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Music 4.5 Global is the new licensing territory - Wolfgang Senges, C3S

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The New Challengers: C3S – a new European collecting society
With the vision of becoming a modern European collecting society operating in every single European country and beyond, the Cultural Commons Collecting Society was created in 2010. Offering all rights reserved, Creative Commons, as well as licensing for semi-pro and home produced UGC, C3S acknowledges a variety of license types to enable individual strategies, for artists & businesses, as well as users as new creatives.
What effect on the market does the new competitive landscape have?
Wolfgang Senges, Executive Director, C3S - The Cultural Commons Collecting Society

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Music 4.5 Global is the new licensing territory - Wolfgang Senges, C3S

  1. 1. www.c3s.cc The New Challengers: C3S - a new European Collecting Society @ Music 4.5: Global is the new licensing territory... :: London 2015-02-25 :: Wolfgang Senges www.c3s.cc
  2. 2. www.c3s.cc Starting C3S Why did we decide to launch C3S? Because there is no competition. No movement from GEMA.
  3. 3. www.c3s.cc GEMA Statements 2010 „Creative Commons is too difficult to integrate.“ 2011 „You can‘t build a database architecture for CC and all rights reserved licences.“ 2013 „It‘s only natural that the ones earning the money are the ones having the votes.“
  4. 4. www.c3s.cc Yet another PRO? Why? 1. comprehensive licensing range 2. implementation of advanced technology 3. support for new business models 4. provide a democratic structure for artists 5. enable true cross-border licensing
  5. 5. www.c3s.cc Status of Music Business „no PRO“ music < > PROs A huge gap. Creative Commons: average revenue low vs. PROs: higher probability of increased revenue
  6. 6. www.c3s.cc Effect of Gap Severe lack of CC integration in market.
  7. 7. www.c3s.cc Effect of Gap customized strategies vs exclusiveness of membership
  8. 8. www.c3s.cc Standards Won‘t Work Artists and industry players are in need of customized strategies. Technology supports customizing. Few offerings of PROs do.
  9. 9. www.c3s.cc Numbers members in GEMA: 68.503 (59.118 creators) musically active people in Germany: 10-12 Mio http://www.miz.org/intern/uploads/statistik130.pdf
  10. 10. www.c3s.cc ... now what? User Generated Content
  11. 11. www.c3s.cc The Disruptive Creator PROs do not represent „the creator“ anymore. The majority of creators is left outside. Their work is not acknowledged. One can‘t compare both creators? But both works are monetized?!
  12. 12. www.c3s.cc UGC & The Gap PROs are missing the point. UGC means: It‘s about time to embrace the „common creators“. Fill the gap!
  13. 13. www.c3s.cc The Challenge Enable efficient & fast licensing. Anyone must be able to manage it! It requires a new type of a PRO.
  14. 14. www.c3s.cc The Holy Grail PROs should involve & engage those who are creating UGC: acknowledge the value of their work ... so they will acknowledge the value of others‘ works
  15. 15. www.c3s.cc hhh www.c3s.cc/en Wolfgang Senges C3S - Executive Director wolfgang.senges@c3s.cc www.c3s.cc