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How to Increase Student Engagement at Your School in 3 Easy Steps

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To increase student engagement, you need to capture your students attention through the three main parts of their high school community: academically, socially, and emotionally. Here's how to do it in 3 easy steps.

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How to Increase Student Engagement at Your School in 3 Easy Steps

  1. 1. How to Increase Student Engagement at Your School
  2. 2. But First: Why Should You Care If Students Are Engaged?
  3. 3. In 2009, the High School Survey of Student Engagement asked students if they ever considered dropping out, and why. Of those that did, two out of three respondents (66%) answered that they are bored at least one day a week in class in high school; nearly half of the students (49%) are bored every day and approximately one out of every six students (17%) are bored in every class.
  4. 4. Ok, so how do we keep them engaged?
  5. 5. Answer: We reach them through all three channels of the student environment. Academically Socially Emotionally
  6. 6. Step 1: How to Engage Students Socially
  7. 7. This one’s easy: students love to express their opinions. To find out how they feel, just ask them! (And make sure to act on their feedback.)
  8. 8. How to roll out student engagement surveys and polls: The Gallup Student Poll is an online poll made up of 20 well-researched questions designed to assess the hope, engagement, and wellbeing of American children. The poll takes eight to ten minutes to complete, and is entirely free to any public or private school in the United States. The poll will indicate how your students respond to three key factors of student success: hope, engagement, and well- being. With the Naviance Survey Builder tool, you can create an unlimited number of custom surveys for your students, parents, and even alumni. You can also create surveys targeted to a specific class year to vote on student council elections or prom court nominations, for example. Embed polls on your Family Connection homepage, to make signing into Naviance a part of your students’ weekly schedules. Learn More Learn More
  9. 9. Build your school community through social media. (Poll your students to find out what they like to use, then start a school account.)
  10. 10. Get students to rally behind common successes. Highlight sports, academic, individual, and team accomplishments on social media.
  11. 11. You can even embed a Twitter feed on your Family Connection home page! Click Here to Learn How
  12. 12. Step 2: How to Engage Students Academically
  13. 13. ? ? ? ? ? ? WHO AM I? Engagement tip: To get students thinking, get them thinking about themselves.
  14. 14. There are three types of self-assessments that can help students prepare for their college and career pathways: Strengths-based assessments Personality type assessments Learning style assessments
  15. 15. StrengthsExplorer assesses 10 talent themes for individuals and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents, such as Confidence, Dependability, or Future Thinker. It provides explanations of these themes, strategies for capitalizing on each, and action items to help students gain insight into their greatest talents to leverage in the classroom and in life. Learn More Strengths-based Assessment
  16. 16. Personality Type Assessments Career Interest Profiler Career Cluster Finder Do What You Are reveals information about a student’s, personality type, recommends career paths and college majors, and gives tips for conducting the most effective career search. Learn More The Career Key is an online career assessment for middle and high school students based on Holland’s interest codes. Learn More The Career Interest Profiler is an online career interest assessment for career exploration. Students can view matching careers and career clusters organized by the amount of preparation each needs. Learn More The Career Cluster Finder helps students discover which career clusters may be a good match based on activities that interest him or her. Learn More
  17. 17. The Learning Style Inventory online assessment diagnoses students’ unique learning styles based on an analysis of their personal preferences in 16 different areas. Those areas include the student’s immediate environment, emotionality, sociological needs, and physical needs. Learning Style Assessments MI Advantage uses the Multiple Intelligence theory to reveal students’ individual intelligence strengths and challenges, such as bodily-kinesthetic, musical, or interpersonal intelligences. Learn More At the end of each assessment, a personally tailored report identifies each student’s unique learning style and provides guidance on how to maximize learning potential.
  18. 18. Step 3: How to Engage Students Emotionally
  19. 19. Bring in a motivational speaker to inspire students. Local speakers that went through similar life experiences will be the most impactful.
  20. 20. If you can’t find an in-person speaker, show inspirational videos online. Learn More
  21. 21. Provide examples of career success by hosting a career day
  22. 22. Monitor key dropout indicators to find the students that need to be connected to an adult mentor.
  23. 23. Send targeted email to encourage parent engagement and communication with students.
  24. 24. Ready to get started? Download the full white paper to learn even more strategies to increase student engagement. Download Now
  25. 25. Or get in touch with a Hobsons representative to get a free, personalized college and career readiness consultation. Request a Consultation