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  1. 1. Learning Gets Social: The Intersection of Traditional and Social Learning www.mzinga.com | Feb 2012MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  2. 2. Introductions Mike Merriman Director of Strategic Services mmerriman@mzinga.com Twitter: @MerrimanMzingaMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  3. 3. A brief Mzinga overview (The 36,000 ft view) Market SaaS social software, services and analytics Solutions HR & Learning, Customer Education & Support, Marketing Experience 40M users & 15,000 communities under management # of Customers 350+ clients Sample CustomersMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda. Topic The challenges you’re facing Social learning: How you can change the playing field Use case examples Q&AMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  5. 5. “ Todays workplace is diverse, distributed and full of context shifts. Companies with existing investments in learning will look to squeeze even more value from this expenditure. ” “ More techniques and technologies will emerge that incorporate social software, and the lines between learning, talent management and human capital management systems will continue to blur. ”MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  6. 6. Forces Changing Learning Dynamics Changing workforce Business dynamics Drivers for Social Learning Failure of Increase in traditional social media learning alone to adoption meet varied learner needs MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIALSource: Constellation Research SOFTWARE l
  7. 7. How can today’s learning organizations rise to the occasion?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  8. 8. CHALLENGE #1 Limited resources threaten to reduce training output while at the same time, significant expertise is walking out the doorMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 8
  9. 9. You could… • Deliver less training • Deliver less expensive training • Narrow eligibility requirementsMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 9
  10. 10. Or you could expand your scope by… • Including employees, customers, partners & suppliers in co-creating your learning programs • Rethink “content” to include blogs, discussions, wikis, comments, and empower employees, customers etc… to contribute and co-createMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 10
  11. 11. It’s a numbers game 5000% 500% 50% increase reduction in team?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 11
  12. 12. Real Life Partner Formal Content Community Informal Content People Customer Community Workplace Community Public CommunityMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  13. 13. CHALLENGE #2 You may be investing in “low return” efforts that aren’t moving the barMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 13
  14. 14. You could… Keep spending vast sums of money on initiatives to manage, prescribe, and measureMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 14
  15. 15. Or you could start spending money to • Collaborate, listen, and empower • Improve communication, drive deeper sharing, and capture expertiseMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 15
  16. 16. Collaborative learning solutions deliver results In workplaces with combined formal and social learning, employees… Complete tasks 30% Perform tasks 41% Can gain direct access to more accurately than with faster than with formal information they typically formal learning alone learning alone spend 12 hours per week gathering Increased Competency Improved Productivity Enhanced efficiencies US Department of LaborON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWAREMZINGA l #1 IN l 16
  17. 17. New approaches to extending learning value “Embedded” “Amazon” “Community” “Structured” Social interactions Social interactions Social interactions Organizationally *within* *as* learning *about* designed learning structured structured content learning learning Courses Course Program Ideas Blogs Comments Comments Programs Discussion Ratings DiscussionsMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  18. 18. CHALLENGE #3 Training isn’t always viewed strategically and executives may not recognize your value You are viewed as a trainerMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 18
  19. 19. You could… Dot every “i” and cross every “t” Be the best “trainer” you can be Try to communicate the impact of your current & previous effortsMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 19
  20. 20. Or you could change your focus by… • Becoming the plumber instead of the pipe • Teaching your organization to teach • Transforming how you are measured • Becoming a facilitator, producer & mentor • Influencing cross-functional communication & collaboration— the other 80% of how people work & learnMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 20
  21. 21. CHALLENGE #4 Whoops, you haven’t invested in your own professional development!MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 21
  22. 22. You could… Assume this is a fad (you know, like that whole WBT thing) and wait for the good old days to returnMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 22
  23. 23. Or you could get real and… • Start experimenting with new technologies in your personal life • Ning, Delicious, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, and on and on and on…MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 23
