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Make Money at Home by Posting Links! 3 Ways To Generates $1000's Weekly

3 Ways To Make Money At Home By Posting Links
Free Methods You Can Use To Generate $1000's Weekly!
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Make Money at Home by Posting Links! 3 Ways To Generates $1000's Weekly

  1. 1. 3 Ways To Make Money At Home By Posting Links Hello World Many people are looking to make money at home and need some quick advice on how to achieve their goal. The truth is a lot of people prey on your need to want to make money at home by selling you some type of information or software that will make you $1000’s overnight. If you are like me I have fell victim to this for much to long. Now to be honest some things I bought have worked out and some didn’t, the reason I am posting this document because I want to people to pay it forward. If you have a idea that works give it away that way we all can make money. Below I will give you 3 Methods that I use to make money at home by posting links. First before we proceed you will need and offer or product to promote. There are many offers and products online to promote from dog training to teeth whitener. The biggest niche to promote would be the make money at home niche. The reason I say that is that everyone is looking for a way to make more money from the poor people to the people who already have money. So if you can show a person how to make money you will have their attention for a brief moment. In that moment it up to you to get your point across. In this niche everyone has heard the old “You will become rich tomorrow if you buy this” routine. The best way to avoid this is by having a work at home business opp that really works, doesn’t cost anything or very little if it does, it has been time proven ,and it has a lot people who are already making money with their product or opportunity. Out of the above criteria the main product I recommend to promote would be Project Payday
  2. 2. They have a couple of different ways to make money. The method I use to make money is their referral program. With this program you will get paid for people who create a free account through your website that is provided free of charge. For every person who creates a free account you will get paid $1.50 - $5.00 per account. That might not seem like a lot but if you can get 20-30 people to create an account daily you will be making $1000-$2000 monthly. I am pretty sure that can change your financial situation. Project Payday pays out weekly either by check or company debit card( I use the debit card) So if you need a product to promote that is reliable create your free account with Project Payday CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT WITH PROJECT PAYDAY Now that you have a product promote let me explain my 3 methods that I use to make money at home by posting links. These are the same methods that I use to generate over $1000 weekly with Project Payday Method 1: Craigslist For this method I promote to people who are looking to make money at home. The best way to promote would be by posting your link in the gigs section. This section is free to place ads and its gets a lot of traffic. The funny thing about craigslist is if you post to many times with your link it will not show up. The best way to get around this is by removing the (http://) part of your website address. This is done so the link is not clickable. The reason you want to do this is because craigslist will let your ad show if it does not have a clickable link. You can post as many ads as you like.
  3. 3. If your ad is good enough your prospect will copy and paste your link into their browser or they will type it in. The main point is to get them to your site. You will accomplish this by writing a ad that is short and sweet with your website address at the bottom Exp> We Are Looking For People To Work From Home We pay weekly! Training provided! No Sales To Start Visit: www.YourWebsite.com If you do not know how to post ad on craigslist it is very simple. On every page the is a button on the right hand side at the top that says “POST”. Click that and then design your ad in the city of your choice. Method 2: Facebook Groups Everyone has facebook so need to give a long spill about why you should get your links on facebook. But the method I would like to talk about is so easy a kid could do it. Facebook has groups of people online that are focused on certain interests. Such groups could be like weight training groups, dog training groups etc… Wherever there are people there are people looking to make money. Just type in your search where you would look for your friends. Type in a keyword like “Earn money at home” when you see the groups come up join those groups and begin interacting. A lot of these groups have thousands of members looking for ways to make money at home by posting links. Once you have established yourself and given some good advice the member of your group will be receptive to your products or opportunities that you have available. At that point you want to point them towards your Project Payday link and tell them to create a free account. Depending on your influence you can make a lot of money with this method. CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT WITH PROJECT PAYDAY Method 3: Youtube Youtube Is my personal favorite method because if done right you will get traffic which in turn means money for years to come with the right video.
  4. 4. This method is very simple! You can make a video from your phone or laptop. The reason this is a viable method is because people like to see people. It is much easier to get a feel from a honest review that from a well written blog. Videos do not have to be long maybe 30 seconds to a minute. Content of video: Just basically give a honest update on what is happening with you and your business opportunity. Talk about different methods you use to make money. Once your video is made upload it to youtube and share it on your facebook and twitter accounts so you can get some views. The main point of getting views is so that people can see your website link. So to make this method work in the description part of your youtube video make sure you put your website link so that people can click it and visit your site. If this method is done right you will make a lot of money for years to come with this traffic because google loves youtube!! So above I have given you 3 methods that I use everyday to make money. The key is consistency, if you do these methods everyday you will make money guaranteed. The methods I have listed above are just a general outline of the methods to get you started. If you need more training on the particular procedures with those methods just google it!! WHATEVER YOU DO DO IT!! If you do not have a product to promote or you would like to know more about Project Payday visit the link below. CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT WITH PROJECT PAYDAY