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  1. 1. NASIR ABBAS Cell No. +966583602831 E-mail: nasir_dg@yahoo.co.in PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW Having more than 09 Years of Professional experience as Mechanical Maintenance & Quality Control Engineer in Oil& Gas, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, and Power Plant & Cement/Utility Plants. I have very Good command over my technical skills and assigned professional responsibilities. QUALIFICATION 1. Passed Bachelor in Mechanical Technology from UET Lahore (2001) 2 Passed Diploma in Mechanical Technology from Govt. Institute of Technology Dera Ghazi Khan. CURRENT WORKING ERAM ENGINEERING COMPANY KHUBAR, SAUDI ARABIA SABIC SHUTDOWN YANSAB-Area Incharge (April, 2015 to May, 2015) IBN-ZAHR-Area Incharge (Feb, 2015 to March, 2015) RESPONSIBILITIES • Supervise the execution work of contractor in assigned area. • Coordinate with client and contractor management regarding issues (if any). • Make sure work should be completed on schedule. • Complete the job as per safety requirements. ARAMCO PROJECT YANBU CRUDE OIL TERMINAL - (Senior Mechanical Engineer) (July, 2013 to Dec, 2014) RESPONSIBILITIES • Prepare the method statement of RTG (RADAR TANK GAUGE) Assembly and stilling well pipe installation. • Prepare the modification plan of guide pole and structural platform. • Coordination with sub-contractors. • Coordination with procurement department for materials. • Prepare the documents and tools & equipment’s list. • Modify the guide pole and structural platform. • Assembly the stilling well pipes and installation on crude oil tanks. • Installation of RTG equipment at site. • Attend the weekly ARAMCO progress meetings. § 1
  2. 2. NASIR ABBAS Cell No. +966583602831 E-mail: nasir_dg@yahoo.co.in PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE GLOBAL PIPE COMPANY (EEW GROUP MALYSIA) Jubail, SAUDI ARAB QC Engineer (Sep, 2012 to June, 2013) RESPONSIBILITIES • Understanding the applicable procedures, work instructions, specifications and standard according to API 5L 44th Edition (LSAW Pipes) • Implementing company standards and procedures. • Controlling all activities related to incoming inspection, welding inspection, in- process inspection and final inspection for assigned projects. • Ensuring the disposition of all defective products as per customer requirements. • Monitoring performance of inspector, technicians and guiding them for quality objective. • Reporting relatives process data and supporting the quality in-charge improvement efforts in the quest for zero defects and minimal scrape rates. • Maintain detailed technical record of all inspection and testing activities conducted on assigned projects. • Communicate the quality problems, non-conformities to management at all levels. • Provide customer technical support whenever required. DESCON ENGINEERING LIMITED PAKISTAN Maintenance and Project Engineer (Nov, 2006 to Aug, 2012) Execution / Maintenance Sectors  D.G.KHAN CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED (Waist Heat Recovery Power Plant)  ENGRO CHEMICAL PAKISTAN LIMITED (Shut Down)  PAKISTAN PTA LIMITED (Shut Down)  BOSICOR PAKISTAN LIMITED (Shut Down)  ZAM ZAMA GAS PLANT (Project Phase-2) (BHP Billiton)  ZAM ZAMA GAS PLANT (Shut Down Phase-1) (BHP Billiton)  325 MW CHASHMA NUCLEAR POWER PLANT (CNPP) Shut Down (RFO-4) RESPONSIBILITIES • Look after the troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of Power Plant (Steam turbine, boilers, Screw Conveyors, Pumps) etc. • Replacement of Heat Exchanger . • To guide supervisors and junior staff during shut down activities of Crud Distillation Tower. • Installation of valves, flanges & different type of supports etc. • To guide supervisors and junior staff during shut down activities of Heat Exchanger, Blower Pumps and Fans. • Effective utilization of all resources during the job. • Quality and quantity of job as per design specification. • Complete co-ordination with the client about the job. • Whole work completed as per client safety standard. § 1
  3. 3. NASIR ABBAS Cell No. +966583602831 E-mail: nasir_dg@yahoo.co.in AL-GHAZI TRACTORS LIMITED (Jan, 2002 to June, 2005) Worked as an Assistant Manager in Production Department. PERSONALS Father’s Name : Manzoor Hussain Date of Birth : 01-03-1980 Marital Status : Married Nationality : Pakistani Religion : Islam NIC No. : 32102-0963545-1 Passport No. : DG1015452 Passport Expiry : 20-07-2019 Permanent Address : H # 255, Shahzada Sultan Ahmad Town, Kangan Road, DG Khan, Punjab Pakistan. Home Landline Phone : +92-64-2465850 COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Words Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point § 1