  24. 24. What not to do  Don’t turn your experiments into formal strategies  Great to use free tools to get “gut” feel for the tech, but not so great over long haul  Moderation?  Reporting and analytics?  Administration?  Seamless and consistent user experience?  Single-sign on?  Compliance teams?  Data feeds…MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 24
  25. 25. CHALLENGE #5 Other departments are “eating your cheese”MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 25
  26. 26. Food for thought… Informal Learning Formal Learning Training groups 13% Who owns “own” this? this 87% So… if IT ends up owning the biggest piece of the pie, shouldn’t formal training roll up into IT?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 26
  27. 27. You could… Start a turf war laying claim to this new worldMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 27
  28. 28. Or you could lead the change by… • Realizing that corporate walls are melting • Moving the cheese first and eating it yourself • Partnering with others to define strategies • Sharing your learning expertise • Developing new standards and modelsMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 28
  29. 29. But how will that really change the playing field? (Let’s take a look at some examples)MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  30. 30. Improved employeeengagement & productivity.Streamline recruiting & on-boarding• Expand access to talent & establish extended workforce networks• Speed time to competency by making mentors/experts more accessible• Provide ready access to blended new hire and training resources Improve productivity & performance • Eliminate duplicate work efforts by repeating best practices “ • Gain up to 30% productivity by blending formal and social learning • Reduce project timelines by 34% through peer-to-peer interaction Today, we use learning and development for both employees and customers, and well beIncrease satisfaction & retention extending that to include• Give Grow market and enable them to provide feedback employees a voice powerful social interactivity, web awareness• Increase knowledge retention by addressing general learning styles collaboration and analytics - all• Empower employees to participate in innovation & business strategies ” managed from one environment…. - Steven Brewer, Training & Development Manager at The Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  31. 31. Cases in point… Client Business results Drive effective employee development & cost reductions • An organization-wide, multi-lingual ecosystem to manage learning and development for 52,000 geographically dispersed employees • 90% reduction in vendors, 60% reductions in training administrators • $10M cost reduction as a result of blended learning adoption Increase employee & service excellence • Established a corporate university (GUIDE), to deliver core and specialized training curricula to more than 1700 employees • Gilbane’s corporate focus on education has garnered it national prominence as one of the leading learning organizations by Training Magazine Streamline recruiting & career development • An interactive forum where job seekers can find information and resources to further their career goals • Connect potential employees directly with Monster.com expert, hiring companies and their peers to plan the next steps in their career path.MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 31
  32. 32. Improved overallcustomer experience. Improve customer response times • 36% of consumers prefer using websites to get answers to questions rather than via telephone or email- and 57% are very likely to abandon purchases if they cannot find quick answers to questions. Drive satisfaction, loyalty & retention • Live chat, peer-to-peer forums, just-in-time customer education “ and direct access to experts help customers get answers questions quickly- improving satisfaction and reducing We wanted to create an abandonment. interactive forum where job seekers could find information to Reduce support costs further their career goals. It • Telephone support costs $6 to $12 or higher per contact. allows our members to connect with both our experts and their • Online chat costs only $5 and is 63% more effective, and web- ” based customer self-service costs just a few cents per contact. peers to plan the next steps in their career path. - Michael Harvey, Chief Executive at Monster.com’s CareerOneMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  33. 33. Cases in point… Mzinga Client Business results Reduced support costs & improve efficiencies • Peer support for Ford owners of the Sync In-car communication system • 11,000 support users and more than 1M message views • Reduced expensive support calls, and improved access to product research Improved communications with most valuable & influential customers • A private, online community where TIAA-CREF annuity clients can network, interact, and discuss financial and lifestyle topics • 12,000 members and thousands of online posts by participants • High community retention rates, increased participation in TIAA-CREF programsMZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l 33
  34. 34. Questions?MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l
  35. 35. Thank you! www.mzinga.com l August 2009MZINGA l #1 IN ON-DEMAND SOCIAL SOFTWARE l