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ENGLAND,[object Object],Amgad Mohamed,[object Object],Fraidy Atef,[object Object],Ramy Mossad,[object Object],Nader Magdy,[object Object],Mohamed Reda Farahat,[object Object],Mahmoud Mohamed Negad,[object Object]
England's Geography,[object Object],England is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, it’s an island situated off the North West coast of Europe.,[object Object],Bordered by Scotland in the north, the North Sea in the east, the English Channel in the south and Wales in the west. ,[object Object],Most of England is rolling hills.,[object Object],Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England with an elevation of 978 meters.,[object Object]
Key Facts on England,[object Object],Major Cities: London- Leeds- Liverpool- Manchester.,[object Object],Capital: London with a population of 7,556,900.,[object Object],Population: 51,446,000 inhabitants.,[object Object],Geographic size: 130,395 km2 .,[object Object],National Anthem: None.God Save the Queen, Land of Hope and Glory.,[object Object],Currency: Pound sterling (GBP).,[object Object],Sex Distribution: ,[object Object],Males: 48.7%.,[object Object],Females: 51.3%.,[object Object]
Climate of England,[object Object],England has a temperate climate, with mild winters with temperatures not much lower than 0°C, and not much higher than 32°C in summer. Generally, July is normally the warmest month, and February is normally the coldest.,[object Object],London Climate,[object Object]
Religions in England,[object Object],71.75% of England's population are Christians.,[object Object],22.52% is unidentified or non-religious.,[object Object],Other religious minorities include Muslims which account for 3% of the population.,[object Object],There are also Jewish, Hindu and Sikh minorities.,[object Object]
People Distribution,[object Object],White 45,082,900,[object Object],Asian 2,914,900,[object Object],Black 1,447,900,[object Object],Mixed 870,000,[object Object],Chinese 400,300,[object Object],Other 376,100,[object Object]
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.,[object Object],Usually referred to as “”The UK””,””United Kingdom””, “”Great Britain””or “”Britain””.Britain is part of the British isles in the north-west of Europe. Britain is a union made up of  four constituent countries: ,[object Object],The Kingdom of England.,[object Object],The Kingdom of Scotland.,[object Object],The Principality of Wales.,[object Object],The Province of Northern Ireland,[object Object]
England and Wales joined together in 1284 under the statue of Rhuddlan.,[object Object],Scotland’s monarchy then joined England’s monarchy in 1603. ,[object Object],In 1707 the kingdoms of Scotland and England then united together to form the kingdom of Great Britain.,[object Object],In 1801 Ireland joined the union to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.,[object Object]
Due to disputes about religion, southern Ireland declared independence but Northern Ireland remained part of the United Kingdom,[object Object]
Government of England,[object Object],Parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy.,[object Object],Queen Elizabeth II as a head of the state.,[object Object],The continuity of the monarchy has been interrupted only once (the republic of 1649-60) in over a thousand years.,[object Object],Parliaments is made up of the House of common, the House of lords and the Queen in her constitutional role.,[object Object]
Economy of England,[object Object],The Economy of England is the largest of the four economies of the United Kingdom. ,[object Object],England is one of the world's most greatly industrialized countries. ,[object Object],England is a chief shipbuilding country.,[object Object],England is an important manufacturer of chemical and textile products. ,[object Object],Automobiles, and aircrafts are among England's.,[object Object],Other important industrial products:,[object Object],Automobiles,[object Object],Aircrafts,[object Object],The most important economic sectors:,[object Object],agriculture ,[object Object],fishing ,[object Object],Investing,[object Object], banking,[object Object], manufacturing,[object Object], tourism,[object Object]
Tourism in England,[object Object],Tourism plays a significant part in the economic life in England .,[object Object],Many other people come to England as tourists, and this is economically beneficial.,[object Object],In the UK as a whole, tourism contributes 76 billion pounds to the British economy, and it employs 6.1% of the working population, making it the 6th largest industry.,[object Object]
Types of tourism in England,[object Object],Cultural and heritage tourism :Britain's tourist industry is principally "cultural" and "heritage" based, and many tourists are attracted to England because of its history,[object Object],Ecotourism : Britain also has some unique natural environments, and has a significant "Ecotourism" industry,[object Object]
Cultural and heritage tourism,[object Object],Cambridge: A famous university town,[object Object],Liverpool: The 2008 European Capital of Culture, a major port and World Heritage Site, home to two cathedrals and houses more listed buildings.,[object Object],Oxford : now a busy commercial city, which also has a  famous university,[object Object],Stonehenge, a World Heritage Site in Wiltshire,[object Object]
Places to visit in England,[object Object],The United Kingdom is one of the most world’s most popular tourists destination. ,[object Object], The most important places to visit are: ,[object Object],Big Ben in London, The Tower of London is an old cell, Westminster Abbey is a Church and Sthonenge.,[object Object]
Festivals in England,[object Object],Ascot Racecourse is famous because everybody wears white top hats and elegant sun hats.,[object Object],Christmas is annual holiday celebrated on December 25th.people decorate their  houses and  Christmas trees with light and ornaments.,[object Object],Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.many people wear costumes and the children ask "trick or treat", house to house.,[object Object]
England’s Sports,[object Object],England has a strong sporting heritage, and during the 19th century codified many sports that are now played around the world. Sports originating in England include association football.,[object Object],Darts,[object Object],Cricket,[object Object],Snooker,[object Object]
The Premier League is an English professional league for association football clubs. At the top of the English football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Contested by 20 clubs,[object Object]
England national football team whose home ground is wembley stadium ,[object Object]
England’s national football team has won the FIFA world cup in 1966 the year they hosted the Cup,[object Object],England was paired with Portugal in the semifinals who had overcome a resolute North Korean outfit by five goals to three.,[object Object],The final took place at Wembley as almost 100,000 people packed into the famous old ground. England ended the match with West Germany with 4:2 thanks to hat trick from Geoff Hurst ,[object Object]
England Presentation
The Conclusion,[object Object],This is a video summarize a part,[object Object],of what we said about England.,[object Object],Represents many of ,[object Object],England’s Inventions ,[object Object],and discoveries.,[object Object],Famous Scientists and,[object Object],Literatures.,[object Object]
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