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Shakespeare Introduction

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Shakespeare Introduction

  1. 1. The Wonderful World of Shakespeare
  2. 2. What do you know about William Shakespeare?
  3. 3. Biographical InformationBirthdate: unknown Baptized April 26, 1564Died April 23, 1616 How old?Born in Stratford-upon-AvonOftentimes called “TheBard”Married to AnneHathaway
  4. 4. Not this Anne Hathaway…
  5. 5. But this Anne Hathaway
  6. 6. Bio (cont’d)Married at 18 Anne was 26 Pregnant when marriedThree kids Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith Hamnet and Judith: twinsFather was a glove makerThird child of eight
  7. 7. Shakespearean LiteratureWrote all types Plays, sonnets, collaborations, narrative poems37 plays Tragedy Protagonist is a good person with a “tragic flaw” Overcomes his flaw because something bad happens History Plays based on the lives of kings Comedy Not necessarily funny, but had a happy ending
  8. 8. The Plays
  9. 9. Shakespearean TheatreThe physical theater Polygonal in shape Three levels of galleries Open center Stage Platform surrounded on three sides by audience Upper level of stage Used as balcony
  10. 10. A model of the Globe
  11. 11. The three levels of the Globe
  12. 12. The Globe Stage
  13. 13. Shakespearean Theatre (cont’d)Actors All men, even those who played the part of women Women: normally played by younger men/boysCostumes Passed down from wealthy Not necessarily in fashion
  14. 14. Society’s Thoughts of TheaterTheater was only one step above the brothel How does this differ from today’s beliefs? Reason why actors were all menGlobe separated into class distinctions Seated area: wealthier Open area: lower class Groundlings
  15. 15. AnonymousExtra credit opportunity 5 pts with ticket stub