mustafa değerli dr. mustafa degerli odtu metu agile scrum pmi-acp pmi agile certified practitioner dr. mustafa değerlii risk management uyms phd project management cmmi cmmi v2.0 md cmmi institute ulusal yazılım mühendiliği sempozyumu software engineering mustafa degerli phd technology entrepreneurship and lean startups project management institute mustafa degerli certified information security manager cism cisa isaca rmp leadership process and performance improvement pmp tubitak leading pmi-rmp management iso 9001 surec yonetimi cmmi-dev odtü computer science ubmk 2020 ubmk pmbok guide seventh edition machine learning pmi-tr risk management professional mobile health business model canvas process management cmmi associate health engineering computer science and engineering 0000-0001-8001-4661 capability maturity model integration risk psm development excellence capability counts yazılım mühendisliği uyms 2017 healthier work for office workers hwow m-health project management professional critical success factors improvement bilgem qms collaboration remote working hybrid working workforce management en iyi doktora tezi primavera p6 primavera threat international conference certificate of appreciation turkish national software engineering symposium capability maturity model integration (cmmi) wearable medical devices healthy living 10.1007/s10209-020-00763-2 10.1109/ubmk50275.2020.9219367 10.1109/ubmk50275.2020.9219438 product owner pls-mga group difference health informatics success factor wearable technology computer engineering 5th international conference on computer science a ieee xplore ieee transition performance process development manager business opportunity communication executive resilience change culture project prince2 artificial intelligence leader dr. mustafa degerli - pmp governance dr. mustafa değerli – 2018 – building high-perform foundations of capability odtü mezunları derneği dr.mustafa değerli risk yönetimi turkey iltaren stress management stres yonetimi aqap iso/iec 12207 people lean start-up technology organizational design sistem projeleri işbirliği muhendislik kritik başarı faktörleri süreç ve performans iyileştirme süreç İyileştirme systems thinking it service management itil lead auditor kys cys iso 14001 ems e-health e-pulse e-nabız systems projects exam introduction to medical informatics business plan marketing plan ihr mustafa değerli - 2014 - liderlik mustafa değerli - 2014 - spk (sermaye piyasası k mustafa değerli - 2014 - ulusal teknoloji politik sepg europe mustafa değerli - 2014 - stratejik yönetim kalder önce kalite makale 2013 savunma uygulamalarinda mühendisilik ve yönetim usmos informatics iisec22 iisec blockchain big data health care policy privacy the risk management framework and artifacts methods models principles of risk management threats & opportunities factors for evaluating risk risk management across domains risk classification key success factors definitions risk management framework risk and opportunity management as a project performance domain pmbok 7 7th ed. in project management body of knowledge (optimize risk uncertainty en iyi tez ödülü en iyi tez metu best ph.d. thesis award winner tez ödülü odtü en iyi doktora tezi informatics institüte metu ii graduate school of informatics ph.d. thesis award best ph.d. thesis the standard for project management and a guide to pmbok contributors and reviewers a guide to the project management body of knowledg advanced p6 managers performance management google digital garage digital marketing sell products or services online on social media or on mobile reach more people locally track and measure web traffic take a business global reach more customers with advertising make it easy for people to find a business on the take a business online certificate of participation uyms 2020 design dependability attitude and behavioral intention salient constructs to enhance the successful use o sports/activity trackers smart glasses smart clothes universal access in the information society smartwatches uais and governance action items log governance minutes of meetings 10.1109/uyms50627.2020.9247068 governance meeting presentation template process activities flow process inputs and outputs process performance indicator rocess definition process for the governance practice area proposal practice area cmmi v2 10.1109/uyms50627.2020.9247024 health and mobile health and why how what mobile health (m-health) health (e-health) hwow (healthier work for office workers) mobile health application dr mustafa değerli transition plan template gap analysis report template new and most significantly changed practice areas systems and software development international conference on computer science and e and income levels of the participants activity status wearable use status generation’s category education status body mass index category gender smart pls 3 partial least squares multi-group analyses success factors for wearable medical devices wearables critical success factors for wearables living in a healthy manner success factors group differences attitude critical success factor acceptance wearable medical device information security governance information risk management information