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SE Bootcamp

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Social Entrepreneurship BootCamp by SEA/myHarapan - http://bizmalaysia.net/calendar

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SE Bootcamp

  1. 1. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BOOTCAMP myHarapan “Building the Movement” Where potential social entrepreneurs meet, build prototypes together, demo to investors, and launch their social enterprise/business! In Collaboration with:
  2. 2. What is SE Bootcamp? 25 - 40 participants with meet in one place to bring their idea to life or to get any support they can to have a successful project. 54 hour event that build communities, companies and projects. Motivation The main goal of the participants is transforming their ideas into real projects with the help of team members, mentors and judges. With a Huge Help from Professionals Mentors would give a valuable advice on how to run a project and what to do next to get some support.
  3. 3. Modules Covered
  4. 4. Benefits to the participants...
  5. 5. myHarapan • Have a better understanding of Social Entrepreneurship and specifically social business • Develop business plan using the business model canvas • Can better engage with targeted beneficiaries
  6. 6. myHarapan •Be able to do an impactful pitch to myHarapan and other funding partner panel •To be coached on pitching skills
  7. 7. myHarapan •Help start-ups and small medium sized social business to flourish •Increase individual and team performance
  8. 8. myHarapan •The coaching will be provided by myHarapan, Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) and partner volunteers and domain experts. •Coaching will be conducted on an on-going basis according to the need of the group coached for a 6-month period.
  9. 9. Social entrepreneurship has all the key ingredients to ensuring the wholesome development of independent, well-adjusted and contributing young citizens. Engages youth in social entrepreneurship by encouraging the creation of social initiatives and social businesses and facilitates their development. Why Social Business? myHarapan
  10. 10. Youth are increasingly seizing the opportunities offered by social entrepreneurship to boost their capabilities in more meaningful endeavors and compete in the world of business. Social business also provides the organization the model to achieving sustainability in myHarapan’s funding and the delivery of our products and eventual impact. Why Social Business? myHarapan
  11. 11. Who are we targeting? Corporate companies that engage with CSR programs University Students Business people People with big heart for the society
  12. 12. Why be part of the movement? Become a focal point for the start-up space and gain the benefits that go along with that, including first peek at new start-ups and businesses Become an industry lead and reference in terms of supporting the start-up community
  13. 13. myHarapan In Collaboration with: Make future for Malaysian Social Entrepreneurs! Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant.