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Wordpress course

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WordPress Course Plan
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Wordpress course

  1. 1. Produced By : ElectroTeam Senior Developer Eng. Mohamed Saad Managing Director Mrs. Alaa El Garhy 8July 2015 Courses@pamicloud.com PamiCloud Courses@pamicloud.com
  2. 2. WordPress Essentials Build a feature-rich business website with this step-by-step site building course WordPressEssentials Level 1 WordPress Developer WordPress Quick Start Course
  3. 3. Target Audiance The course is for everyone who wants to learn web technologies for developing business on the internet. In addition to the fundamentals, you will get a very thorough overview of WP functionality, WP programming languages, WP technologies, useful tools and plugins, and in-depth reviews of many popular themes, both free and commercial. We also have Addition sessions on search-engine optimization, video production and distribution, mailing lists and membership systems. - WordPress ecommerce not included in this course. WordPressEssentials
  4. 4. About The Journey WordPressEssentials This WordPress course has been designed from a beginners perspective to provide a step by step guide from ground up to going live with your Word press website. Covers The conceptual framework of a WordPress based system. The practical aspects of building a modern website or a blog.
  5. 5. what you will learn…?  Understand The Internet Protocols.  Create A Plan For Your Website.  Create Website Mock ups.  Choose And Register A Domain Name.  Understand Web Hosting And Create A Hosting Account.  Install And Configure WordPress.  Introduced to HTML,CSS,JS & PHP.  Customize The WordPress Design.  Create Website Content.  Launch A Website.  Maintain Website. WordPressEssentials
  6. 6. Curriculum  HTTP & FTP Protocols.  Plane your website.  What Is Domain Name.  What is web host.  Create Free Blog on wordpress.com  Getting to know the WordPress Dashboard.  Creating Content: • Posts. • Pages.  Using WordPress simple themes (Free).  How to use WordPress widgets.  How to create custom WordPress menus. WordPressEssentials
  7. 7. Session 1  Http & FTP protocols.  What is Domain Name and what is the rules of choosing a domain names.  Hosting Company , evaluate price VS functionalities.  Defining Your Business Goals & Target customers.  Content Planning.  Diagram Your Website.  Create a Site Budget (Theme Cost). WordPressEssentials General Considerations
  8. 8. Session 2 Create Wordpress.com Blog. Create New Post (English & Arabic) Text Format. Images and gallery types. Links. Twitter & YouTube inside your blog. Posts & Pages. Contact Form. Menus. Themes. WordPressEssentials General Considerations
  9. 9. Session 3 Create Wordpress.com Blog. Static Home Page. Widgets. Settings. Users. Sharing & Discussion Import & Export. Edit Dashboard Layout. WordPressEssentials General Considerations
  10. 10. Session 4  Overview of programming languages used to bring WP to life: o HTML. o CSS. o JavaScript. o PHP.  WordPress VS Joomla. WordPressEssentials General Considerations
  11. 11. Assignment A Wordpress.com WordPressEssentials
  12. 12. Session 5 How we want our website to look. the popularity of WordPress creates a whole new challenge — finding the right theme for your site.  In this Session you’ll learn more about WordPress themes and how to find the perfect , Mobile friendly theme. . WordPressEssentials Site Design with WordPress Themes
  13. 13. Session 5  WordPress Themes.  Themes: Where to Look.  Themes: What to Look For.  Customize Your Theme - Simple theme.  Difference between Tags and Categories. WordPressEssentials Site Design with WordPress Themes
  14. 14. Assignment B WordPress Quick Start Final Assignment WordPressEssentials
  15. 15. WordPress Essentials Build a feature-rich business website with this step-by-step site building course WordPressEssentials Level 2 WordPress Ninja
  16. 16. Curriculum  Install WordPress(online and off-line) approach..  Configure WordPress.  Add new functionalities by using Plugins.  Edit Theme Pages.  Edit Theme Style. WordPressEssentials
  17. 17. Session 6  Install WordPress(online and off-line) approach.  Install WordPress Using FTP Connection  Create Pages and posts.  Create a Contact Form.  Making Social Connections.  Add Audio and Video. WordPressEssentials Business Features
  18. 18. Session 7  Detect Theme elements.  Edit Theme HTML.  Edit theme style.  Edit Header.  Edit Footer. WordPressEssentials Design Features
  19. 19. Session 8  Edit PHP.  Create New PHP Functions.  Customize WordPress Dashboard behind the layout. WordPressEssentials Website Functionalities
  20. 20. Session 9  Most Important Plugins. o Contact Forms. o Custom forms. o Custom CSS and PHP Embed. o SEO Plugins. o Mega Menu & Landing Pages.  State of the Art Plugins. o Revolution Slider. $25 o Visual Composer. $38 o WPML. $195 WordPressEssentials Website Functionalities
  21. 21. Assignment C Coding WordPressEssentials
  22. 22. Session 10 Get Your Ninja Certificate. WordPressEssentials Mission Accomplished
  23. 23. WordPress Essentials Build a feature-rich business website with this step-by-step site building course WordPressEssentials Level 3 WordPress Master
  24. 24. Curriculum  Add Some CRM Functionalities to WordPress – Coding.  Connect WP With VTiger CRM – Configure and manage.  Work With Sophisticated Themes : o Apply RTL on Arabic selection. o Custom Post Type. o Custom Taxonomies.  Advanced Search  Add Quotation Form.  Ajax Integration.  WordPress treasure.  Edit PHP.INI ex: increase maximum file size.  Edit .htaccess ex: redirect page to home. WordPressEssentials
  25. 25. Final Assignment Complete project of your choice WordPressEssentials
  26. 26. Finally  Be sure that your code in Human readable format.  Document everything.  Create backups (WP files & Database).  Update Your WordPress Website & Keep your WordPress secured. WordPressEssentials Packaging and Documentations
  27. 27. Be Advised Home Work And Scheduled Assignment is essential to get your certificate, but there are more… Student with A+ [100%-95%] will get one year Hosting account & off course a Domain Name, TOTALLY Free of Charge, Plus all ElectroTeam online courses HD on Cd`s with source Code. [C-panel] Student With Grade A [94.9%-90%] will get two years 100 GByte Free Hosting service, along with Name servers to connect External domains with your hosting space, Plus all ElectroTeam online courses HD on Cd`s with source Code. Student With Grade B+ [89.9%-85%] will get Free Domain and all ElectroTeam online courses HD on Cd`s with source Code. Student With Grade B [84.9%-80%] will get all ElectroTeam online courses HD on Cd`s with source Code.
  28. 28. Contact Us saad@itbigdig.com 02 - 2266 9046 010 - 95 800 830 facebook.com/itbigdig twitter.com/ITBigDig youtube.com/c/itbigdig plus.google.com/u/2/+Itbigdig eg.linkedin.com/in/electroteam PamiCloud Courses@pamicloud.com