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Aberon bylight english

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Aberon bylight english

  2. 2. aberon BY LIGHT WAREHOUSE AUTOMATION Aberon BY LIGHT: WAREHOUSE AUTOMATION In the present-day competitive environment of supply chain management, a company's success depends to a great extent on the timely and error-free delivery of orders, a requirement that cannot be met by conventional order picking systems and batch processes. Companies that are able to fill orders quickly, without errors, and at a low cost, so as to meet the constantly increasing demands of their customers, acquire a significant competitive advantage in their sector. The assignment of the correct level of automation at a distribution centre requires a clear understanding and definition of company activities; the features of the products handled; the frequency and size of orders filled; the working environment within the warehouse; and the direct labor cost in the warehouse. The new technology system aberon BY-LIGHT from VELTIONoptimum functions by incorporating leading technologies such as Radio Frequency (RF) wireless communications, microcomputers, microelectronics, barcode technology, and software engineering, into a single efficient and integrated system. At a glance The aberon BY-LIGHT technology processes the data from the orders to be filled and transfers it to the picking zones without needing to use picking or checking lists. The pickers, with both hands free, pick the orders, eliminating pointless and time- consuming procedures such as list reading, picking location search, and list checking. The aberon BY-LIGHT technology does away with the need for pickers to read picking lists and make data entries in the system. All aberon BY-LIGHT features vastly reduce the time needed to fill orders and decrease drastically the number of picking errors. The outcome is a solution whose performance can compete with that of a fully automated, high- investment facility. The main difference however, is installation costs are only a fraction of the cost of a high automated solution. Each aberon BY-LIGHT system is tailor-made to meet the needs of every customer by recording and analyzing the needs of each company. aberon BY-LIGHT allows you to remain competitive in your market by using state of the art technology.
  3. 3. 0000 Facts Product Structure – ABC Analysis It is fair to say that all products sold by a company do not move at the same speed. On the one hand, there are the fast-moving SKUs with high circulation and on the other, the slow-moving SKUs that handle very small quantities of products. According to the market sector in which a company is active (industry, wholesale, retail), there are various curves that define the proportions between fast-moving and slow-moving products. In general, for a typical company we can assume the relationship between fast-moving and slow- moving products is that shown on the table: By observing the diagram we see that:  1 % of SKUs cover 25% of the total movement  5% of SKUs cover 50% of the total movement  20% SKUs cover 80% of the total movement Based on the fact that all products do not move at the same speed, different methods of picking orders for each category of products can be implemented. With the aberon BY-LIGHT picking technology we can efficiently pick any category of products, whether they are fast- moving or slow-moving. Analysis of Order Picking Time The total time spent by the employee during the picking process using conventional order picking systems can be analyzed as:  Picking Lists management 10%  Picking errors Correction 8%  Touching and Picking 16%  Packaging 3%  Order Checking 13%  Travelling 40%  Other 10% With aberon BY-LIGHT Picking, List management time, error correction time, order checking time, and finally the touching and picking time, are drastically reduced or eliminated. Picking Errors Analysis of Order Picking Errors The errors observed during preparation of orders with conventional order picking systems can be analyzed as:  Counting (quantity) errors 2%  Reading Picking List errors 23%  Wrong Location errors 30%  Omission of order line errors 45% With aberon BY-LIGHT all the errors occurring with a conventional order picking (picking list) system are practically eliminated. aberon BY-LIGHT systems aberon BY-LIGHT is composed of two different systems, that are based on microelectronic, RF technology and software engineering.  aberon PICK BY LIGHT  aberon PICK CART The two systems in the aberon BY-LIGHT family increase productivity by up to three times and reduce order picking errors by up to 95%, while the payback period on the investment does not exceed the 12 months. The proposed implementation range of the picking methods (RF picking, pick by light, pick cart) for a company's products can be seen on the diagram below.
