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Enhancing organizational maturity

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Enhancing organizational maturity

  1. 1. Utilizing OPM3 and PMO Tools in Achieving Better Business and Financial Results Nada A. Abandah, OPM3, PgMP
  2. 2. Helps you achieve results, but it is not the result!
  3. 3.  Examine five different challenges in five businesses,  Assess the options those organizations had, and what option pursued,  Critique the outcome, and Share the conclusion
  4. 4.  The Challenge: ◦ 83 interrelated, interdependent projects, ◦ Aggressive deadline, with short market window, ◦ Functional staff “Managing Projects” with limited or no PM experience, ◦ Zero tolerance for mistakes, delays, or problems.  The Options: ◦ Provide proper training for functional staff ◦ Hire Project Management Staff ◦ Create detailed, idiot-proof methodology ◦ Manage the Projects by the PMO
  5. 5.  The Resolution: ◦ Create a Master Plan of Milestone plans. ◦ Focus on managing interdependencies ◦ Provide early warning signs ◦ Create a culture of urgency ◦ PMO does all paper work, PMs focus on work.
  6. 6. Telecommunication:
  7. 7.  The Challenge: ◦ Family business in its second generation, ◦ Business grew organically from 18 to over 300 in less than 6 months, ◦ Huge amount of waste, unjustified costs, and suspected embezzlement, ◦ Centralized decision-making, senior management is a bottle-neck, ◦ No streamlined operations, and projects running in “Fire-Fighting” Mode.
  8. 8.  The Resolution: ◦ Standardization is the first step of Improvement, ◦ Start with the vision and strategic objectives, and work your way from there, ◦ Focus on the right things that impact the bottom line,
  9. 9.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubNF9QN EQLA
  10. 10. Construction: Institutionalizing Family Business, Building a Process, Reducing Waste
  11. 11.  The Challenge: ◦ Newly established PMO office, with less than 2 years of Project Management Culture, ◦ Diversified projects in scope, size, nature, importance, and needs, ◦ Departmental PMO (within IT Department) servicing the entire organization.  The Options: ◦ Make the methodology extensive to suite the diversity of projects, ◦ Create flavors of the methodology
  12. 12. Profile Project Manager Level Scope Details Reporting & Communication … Profile A Large Project Dedicated Project Manager Very detailed scope statement Detailed, electronic, weekly. Profile B Medium Project Project Manager Scope statement High level, monthly or twice a month. Profile C Small Project Project Coordinator SOW Simple, weekly Profile D Fast Track Sr. Project Manager SOW Daily.
  13. 13. Finance: Conformance, Consistency, Delivery Excellence.
  14. 14.  The Challenge: ◦ Focusing on % complete as a reporting tool, ◦ Senior Management insisting on knowing the details, ◦ Minister under huge public pressure for delivering, ◦ Not seeing the value in having a PMO.  The Resolution: ◦ Focusing on Bottom Line (what did the result of my project achieve) ◦ Eliminating % complete from reporting.
  15. 15. Government: Reporting Progress & Achieving Results
  16. 16.  The Challenge: ◦ Local Company competing at international level, ◦ Creating detailed, yet flexible methodology that maintains the consistency, but allows for suppleness,  The Options: ◦ Go Agile! ◦ Adapt a well-known methodology (i.e. Oracle, Rational…) and customize it
  17. 17.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIeGxgnz 2e8
  18. 18. Software: Compliance, Consistency, Predictability, International Standards.
  19. 19.  Focus on what’s important, and don’t get derailed by the temptation of being everything, to everyone, at all times,  Learn the Methodology, then choose when to break it  Reporting should help you see early warning signs, and what needs to be done to achieve results instead of highlighting the achievements.  Methodology help institutionalize, increase predictability, and enhance business results.
  20. 20.  To receive detailed case studies and copy of presentation, send a blank email to symposium@intrinsic-management.com  Follow @OPM3 and @IntrinsicTips on Twitter for daily tips on enhancing Organizational Maturity in OPM  Check the Detailed presentations on SlideShare and Prezi
  21. 21. Nada Abandah