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Bra Facts For Fashionistas

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Bra Facts For Fashionistas

  1. 1. Bra Facts For FashionistasDid you know that 83% of women wear the wrong sized bra? This is a staggeringly highpercentage seeing as most underwear shops and departments stores offer a free measuringservice. It is believed that one of the reasons why this figure is so high is because many womenare embarrassed to be seen in just their bra and prefer to try and pick something outthemselves. Women’s bodies change all the time and so being measured once is simply notenough. Wearing the correct size bra will ensure that you are comfortable all day instead offidgeting around at the mercy of underwire and tight straps. Here are three top tips to help youdecide whether a bra fits well: If the band at the back rides up then your bra is too big Your bra should feel snug but not too tight when done up on the loosest clasp. This means as it gets older you can tighten it up. You want the cup to look smooth all over with no dents. If the cups are the wrong size your breasts will fall out the bottom or spill over the top and cause unsightly bulges.Infographic courtesy of http://lornadrew.com/ 1/3
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