  7. 7. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 6 A Company’s Goal is to Use Data to Drive the Best Customer Experience and Fuel Every Aspect of the Business • Awareness • Brand Health • Crises • Demand Gen. • Purchase • Service • Satisfaction • Support • Retention • Loyalty • Use • Research • Sell • Upsell • Testimonials Marketing Operations Product Dev SalesCustomer Care #netbasewebinar
  8. 8. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 7Customer Experience Data Comes From All Sources Marketing Operations Product Dev SalesCustomer Care • Awareness • Brand Health • Crises • Demand Gen. • Purchase • Service • Satisfaction • Support • Retention • Loyalty • Use • Research • Sell • Upsell • Testimonials #netbasewebinar
  9. 9. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 8 But, Most Companies Lack a Single Aggregated View of the Customer Marketing Operations Product Dev SalesCustomer Care • Awareness • Brand Health • Crises • Demand Gen. • Purchase • Service • Satisfaction • Support • Retention • Loyalty • Use • Research • Sell • Upsell • Testimonials #netbasewebinar
  10. 10. 9Transform Customer Data from Any Source Fuel Every Aspect of Your Business Social Media Customer CareDigital Channels Survey Systems CRM #netbasewebinar
  11. 11. 10Why Customers Choose NetBase Technology Company • 99.5% satisfaction & 90% rapid innovation is customer driven • Recognized as leader by G2Crowd, Forrester, Trust Radius • Serves over 300 global brands & top agencies Reputation • SAAS solution designed for rapid deployment across the enterprise • Complete customer insights from social, digital, and internal data • Accurate understanding with patented Natural Language Processing across 199 languages • Headquartered in the Silicon Valley with 8 global offices • Partnerships with Spredfast, Domo, Twitter, Tumblr, and more • Global support organization across NA, EMEA, APAC #netbasewebinar
  12. 12. Spredfast Overview
  13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL About Spredfast 500+ EMPLOYEES 650+ CUSTOMERS 5 OFFICES GLOBALLY PARTNERSHIPS WITH THE WORLD’S LARGEST SOCIAL NETWORKS $114.1M in funding from 5 investors • Austin Ventures • InterWest Partners • Lead Edge Capital • OpenView • Silver Lake Waterman
  14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT SOCIAL CARE LEAD GENERATION DIRECT REVENUE RESEARCH | INFO. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY DRIVE TUNE-IN Align Priorities Best of Breed: connect your social efforts & priorities to the rest of your business’s technologies
  16. 16. Best-of-Breed Approach
  17. 17. 16 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Best-of-Breed *Sources: Forrester 92% Of marketers using a non-suite solution believe the platform DID match what was promised #netbasewebinar
  18. 18. 17 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Best-of-Breed 64% Of marketers using a social suite believed the platform matched what was promised *Sources: Forrester #netbasewebinar
  19. 19. 18NetBase Best-of-Breed Platform Open API #netbasewebinar
  20. 20. NetBase + Spredfast Integration Benefits
  21. 21. 20 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Off Channel Conversations Growing 97% Of Customers do not directly @ mention brands on Twitter, instead, referring to the brand “company” instead of “@company” *Sources: Social Media Today #netbasewebinar
  22. 22. 21 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Best of Breed Leaders Team Up Best of breed listening and engagement platforms integrate to allow brands an unprecedented way to find consumer stories & join the conversation Leverage NetBase + Spredfast Integration to: 1. Improve Response Times 2. Reduce Customer Care Costs 3. Extend Your Reach 4. Improve Cross-Functional Productivity See critical operational streams for smart customer and prospect engagement #netbasewebinar
  23. 23. 22Use Case: Social Customer Care *Sources: Harvard Business Review, Aberdeen Group, McKinsey & Company 6.5% Increase in Agent Productivity Average Cost per Incident: Phone - $6 E-mail - $3-5 Social - $1 30% Of Customers Prefer Social Care to Traditional Phone Care 6.7% Increase in Average Revenue per Customer Contact 7.1% Increase in Customer Retention Rates After Implementing Social Care #netbasewebinar
  24. 24. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 23Customer Care: Telecom Company Problem Solution 1. Reduce Customer Churn 2. Improve Customer Experience 3. Prove Effectiveness of Customer Care Team Using NetBase, the company created multiple solutions: 1. Churn analysis and reasons for switching carriers 2. Social Net Promoter Score to predict customer churn 3. Social Care ROI Calculator to measure improving the care experience 1. Identified policy, pricing & packaging updates, and necessary network investments 2. Created a leading indicator for customer churn 3. Segmented audiences by advocates, detractors, and neutrals – for brand & competitors 4. Proved value of social care Results #netbasewebinar