  4. 4. aberon PICK-BY-LIGHT Systems Pick-by-Light is a lightning fast warehouse automation technique that makes order picking many times more efficient. With the light picking principle, you can let the process run paperless, which increases reliability while reduces picking errors. The aberon PICK-BY-LIGHT system is used to pick the company's fast- moving SKUs. This is generally 5% to 30% of a company's SKUs. In the event that the product range is small, aberon PICK-BY-LIGHT can be applied to the entire range of products. The aberon PICK-BY-LIGHT system is composed of microcomputers (tags) that are smaller than a bar of chocolate. These microcomputers are installed at the picking locations of the company's fast-moving products. These tags have an indicator light, an illuminated digital display, as well as control keys for the picker. There are more than 30 different tags in the product range to cover any specific customer need. They communicate in real-time with the company's information system (WMS, ERP, legacy system). aberon Pick-to-Light Hardware
  5. 5. aberon Pick-Cart The aberon PICK CART system is mainly used for picking medium and slow- moving SKUs and is an alternative solution to the conventional way of picking using picking lists or RF portable terminals. The main concept of the system is based on simultaneous order picking in the warehouse. The aberon PICK CART is a wheeled system with various order picking slots, which are equipped with microcomputers (pick by light tags). The system communicates in real-time with the WMS , ERP or the legacy system of the company via wireless communication. The orders to be filled are assembled in order groups, according to the number of picking slots on the cart. Each order corresponds to a slot on the aberon PICK CART.qpiclcart1 The aberon PICK CART directs the picker via the optimal route to the picking locations, indicating for each product the quantities required for each order linked to the aberon PICK CART. The picker goes to the picking location indicated by the system and uses a mounted scanner to read the barcode of the SKU location, or the barcode on the SKU stored at that location. The tags on the aberon PICK CART light up and indicate the quantities of the particular item at the picking position required for each order. The picker places the quantities in the slots on the aberon PICK CART indicated by the tags and presses the confirmation buttons. In case of a shortage, the picker can decrease the quantities he picks by pressing the auxiliary keys. With one route of aberon PICK CART inside the warehouse, a batch of orders can be picked simultaneously, thus drastically reducing picking time and consequently the direct labour cost. aberon VOICE PICKING aberon VOICE PICKING is an alternative picking method that is mostly used to pick orders having content in cartons or pieces. In special cases, the voice technology may be applied to the receiving function, picking locations replenishment and inventory counting. The voice picking solution consists of a PDA equipped with a headset (earphones & microphone) and the software for managing picking via voice interaction. The advantage of the Voice Picking solution compared to the classic RF picking is that the operator has both his hands free, which leads to increased picking productivity. Especially in a deep freezing environment, where users wear gloves, using wireless terminals incommodes the picking process. In this case, the use of Voice Picking is an alternative solution with competitive advantages. After years of research, we, in VELTIONoptimum, have implemented an innovative VOICE PICKING solution. This solution based on leading edge technology standards is fully integrated into aberon WMS's main body. Our VOICE PICKING solution does not require an Interface with the aberon WMS or a separate server and constitutes a physical extension of the aberon Warehouse Management system developed by OPTIMUM. Moreover, the aberon VOICE PICKING solution can also operate via interfaces with other Warehouse Management Systems or ERPs. aberon VOICE PICKING is an expandable application developed in .net C# which can run in any PDA with MOBILE WINDOWS operating system. The main advantages of aberon VOICE PICKING compared to other competitive voice picking systems, are:  The natural voice quality (100% natural voice) that does NOT create a sense of distress and discontent to the user  No system training by the user is required (100% speaker independent)  The low acquisition cost and the investment protection  The open architecture of the application that allows its functioning both in voice PDA and in normal RF terminals  Its capability to be perfectly adapted to the particular requirements of the client
  6. 6. North American Office 1425 Osprey Drive, Suite 204 Ancaster Ontario, L9G 4V9, Canada Telephone: +1 905 690 7700 Fax: +1 905 689 2200 European Office 457 Acharnon & 700 Thespieon Str. 14343, Nea Chalkidona, Athens, Greece Telephone: +30 210 2588 100 Fax: +30 210 2588 101 www.veltion.com info@veltion.com About us In a world driven by supply-chain management, it is vital that a company have the proper IT system in place in order to optimize profit margin and production. VELTIONoptimum has developed software and automation solutions which exclusively operate in such Logistics IT Systems, and has done so for over 20 years. Success stories can be seen in North America, as well as all across Europe. The expansion of VELTIONoptimum into the global market has allowed their customers to reap the benefits of VELTIONoptimum’s years of experience and success in the Logistics IT market. With more resources available to them, VELTIONoptimum is able to service multiple customers throughout the globe while maintaining a customer service track record that is second to none. The focus has been, and always will be, to understand and meet the unique requirements of each client. With an increased global presence and customer base also comes an increase in customer needs. Companies need to have the latest in innovative technology in order to increase profits and remain competitive. VELTIONoptimum has managed to remain on the cutting edge of technology by employing more engineers and staff in order to keep its customers efficient and profitable. We strive to maintain your competitive edge by making our systems work the way you want. We configure our software, hardware, and automation equipment to reflect the precise needs of your business. This ensures we deliver successful solutions tailored to your evolving circumstances. The engine that drives VELTIONoptimum’s success has been the development of a Supply Chain Management software known as aberon. This solutions package incorporates optimization algorithms, barcode technologies, as well as RFID. Wireless networks and wireless portable terminals, combined with warehouse automations and other cutting edge technologies give our customers a wide variety of tools to help their business succeed. If aberon is the engine of VELTIONoptimum’s success, then aberon WMS can be considered the key to the entire operation. This core WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM accommodates the needs of a variety of warehouses and distribution centers. Whether you have a small warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa, or a large distribution center in Paris, France, aberon WMS is the ideal solution for the management and monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products. VELTIONoptimum's aberon information system has been awarded by the European Union with the ΙST PRIZE NOMINEE distinction, as an innovative product of high technological standards. VELTIONoptimum has been certified with ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 on Development, Parameterization, Installation and Training for Logistics Information Systems. Moreover, VELTIONoptimum is an ORACLE Partner Network Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner.