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Order of Malta Presentation

  1. Sean Murphy | Pax Christi | December 9th, 2015 (updated 2016)
  2. How I came to the Order of Malta.
  3. And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. Luke 1:18
  4. Becoming a Knight in the Order of Malta.
  5. zLourdes Pilgrimage, 2015
  6. Investiture, Los Angeles, 2015
  7. Places of Significance
  8. Blessed Gerard Young Knights Retreat, Villa del Priorato di Malta, Rome, 2015
  9. St. Peter's Basilica
  10. Mass at the Tomb of St. Peter, Vatican Necropolis
  11. Monastery of St. John at Tantur
  12. Holy Family Hospital, Bethlehem
  13. Spiritual and Medical Roots of the Order
  14. zAftimos Market, Muristan District, Old City Jerusalem. Location of the Order’s first hospital/hospice
  15. z“Behind the Wall” – Shut down excavation site the public doesn’t see (behind the memorial)
  16. My works with the Order of Malta, the oldest medical mission in the world.
  17. As a volunteer Service Organization (501c3), we work with hospices, hospitals and home care to provide with primary focus in the Veterans Administration. • A loving presence to those who are alone. • Relief and resource support to loved ones and caregivers. • Compassionate support through the last hours, allowing people to pass in peace and with dignity.
  18. Divine Mercy was created to help assure that Catholics and their families receive sustenance in their faith at a time when the dying family member is as close to God as he or she will ever be while still here on earth. Our role in caring for terminally ill individuals is very specific and consistent with the laws of of the Catholic Church, but our services remain available for persons of any religious belief. To this end, we strictly adhere to the Catholic Standard of Care™.
  19. Service + Impact Investing Bringing it all together