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Top 14 WhatsApp Templates for Travel .pdf

  1. Top 14 WhatsApp TEMPLATES FOR TRAVEL (Samples + Guidelines)
  2. You might have found our site while looking to grow your travel agency. Therefore, if you're seeking for a WhatsApp template for your travel business to grab customers' attention, you're at the perfect spot. The travelling business is not exempt from this, just as many other industries are evolving in response to the consumer journey. Pricing and promotions are two examples of traditional strategies that are no longer as successful as they once were since it is so simple for rivals to copy them and gain an advantage.
  3. Don't let this discourage you, though, as you can still set yourself apart by offering your consumers customised experiences. And the whatsapp template is one of the most direct and personal methods to communicate with your clients. Whatsapp business API platform like mySMSmantra provides the promotional whatsapp SMS template to update your customer related to upcoming offers, flight tickets and vacations. Furthur, it can also help you to increase your travelling agency revenue by increasing your customer engagement towards your agency.
  4. The finest WhatsApp templates for travel are available to you right now on our blog. Let's look at the top 14 WhatsApp templates for travel companies so you can send more messages in less time. Top 14 whatsapp templates for travel agencies
  5. In the middle of the digital cacophony, using chat messaging to send promotional messages can help you get your clients' attention. Additionally, 82% of people read every text message they receive, so rather than completely dismissing your messages and promotions, they'll be more likely to read them. Message template for promotion:
  6. Dear Casie, where would you like to go next? 1. [Goa] 2. [Manali] 3. [Dubai] 4. [SriLanka] 5. [Rajasthan] Template#1
  7. Hey Casie, the [Travelling destination] is calling to you! Enjoy an inclusive 7 days 8 night holiday package with [Traveling agency] for just Rs [package price] . Book now [Agency URL] Template#2
  8. Hey Casie, have you visited [destination] yet? Now’s a chance to visit the most wanted destination, Apply [Discount code] to get 40% discount, limited time offer! Hurry up! Grab this deal! Check out amazing traveling package by clicking the button below [Agency URL] Template#3
  9. Hey Casie, Wish you could take a vacation on an island? Now is the perfect time to book! Fly to [Destination name] for a [Trip Duration] at just [Price] . To know more, click the link below . [Agency URL] Template#4
  10. Limited Time Offers are a fantastic approach to attract a large number of clients quickly. This combats the fear of missing out (FOMO) phenomena, in which consumers feel compelled to reserve a holiday package as soon as it is available. Message templates for limited time offer
  11. The package to the place you dreamed of visiting is almost booked! Complete your booking now and enjoy a complimentary visit to one nearby location. Complete your booking now [Agency URL] Template #5
  12. Hurry up! We are having flash SALE, package for [Destination] tour, from [Price], via [Agency name], Limited quantity available. Click on the link below to book now! [Agency URL] Template #6
  13. A good strategy to promote your business and increase sales is to ask for references. In order to further entice your consumer to make a purchase, you may offer them a discount coupon if they recommend someone else. Message templates for Referrals
  14. Hey Casie, want to go on a trip with your loved one? Share this code [Referral code] with your friends and get a discount upto [discount %] off the [travel destination] package! For more details visit [Agency URL] Template #7
  15. Hi Casie, Refer your 3 friends and get instant cashback of [Amount] in your [Agency name] account, with each sign in. [Referral code] Template #8
  16. Every travel agency needs to listen to consumer concerns and questions in order to earn their clients' confidence and loyalty. Examples of how to address customers' concerns Message templates for customer complaints/queries
  17. Dear Casie, 10 million travellers have resolved their queries effortlessly and quickly through our customer service. You can too. Simply tap on this link to visit [Agency name] now: [Agency URL] Template #9
  18. Let’s welcome new users with these customize SMS template. But don’t forget to ask them to opt-out if they want. New users welcome template SMS Whatsapp template to onboard new users
  19. Dear Casie, Welcome to [Agency name], get [Discount%] on your first order, Apply code [Discount code] . To stop receiving messages from us, please reply with 'STOP'. Quick Reply Button - STOP Template #10
  20. Hi Casie, online check-in for [Flight number] to [travel destination] has opened. To check in, please visit [Agency URL] and follow the guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you on board [aircraft] at [departure_time] Template #11
  21. DON’T GET LATE! Hi Casie, To check the status of your flight, visit URL [Source URL] Template #12
  22. Any company organization's sales might increase dramatically with positive reviews and comments. Considering that everyone reads internet reviews before making a reservation or buying something. Obtaining input also enables a company to address any flaws that may exist. Message templates for reviews and feedback:
  23. Why did you leave? Let us know what went wrong & [Agency name] willl send you a little somethin’ for your honest feedback. Take our 1 minute survey: [Survey URL] Template #13
  24. Hi Casie, thank you for using [Agency name], it has been a pleasure to be your trip planner. If you enjoyed the trip, please share your experience with us at [ feedback URL] Template #14