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Rizal as a teacher

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Part 2 of Group Report by Group 3

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Rizal as a teacher

  2. 2. RIZAL WHILE IN DAPITAN He lives at the commandant’s office with his prize from the Manila, and his earnings as a farmer and a merchant He bought a piece of land in Talisay near Dapitan He built three houses all made of bamboo, wood and nipa.
  3. 3.  Rizal’s abilities as a teacher was a revelation when he was exiled to Dapitan he used his time wisely by teaching basically writing, reading and arithmetic he also thought them languages like English and Spanish
  4. 4. EXILE IN DAPITAN He established his special school in 1893 Lasted until 1896, ending of his exile From 3 pupils to 21 as time passes by He didn’t ask for money in exchange
  5. 5.  He sat at a hammock while the students at a long bamboo bench Rizal taught this boys reading, writing, languages (Spanish and English), geography, history, mathematics arithmetic and geometry), industrial work, nature study, morals and gymnastics. He trained them how to collect specimens of plants and animals, to love work, and to "behave like men"
  6. 6.  There are days when they have to speak English. The next, Spanish. Violators get to wear rattan handcuffs Head of the class was called “emperor” and sit at the head of the bamboo bench while the poor students sit at the foot and get to do exercises first
  7. 7.  Formal classes were held from 2-4pm During recess, they built fires to drive away insects, pruned fruits and fertilized the soil He encouraged his students to play games to strengthen their body They had gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, stone- throwing, swimming, arnis, and boating
  8. 8. JOSE RIZAL’S EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY This brief essay tackles Jose Rizal’s social philosophy and philosophy of education and its continuing relevance and influence to the Filipino nation and Philippine society. Rizal believes that a good teacher or professor must have an honourable personality in order to command respect from the students.
  9. 9. JOSE RIZAL’S EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY In order to heeded and to maintain authority, the teacher needs prestige, reputation, moral strength, and some freedom of action. the best teacher must be a kind who teaches by example what she teaches to the student. A teacher should be virtuous in character because a teacher serves as a role model to a student
  10. 10. JOSE RIZAL’S EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Nobody believes a friar who teaches to rafrain from adultery if he himself is adulterous. folow what I say, not what I do. is not applicable to rizal.
  11. 11. JOSE RIZAL’S EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHYRizal wrote to his sister Soledad:“I was pleased to know that you are teaching because your position will oblige you to improve yourself more and more in an effort to be a model of virtues and good qualities, for one who should teach should be better than the persons who need her learning. “
  12. 12. MANY THANKS TO:http;//hughlockwood.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/jose-rizal-teacher-and-sportsman/http;//www.joserizal.ph/dp01.htmlhttp://socyberty.com/education/teaching-by- example-jose-rizals-philosophy-of- education/#ixzz2HtzWe23B