in memory database timesten migration 12c oracle 12c rac database ansible for dba applying ru [atch with ansible oracle release update patch 18c oracle ru oracle 18c filesystem extend oracle vmware root filesystem root filesystem extend oracle cloud oracle autonomous adwc 18c database rac database creation 12cr2 rac database installation rac database software install 12cr2 rac grid infrstructure installation clusterware installation rac 12cr2 awr baseline oracle awr database upgrade 12c cloud control provisioning rac12c deinstall database monitoring em12c em12c incident rule oracle em12c notification oracle oncall roster setup oracle sms alert oracle standby roster em12c oracle oncll sms setup em12c oracle standby sms setup oracle 12c data guard; far-sync oracle certified master database administration ocm 11g dba ocm orachk; health check for the oracle stack 12c data guard fast sync physical standby exadata cell offloading smart scan 12c audit rman audit datapump audit move to flex asm leaf node hub node flex asm 12c asm new features oracle 12c asm asm to non-asm migration non-asm to asm 12c asm database temporal validity period for flashback archive ora-00904 12c database dbms_flashback_archive rows archiving oracle 12c sql server 2012 pluggable database sqlserver to oracle exadata cellcli iorm exadata iorm bulk data load exadata 12c ado 12c heat map automatic data optimization oracle 12c rac
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