  25. 25. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 24Customer Care: Telecom Company Find Conversations Predict Customer Churn Measure churn conversations when mentioning 2 brands. Segmented audiences by advocates, detractors, and neutrals – for brand & competitors Segment NPS Audiences #netbasewebinar
  26. 26. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 25Customer Care: Telecom Company Surface Conversations & Engage Measure the Impact Find conversations on and off channel to engage on. Brand sentiment before, during, and after engagement with Customer Care. Benchmark against the competition Show Competitive Difference #netbasewebinar
  27. 27. 26 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Use Case: Crisis Management 26% Of Brands saw their Brands and reputations tarnished as a result of NEGATIVE comments on social *Sources: SMMU, Bain & Company, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 28% Of crises spread internationally within 1 hour #netbasewebinar
  28. 28. 27 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Crisis Management: James Madison University JMU manages risk by keeping tabs on hot-button education topics and identifying reputational and physical threats to the university. 1. Decrease research time down from 2 days to 2 hours 2. Improved response time to crises 3. Increased collaboration with public safety departments #netbasewebinar
  29. 29. 28 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Use Case: Influencer Marketing *Sources: Harvard Business Review, Aberdeen Group Word of Mouth Marketing Drives $2 Trillion in US Sales Alone Customers Engaged in Social Tend to Rate a Company 3 Points Higher in Net Promoter Score Customers Engaged in Social Spend 20-40% More #netbasewebinar
  30. 30. CONFIDENTIAL Brooks Brothers’ social team used Spredfast to engage in real-time monitoring and response, scoring big with customers by capitalizing on a surprise and delight moment with ESPN analyst and retired soccer player Taylor Twellman. 2 Million + Social Impressions 190% Increase in Favorites Compared to Average 76% Increase in Retweets Compared to Average Customer Stories | Brooks Brothers Influencer ID & Engagement
  31. 31. 30 © 2016 NetBase Solutions. Use Case: Influencing Path to Purchase Customers Engaged in Social Spend 20-40% More 20% YOY Increase in Conversation Rate for Social Traffic 31% of Site Traffic is Driven by Social *Sources: Forbes, Forbes, Monetate E-Commerce Quarterly #netbasewebinar
  32. 32. CONFIDENTIAL 21% Increase in Average Time on Site 57% Higher Transaction Rate in Online Sales 156% Increase in Page Views 2 Million Potential Social Impressions The PGA TOUR Superstore worked with Spredfast to engage golfers on a socially-powered Gift Guide that drove conversions through social. Customer Stories | PGA Superstore Influence Path to Purchase
  33. 33. Delta Customer Care Demo
  34. 34. 33Customer Care Workflow Define Topic, Theme, Tag combination within NetBase social analytics Topics Themes Social Inbox Engage directly with customers in Spredfast Streams Tags Customers can segment and stream posts from NetBase into Spredfast Social inbox #netbasewebinar
  35. 35. 34Capturing Conversations in NetBase Capture conversations beyond owned channels. Identify common trends and issues as they arise #netbasewebinar
  36. 36. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 35Segmenting and Prioritizing Conversations w/ Themes By Issue/Sentiment By Geo Identify conversations with key trigger words by issue with accurately classified sentiment: 1. Cancellation/Delay 2. Ticketing 3. Lost Baggage User defined geo-fences to filter conversations down to the street level: Prioritize conversations by influence level: 1. Follower Count 2. Klout 3. Existing List of Influencers (Loyalty Members) 4. Titles in Bio Terms By Influence #netbasewebinar
  37. 37. © 2016 NetBase Solutions. 36Segmenting and Prioritizing Conversations w/ Themes By Issue By Geo By Influence #netbasewebinar
  38. 38. 62In Summary Improve Response Time – Manage risk with improved response time during crisis situations and improve customer satisfaction with improved response times. Reduce Customer Care Costs – Reduce Customer care costs by accurately pinpointing the conversations that matter. Expand Your Reach – Identify, engage, and amplify conversations outside of your owned channels. Improve Cross-Functional Productivity – Leverage tagging and routing capabilities to ensure customer care and community managers work off the highest priority streams. #netbasewebinar
  39. 39. Thank you