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Metrics Analysis for GLAMs

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Metrics Analysis for GLAMs

  1. 1. Metrics Analysis for GLAMs Using Google Analytics National Library of NZ (and friends) 8 November, 2018 Michael Lascarides @mlascarides
  2. 2. Analytics is storytelling
  3. 3. There are no absolute answers
  4. 4. Google Analytics: Pro •Free •Ubiquitous •Powerful •Well-maintained •Easy to use and install •Anonymized •Accurate •Well-filtered
  5. 5. Google Analytics: Con •It’s Google •Could be more powerful •Not useful for bandwidth, downloads •Has its limits
  6. 6. How it works:
  7. 7. How it works:
  8. 8. How it works:
  9. 9. How it works:
  10. 10. http://code.stephenmorley.org/javascript/ understanding-the-google-analytics-tracking- code/
  11. 11. Analytics Help https://support.google.com/analytics
  12. 12. https://analytics.google.com/ dnzgaworkshop @ gmail.com pwd: DigitalNZRocks
  13. 13. Some definitions
  14. 14. Properties Dates Reports Exports Segments
  15. 15. Metrics vs Dimensions
  16. 16. Metrics Things you can count: Pageviews, visits, events, etc.
  17. 17. Dimensions: Things you can sort by: Country, page title, OS, browser, etc.
  18. 18. Metrics & Dimensions Explorer https://developers.google.com/analytics/ devguides/reporting/core/dimsmets
  19. 19. THE FUNDAMENTAL METRICS ARE Sessions, Users, Pageviews
  20. 20. Pageview A load of a single HTML page.
  21. 21. User (AKA Unique Visitor) A single person*, to the best of our ability. * Really, it’s a single browser cookie.
  22. 22. Session (AKA Visit) A sequence of pages visited by a single visitor with no more than 30 minutes between pages.
  23. 23. Scenario: Ellen views 6 pages in 10 minutes on Monday morning, and 5 pages in 20 minutes on Tuesday.
  24. 24. Scenario: Ellen views 6 pages in 10 minutes on Monday morning, and 5 pages in 20 minutes on Tuesday. That’s 1 visitor, 11 pageviews, and 2 sessions.
  25. 25. USEFUL RATIOS OF THE FUNDAMENTALS Sessions per visitor Pageviews per session
  26. 26. ALSO INTERESTING Time on Site* * Warning: Easy to misunderstand.
  28. 28. Users, Behavior, Acquisition
  29. 29. Users: Who are they?
  30. 30. User reports: •Geographic location (country, city, sometimes more) •Demographics (privacy implications!) •Screen resolutions •Devices •Browsers& versions •More!
  31. 31. EXERCISE: What appears to be the next-most-popular language our visitors speak after English?
  32. 32. EXERCISE: What was the change in mobile traffic share from May 2016 to May 2017?
  33. 33. EXERCISE: Is the percentage of our audience using MacOS rising or shrinking?
  34. 34. EXERCISE: How many different countries sent visitors to us in October?
  35. 35. Acquisition: Where did they come from?
  36. 36. Acquisition reports: •Referring site •Search engine •External search keyword •Campaigns •Direct traffic •Referring page •Social Media •More!
  37. 37. EXERCISE: What were the top 10 terms searched on search engines that led to Natlib in August 2018? 
 How far down the list do you have to go to get a “non-boring” one?
  38. 38. EXERCISE: There was a big spike in traffic on 4 March, 2015. Why?
  39. 39. Treemaps
  40. 40. Behaviour: What did they do?
  41. 41. Behavior reports: •Pages viewed •Flow •Page landed on •Site search •Event tracking •Content Drilldown •More!
  42. 42. GLAMs ❤ Site Search!
  43. 43. EXERCISE: What are the top 20 most popular pages on the whole site?
  44. 44. EXERCISE: What are the 5 most popular blog posts on Natlib so far in 2018? Hint: Blog URLs start with
  45. 45. EXERCISE: What are top 10 most searched terms on the Natlib site in May 2018?
  46. 46. EXERCISE: What was the most-visited collection item on Natlib in 2017? Why was it so popular? Hint: Item URLs take the form
  47. 47. GLAM- Specific
  48. 48. Considerations for GLAMs •The behavior of your public terminals •The seasonality of your traffic •The “curve” of your week •Understanding Spikes •The profile of your recency/frequency (ie, dedicated visitors vs one-timers) •Don’t forget to track after the engagement!
  49. 49. Advanced cool stuff
  50. 50. Visitor Flow
  51. 51. EXERCISE: Use visitor flow to visualise where, 
 in general, Australians go on our site
  52. 52. Real-Time
  53. 53. EXERCISE: From which NZ city are the most people visiting Natlib right now?
  54. 54. Advanced Segments
  55. 55. EXERCISE: How many people visited the He Tohu site on an iPad last month vs August 2017?
  56. 56. EXERCISE: What was the most popular search term used by Aucklanders using Chrome on a Mac in April 2018 who also visited a Schools page during their visit?
  57. 57. Custom Variables
  58. 58. Event Tracking
  59. 59. EXERCISE: In the past couple of months, what search terms were used by people who visited at least one Whites Aviation photo?
  60. 60. Goals, Conversions and Funnels
  61. 61. “Fake e-commerce”