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UXPA UK - What is UX Strategy? by Tim Loo

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UXPA UK April Event: UX Strategy
Sponsored by Futureheads

Date and venue: 16 April 2015, The Telegraph, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 0DT

This presentation covers foundation questions for UX strategy:

- Why UX strategy? What problem does it seek to solve?
What is the relationship between UX strategy and business strategy, product strategy?
- Are there new skills and techniques required to develop UX strategy?
- Why should UX professionals make great strategists?
Why UX professionals often fail at strategy and strategic influence?

Tim is a Partner at Foolproof, one of Europe’s largest experience design companies. He leads Foolproof’s Strategy & Planning practice, developing and deploying their experience strategy framework, methodologies and expertise across a range of global clients. He is speaking at UX STRAT in Amsterdam, June 2015.

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UXPA UK - What is UX Strategy? by Tim Loo

  1. 1. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy TimLoo StrategyDirector,Foolproof What is UX Strategy? UXPA UK, April 2015
  2. 2. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy How I think about UX
  3. 3. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy What users expect What actually happens
  4. 4. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  5. 5. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  6. 6. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  7. 7. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  8. 8. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy indiarussiataiwan japan mexico canada
  9. 9. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  10. 10. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy experience user digital customer brand service product
  11. 11. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy How I think about UX strategy
  12. 12. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  13. 13. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy fit brand, strategy & business model
  14. 14. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy
  15. 15. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy alignment across touch-points, journeys & the entire relationship cycle
  16. 16. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy focus & accountability knowing what we should do & what good looks like (and what we shouldn’t do)
  17. 17. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy strategy STRATEGIC GOALS STRATEGIC PROGRAMMES PROJECTS (TACTICS)    goal A    goal B    goal C    programme X    programme Y    programme Z             project Q         WORKSTREAMS TASKS     BUSINESS STRATEGY
  18. 18. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy strategy STRATEGIC GOALS STRATEGIC PROGRAMMES PROJECTS (TACTICS)    goal A    goal B    goal C    programme X    programme Y    programme Z             project Q         WORKSTREAMS TASKS     BUSINESS STRATEGY Is there a clear connection between our strategy & goals and experience design & management?
  19. 19. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy a definition of experience strategy
  20. 20. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy experience strategy a long-term plan to align every customer touch-point with your brand position & business strategy
  21. 21. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy experience strategy in practice
  22. 22. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy § Who are our target customers? § What’s the current customer story, priorities and pain-points? § What’s our vision for the holistic experience? § What are our guiding principles for target experience? § What are our future customer stories & outcomes? § What are the experience gaps between today’s experience and our future customer stories? § What specific initiatives and projects do we need? § What enablers and capabilities are required to support these initiatives? § What are the gaps between the vision and reality? § How will we prioritise & trade-off to create focus? § What’s our roadmap for change and innovation? § What are key performance indicators and targets for transforming the user experience? § How will we incentivise the right behaviours? CURRENT STATE EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE VISION & PRINCIPLES INNOVATION, INITIATIVES & ENABLERS EXPERIENCE ROADMAP EXPERIENCE KPIs & DASHBOARD 1. Where are we today? 2. Where do we want to get to? 3. What do we need to do? 4. What’s our plan? 5. How will we know we’re on track? A framework for creating experience strategy
  23. 23. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy So you want to be a strategist?
  24. 24. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy my experience big picture communication numbers leadership persistence
  25. 25. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy Experience strategy is a team sport
  26. 26. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy Thank you
  27. 27. @timothyloo @uxpauk #uxstrategy Start a conversation Tim Loo tim.loo@foolproof.co.uk +44 7714415677 @timothyloo