management in post -operative period hypotentsion dysrrhythmias algorithms. hypertension bradycardia hemodynamic instability post-operative management tachycardia intra operative sedation and analgesia dexmedetomidine old/ repeated failure to get effect of local anaesthetics via various routes scorpion bite antigen-antibody (proposed) response? developement of resistance to action of local anae what went wrong delayed post-anaesthetic recovery analysis total intra venous anaesthesia (tiva) recent advances tocolytics oxytocics pharmacology and indications contraindications drugs strategies blood conservation jehovah's witness peri-operative blood loss nalbuphine lower limb surgeries spinal adjuvant to local anesthetics etiopathogenesis prphylaxis deep vein thrombosis lmwh pulmonary embolism new modalities paediatric anaesthesia
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