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Evaluation of love over time

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Evaluation of love over time

  1. 1. Love Over Time
  2. 2.  We decided to set our documentary in school. Partly because we didn’t have much time to film but we could also find the variety of couples we needed. The section we filmed for the extract bellow is all done in the common room. This is age appropriate for the couples we filmed. However, for the full documentary we would be filming a wider age range and therefore would choose different locations dependent on the age of the couple. Some examples of other settings in the school include the classrooms, in an office and on the playground. The playground would be a good setting for a younger, year 7 couple as it suggests youth. All the couples would be dressed and have their makeup as they naturally would to make their interviews are realistic as possible. The lighting is also natural daylight to add realism and an everyday setting.
  3. 3.  We used a variety of camera angles in our extract including two shots to suggesting the relationship and intimacy between the two people being interviewed, close ups and extreme close ups to capture emotions and wide shots and long shots to set the scene. The camera was mainly still for interviewing to allow the audience to focus on what is being said. However we did use the zoom when we wanted the focus to be on one person out of the two.
  4. 4.  We used slow editing to suggest intimacy. We achieved this through slowing down clips and using long, fading transitions. The slow editing creates the appropriate mood and tone for a documentary about love.
  5. 5.  For our extract we struggled to find some appropriate music on i-movie in the time we had so our extract has no sound besides the dialogue. If we made the whole documentary we would use a well known love song such as She’s so lovely by Scouting for girls to set the mood. Interviews would remain silent, because we wouldn’t want to distract from whats being said.
  6. 6.  This documentary is expository and observational as it reveals the truth about couples and interviews are not scripted.
  7. 7.  The documentary maker remains anonymous and is not part of the documentary. We hear but never see the interviewer as the questions are asked from behind the camera to keep the focus on the couple being questioned.