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Philippine Literature From 2000 to Present

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Philippine literature during the new century.
Includes authors and their published books, poems, essays and other literary works during the modern era.

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Philippine Literature From 2000 to Present

  1. 1. Philippine Literature: 2000 & Up The famous Writers and their work from the year 2000 & up
  2. 2. 2003 2005 2006 2007 2008 2001 20022000 Notable Authors and their Literary Contribution During the 2009 2012 2011 2010 2013 Fiction & non-fiction Children’s Story
  3. 3. Abdon M. Balde Jr.
  4. 4. • published writer of all sorts of genres (from serious poetry to horror stories for adolescents to humorous essays to erotic novel.) • She did the writing, lay outing and publishing of the spoof of her school's campus paper. She sold each copy for P2.00 or $ 0.05 to her classmates. • She took up BA Creative Writing (Filipino) in the University of the Philippines while she worked as a waitress at night. She graduated cum laude in 2002. She immediately signed up for MA Filipino, major in Literature. She is very optimistic that she will finish the course soon. • She is the youngest member of UMPIL or Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas' Board of Directors in 2004-2010. • president of Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo (LIRA) in 2007-2009. LIRA is the premiere and the oldest organization of Filipino poets who write primarily in the national language. • She is the Executive Officer for Membership and Documentation of Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society (FILCOLS), an organization of authors and publishers that helps fight for the economic rights of copyright holders.
  5. 5. • a renowned teacher, editor, writer, and pioneer of creative nonfiction. Garnering honors since her colegiala days, Dr. Hidalgo has also received such prestigious awards as Gawad Balagtas, Graphic, Free Press, Focus, Manila Critics' Circle, British Council Grant to Cambridge, and the U.P. President's Award for Outstanding Publication. She has been recognized as Outstanding Thomasian Writer, Hall of Famer for the International Publication Award, and Grand Prize winner for the Novel in the Palanca Awards. She was Vice President for Public Affairs of the University of the Philippines and at present is the director of the University of Sto. Tomas Publishing House, and an associate of the UP Institute of Creative Writing.
  6. 6. Dean Francis Alfar
  7. 7.  author of two books of poetry, • Pag-aabang sa Kundiman: Isang Tulambuhay (2006) and • Isa Na Namang Pagtingala sa Buwan (2005). • His 2009 novel, Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog [Eight Muses of the Fall],  longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize and won the NCCA Writer's Prize for the Novel.  His works have also received awards from the Palanca, PBBY Salanga Writer's Prize, Gawad Surian sa Tula and Gantimpalang Collantes. His second novel, Sa Kasunod ng 909, which won the 2011 KAL Gawad Antonio M. Abad for Best Dissertation in UP Diliman, will be published soon. He was invited as writer in residence to the 2010 International Writing Program of the University of Iowa. Samar teaches Philippine Literature and Creative Writing at Ateneo de Manila University and is now the Director of the Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practices (AILAP).
  9. 9. • has published more than 25 books of fiction and nonfiction, winning many awards for his writing both in the Philippines and overseas. He has been a Fulbright, Hawthornden, British Council, David TK Wong, Rockefeller, and Civitella Ranieri fellow. He has lectured on Philippine culture and politics in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, an d China, among other places. His second novel, Soledad's Sister, was shortlisted for the inaugural Man Asian Literary Prize in 2007.
  10. 10. Rosario Cruz-Lucero
  11. 11. RESIL B. MOJARES
  12. 12.
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