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Nanigans Office Tour

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Originally published on VentureFizz.

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Nanigans Office Tour

  1. 1. Nanigans @ 60 State Street Boston, MA
  2. 2. Welcome to Nanigans HQ! Say hi to Megan, our awesome Office Manager. Come on in for a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes at Nanigans
  3. 3. What started out as custom caricatures for our business cards has since turned into the mark of our brand. You can find these from the Facebook offices in Menlo Park to businesses around the world. If you’re looking to join Nanigans you can expect one too!
  4. 4. Step into our engineering den where our programmers, data scientists, and product teams are hard at work transforming performance marketing with our predictive lifetime value (#pLTV) platform.
  5. 5. Our engineers have the best views in the house and come to think of it, the comfiest seats-- beanbags included.
  6. 6. Not interested in the views? Does data talk tickle your fancy? To give you an idea of scale, Nanigans processes over 21 terabytes of data each month.
  7. 7. With all that data, our renowned data scientists (most who hold PhDs) have a lot to work with. Say hi to Mike, Atul, Scott, and our CTO, Claude. (And no, that is not the only cat you will see in our office.)
  8. 8. Turn the corner and you’ll find what we affectionately call “The Floor”. The open floor plan allows for collaboration, idea sharing, and plenty of laughs. This is where our savvy campaign analysts, sales, finance, and marketing teams call home.
  9. 9. We have a bit of an obsession for meme “art” at Nanigans. You know you’ve made it when one of your coworkers “memefies” you, and you really know you’ve made it when that meme turns into a piece of hanging art.
  10. 10. Here are four ladies showing off their shoes for “Wear- Heels-Wednesdays (for guys it’s Wear-A-Tie-Wednesdays). Who said startups had to be casual 24/7? Nothing wrong with dressing up every now and then.
  11. 11. And what’s a Boston ad tech company without a personalized kegerator?
  12. 12. put the keg to good use during our company-wide Happy Hours every Thursday.
  13. 13. It gets better, on Friday mornings (after those Thursday Happy Hours) Sonya whips up homemade waffles.
  14. 14. The rumors are true: Nanigans brings in catered lunch everyday from Boston’s favorite restaurants, delis, and food trucks (#FoodTruckFridays).
  15. 15. By now you have probably noticed we are big believers in Boston’s food scene. One time Island Creek Oysters (a Nanigans’ favorite) stopped by!
  16. 16. We also take our hot sauce VERY seriously. Some of the sauces are so hot we have to pick them up with paper towels, ouch!
  17. 17. Every now and then we hop on the latest trends sweeping the Internet. That’s our CEO, Ric Calvillo showing off his Hadouken talents.
  18. 18. At the end of the week, we head down to 60 State Street’s patio bar, Sterlings, for a pre- weekend cocktail. Thanks for stopping by Nanigans, see you at Sterlings!