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Eco Living City

Just a sample of Speech about "Why should we improve our eco living city" (Re: Jakarta)

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Eco Living City

  1. 1. Muhamad Dzaki Albiruni | XII MIA 4 SMAN 68 Jakarta Muhamad Dzaki Albiruni XII – MIA 4 (23) Ujian Praktik Bahasa Inggris Why Should We Improve Our Eco Living City City is a place that has a non-agricultural activity with its function as a centre of the government or social economy based on the service. Megapolitan city like Jakarta contains more than 8 million people plus civic centre, and create many problem especially in involving the environment. The problem has to be resolved as soon as possible because it will create positive impact if we can improve Jakarta’s quality. There are many benefits that we’ll get if Jakarta is turned into eco living city, so as citizens, we have to aware about our environment. The eco living city can stimulate the economic growth, attract the investor, and improve health. First, many tourists will come to eco living city especially in the free trade area. In Indonesia, some cities like Kuta, Mataram, Yogyakarta, and Bandung are famous for the traveler, but why don’t they want to visit Jakarta? Based on statistic centre, more than 7.1 million of tourists visited Indonesia last year, but there were only 200 thousand of them visited Jakarta. If we could turned the Jakarta into eco living city, Jakarta would be a choice for tourism object and create new job for all kind of citizens. After increasing the foreign exchange, the economic growth will increase significantly, and Jakarta will be one of the greatest city models in WTO (World Tourism Organization). Consequently, eco living city makes the economic growth in Jakarta better than before. Second, the eco living city will attract the investor to invest in Jakarta. As we know, the government budget for developing Jakarta actually is not enough due to many social problems such as poverty, flood, politic, etc. Based on Department of Public Work data in 2014, there are more than 71.05% of slum areas and the unused landfills in Jakarta that cannot be controlled easily. If we turned the master plan based on eco living city, we can easily present to the investor about our concept, so they can turn the unused landfills and slum areas to be tourism objects, office center, and property by doing gentrification. The area will be developed by their own money after the government reaches the agreement for their contract, so the eco living city will
  2. 2. Muhamad Dzaki Albiruni | XII MIA 4 SMAN 68 Jakarta increase the aesthetic value and attract more people to visit Jakarta. If the consumption level increases, the productivity of the industry in Jakarta will be increased too. Thus, eco living city will be the smartest solution if the government cannot do an urban renewal. Third, eco living city is usually use the environmental friendly system. Curitiba, Freiburg, Adelaide, and Stockholm are the example of cities that providing enough of green area, using the renewable energy and using hi-tech mass rapid transportation in order to reduce the amount of pollution. However, Jakarta is still producing more than 150 𝜇𝑔/𝑚2 of air pollution and the congestion is getting worse too that cause more than 1.2 million of people in Jakarta had the problem with their lungs in 2015. Actually, if Jakarta can follow these cities, the amount of pollution and waste will be reduced significantly, so it can improve our life condition and life expectancy. Therefore, the eco living city will improve the citizen’s health and save more lives. Now, with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as a governor, there are many hopes for Jakarta to do a sustainable development and develop every potential system to become the eco living city. I hope Jakarta can be better than before, so all of us will have the better life quality soon. That’s all of my speech, but before I finish it, there is a last word. When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. Let’s show to the world, that Jakarta is revered by the whole world! Thank you very much for your attention.