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National food


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National food

  2. 2. National Foods began its journey in 1970 as a Spice company with a revolutionary product that popularized the concept of having clean, healthy food. National foods’ initiatives since then is to make hygienic food, reduce time spent in the kitchens, foster health and contribute towards a positive and a more rewarding lifestyle. National Foods Limited has successfully established itself as a multinational food company with an independent subsidiary, National Foods DMCC in Dubai in 2013, catering to the Middle Eastern market. The structure was further expanded with 2 more subsidiaries in Canada and United Kingdom catering to the North American and European markets respectively. ABOUT US:
  3. 3. INDUSTRY: The food industry in Pakistan’s is considered a large industry. The industry produces cooking oils, hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugar, flour, dairy products such as milk, butter, yogurt, cheese and ice-cream, biscuits, breads and confectionery, fruit juices and fruit juice drinks, carbonated beverages, snack foods based on rice, potatoes, corn and pulses, processed chicken, jams, jellies, squashes, sauces, pickles masala, and some cereals, canned fruits. The fish, meat, fruit and vegetable sectors are also there but need further development as the existing infra structure is not that supportive. Masala sector in Pakistan is a huge business with potential for development. With an annual growth of 25%, it offers great opportunities for local and international investors. Masalas are used in almost every food in Pakistan and is bought by almost every household. The materials for masala are easily available so transportation costs are not a problem.
  4. 4. VISION AND MISSION: To be a Rs. 50 billion food company in the convenience food segment by launching products and services in the domestic and international markets that enhance lifestyle and create values for our customers through management excellence at all levels.
  5. 5. Following are the core values of the company : PASSION: We act with intense positive energy and are not afraid to take risks. We challenge ourselves continuously, we’re good at what we do, and we take pride in who we are. PEOPLE-CENTRIC: We put our people first. We treat them with respect and actively contribute towards their development. CUSTOMER FOCUS: We see the world through the eyes of our customers. We do everything possible that makes them happy. LEADERSHIP: We are part of the solution, never the problem. We act like owners and have a positive influence on others. CORE VALUES:
  6. 6. TEAMWORK: Our roles are defined, not our responsibilities. We believe in going the extra mile to accomplish our goals. We coach and support each other to ensure everyone wins. We have a “WE versus I” mindset. ETHICS: We don’t run our business at the cost of human or ethical values. EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTION: We say. We do. We deliver. We talk with our actions. We strive for nothing but the best. Execution is the key to winning! ACCOUNTABILITY: We see. We act. We take full responsibility for our actions and results. We don’t blame others for our mistakes; we analyze them and correct them. CORE VALUES:
  7. 7. PRODUCTS: National Foods success is attributed to its ability to respond to changing needs of consumer, our technological advancement and its innovative products line and mix make us unique. With wide array of brands, National Foods focus on alternatives for different household to maintain kitchen habits of millions of consumers who now have advantage to prepare healthy and delicious in a limited time with a lot of convenience. There are varieties of products such as: RECIPE MASALA CHAT MASALA PICKLES FROZEN MEALS KETCHUP JAMS RICE FRUITILY SALTS CHUTNEYS & SAUCES GINGER & GARLIC PASTE GOLDEN FRIES ONIONS DESERT
  8. 8. Marketing: National Foods are pursuing aggressive marketing strategies by engaging heavily in advertising and sales promotion.
  9. 9. RETAILER NETWORK: National Foods sells its product through a network of about 50,000 shops all over Pakistan which carry it products. Marketing: SELLING & DISTRIBUTION: The Company has been building the finest Selling and distribution network in Pakistan which has taken an exemplary shape over the years. Having a retail network of more than 80,000 outlets in over 350 towns with over 600 Distributors across Pakistan has been corner stone in NFL history DISTRIBUTION: They do not own any distribution channels and pursue outsourcing. Their target market is whole Pakistan so they ensure presence of National Foods masala on almost every retail outlet all over Pakistan. They have warehouses located at Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi.
  10. 10. COMPARISION OF NATIONAL FOODS WITH ITS COMPETITORS: Although National Foods has to compete with other top brand in food industry, Such as Shan Foods, Shangrila, Mitchells, Shezan, Mehran. However Shan is dominant and leading Brand in Karachi but National Food has taken edge across the Pakistan and at international level national foods maintain its status quo of almost every aspects of food categories. MEHRAN FOODS: Mehran spice and food industries are one of the famous and leading companies for their manufacturing, marketing and export quality of food products. Mehran products contain traditional touch of flavors and prefer all over the world, with their fresh new looks. It got awarded in the year 2010 and 2011 as Exports Brand Icon Award.
  11. 11. SHAN FOODS: Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd. It is one of those rapidly growing food companies which extend their presence in over 50 countries. Shan food having extra ordinary positions energy, obtain and edge in different technologies with passion for good performance between leading brands. Shan food tends to place their brand and products internationally by getting winning awards and certificate. SHANGRILA: When Shangrila began its journey about 25 years ago, no one knows and nobody even dream that one day Shangrila will stand as leading brand among all national food brands. Shangrila got awaited in food safety management system, in Quality, Halal Authority,consumer satisfaction and Associations too. COMPARISION OF NATIONAL FOODS WITH ITS COMPETITORS:
  12. 12. Economic factors: Foods Industry, too, has been badly hit by the ever-rising cost of inputs, including electricity tariffs that are now the highest in the world. As a consequence, industries in Pakistan are suffering. The government has promised to deal with this shortage of electricity problem in the near future, only then it can be assured that the high electricity tariffs will be reduced. Currently recession has been observed in almost every economy of the world and hence impacting all the industries with a number a problems. • The high prices and inflation has also affected the industry with people actually not using readymade masala or else using it on special; occasions. • The industry players look forward to achieve economies of scope by having a portfolio of products. • The technology being used helps them in using the same facility for different products and product variants.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION: National Foods considers the market need and offer quality products to meet demand of population. It has created awareness in rural areas as well, which gives it more customers than Shan. The aims of the company are high and strategies adopted from competitors and internal sources are implemented well. National foods vision of 2020 is to achieve Rs. 50 billion of turnover in the convenience food segment by aggressively expanding its existing product portfolio. National foods should increase its market share in Karachi because Shan is leader in Karachi.