security program development and manag information security incident management information asset protection for is auditors and service delivery for is auditors maintenance it operations information technology life cycle for is auditors information technology governance and management f auditing information systems for is auditors strategy cybersecurity retrospectives boards charts user stories planning enterprise mi agile certified practitioner project managemen portfolio manager's eq emotional intelligence mindsets meetings productive leading yourself others persuading analytics leaders vision smartpls 1978732 value delivery adaptability strategic management strategic thinking thinking strategic negotiation business development business financials distance data science operational excellence delegating tasks product managers metrics innovation virtual meetings reputation england futurist quantum computing computing quantum tact diplomacy communicating high-stakes video conference calls executive presence change management unexpected embracing decision-making judgment critical thinking team high performance practitioner foundation crisis neural networks balancing work and life developing employees coaching lean devops python ai foundations managing project stakeholders marketing communications strategic planning dr. mustafa degerli - pmi-rmp cmmi transition systems engineerin systems software development cmmi model v2 cmmi model pda pga improvement infrastructure acp agile software development scrum: advanced program management foundations managing high potentials executive leadership agile project management principles understanding strategic marketing transitioning from waterfall to agile project mana transitioning from technical professional to manag strategic agility scrum: the basics project management: technical projects project management: healthcare projects problem solving techniques organizational learning and development operations management foundations mentoring others marketing foundations dr. mustafa değerli – 2018 – body language for lea dr. mustafa değerli – 2018 – balanced scorecard an dr. mustafa değerli – 2018 – adaptive project lead dr. mustafa değerli – 2018 – accounting foundation ilk yardım first aid risk temelli cmmi2.0 process engineering cmm people cmm cmmi-acq cmmi-svc cmmi efforts sports half marathon runatolia organizasyon tasarımı denetim kalite güvence aqap 160 15288 sistem mühendislği test certification store sertifikasyon yuk uzay sage lead generation liderlik yönetim yonetici durumsal liderlik complaints management şikayet yönetimi iso 12207 kalder üyelik türkiye kalite derneği iso 9001:2015 irca iso pm summit pmi tr mobile application development apple mi717 task design knowledge exchange dimensions of strategy organizational goals geographic distribution organizational complexity organizational climate strategy types coordination and control configuration environment information systems lean startup methodolog aardvark ulaşım ankara dropbox lauren barley thomas r. eisenmann michael pao it just works marc rysman the economics of two-sided markets e. ries t. eisenmann lean startup s. dillard hypothesis-driven entrepreneurship steve blank key figures lean startups technology entrepreneurshi start-up companies investigation characteristics of a well-designed organization organization goals the information-processing view outline of the step-by-step approach scope uyms 2016 systems projects
 * süreç uyarlama matrisi process improvement process tailoring matrix uyarlama tailoring optimization diagraming systems ideas training of trainers; mustafa degerli eğiticilerin eğitimi tot best paper üstün başarı servis yönetimi ar-ge yenilik uyms 2015 les 100 iç tetkik kalibrasyon iso/iec 17025 iso 18001 isgys isms bgys iso/iec 27001 quality management systems law bpr usmos 2013 ohsas 18001 14001 finans kongresi finans performas cbd sales marketing annotated bibliography maturity e-org voting seçsis web evaluation computer engineers improving collaborations electrical & electronics engineers strategic business and marketing plan your health records report final mi 502 mi̇ 502 midterm business management health records strategic business plan personal health records android gazi mobil işletim sistemi kullanıcı memnuniyeti ios mustafa değerli - 2014 - müşteri İlişkileri y mustafa degerli - 2007 - when and how to blow the mustafa değerli - 2007 - bir iş fikri: organizas mustafa degerli - 2007 - usability testing of goog mustafa değerli - 2014 - klasik ve neo-klasik yö mustafa değerli - 2014 - yönetim & organizasyon mustafa degerli - 2014 - mustafa degerli and sevgi mustafa degerli - 2010 - structured article critiq mustafa degerli - 2010 - dissertation review - is mustafa degerli - 2010 - what is available about t mustafa degerli - 2010 - annotated bibliography - mustafa degerli - 2013 -more about the high-maturi and business innovation (sdps 2013) factors influencing the acceptance of processes: t 2012 mustafa değerli - 2014 - stratejik yönetim - dı mustafa değerli - 2014 - stratejik yönetim - mak stratejik planlama stratejik yönetim makale mustafa değerli - 2013 - uyms 2013 makale modsim
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