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Sympathy for the DevRel

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Developer Relations is hard. Long hours, tons of emotional labour, absurd travel schedules, and then developers just complain about what feature they did or didn't get. In this talk we used Rolling Stones songs to kick off a conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Developer Relations. Do you work for the man, are they treating you right, and how are smart companies scaling, while still showing empathy for the end user- the developer.

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Sympathy for the DevRel

  1. 1. Sympathy for the DevRel James Governor RedMonk co-founder.
  2. 2. @monkchips
  3. 3. new kingmakers
  4. 4. Sympathy For The Devil
  5. 5. How to tell you’re working for The Man You report to marketing You spend more time in Concur than on Twitter You even know what Concur is You don’t know the names of folks on your engineering team You need a VP to sign off before you attend a conference You go to uber cool conferences in Iceland Your life is vanity metrics You get asked: “what’s the ROI on that?”
  6. 6. Let It Bleed
  7. 7. Paint It, Black
  8. 8. Get Off Of My Cloud
  9. 9. (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  10. 10. You can’t always get what you want
  11. 11. Developer Experience Developer Relations Developer Advocacy
  12. 12. Front-load empathy: CoC, docs, UX
  13. 13. fly less, write more
  14. 14. pure DX
  15. 15. convenience kills
  16. 16. industrialised devrel
  17. 17. go native
  18. 18. hire everyone
  19. 19. your company is not your friend
  20. 20. “no” is your friend
  21. 21. everyone is hiring