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  1. Marketer for Institutional Investment strategies Clients have included Crypto Asset Hedge Funds & Crypto focused Venture Capital Bitcoin Investor since 2014 Educational purposes only - Not investment advice Twitter: @MauryMcCoy Maury@McCoy-Associates.com
  2. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a SCARCE digital asset that isn’t controlled or issued by any government or corporation. Anyone who can access the Bitcoin network can send or receive BTC without needing permission, 24/7.
  3. Bitcoin is a public ledger. That’s it. • There are no physical bitcoins. • They are not on your phone or computer. • 100,000+ Bitcoin “nodes” run the Bitcoin software and keep an identical copy of the ledger. • The ledger is public. You can see every balance and every transaction since day one. • The ledger is updated every ~10 minutes.
  4. Sending Bitcoin is like sending email. Your Public Key is a wallet address used to receive funds. 33urPbP8FSERc5KqqXc1jVbNuEsRvZ27VB It is like your email address. Your Private Key is used to prove ownership. 24 words It is like your email password. To send bitcoin: - Identify the accounts to send to and from - Sign the transaction with your private key - Broadcast it to the Bitcoin network.
  5. What is Bitcoin Mining? Miners are special nodes that can add to the blockchain ledger. Miners combine transactions into a “block.” Each block contains: 010000001001000101000100101 01110110110011000011110010000 0101001000001101111010011100 01111011101110001001001100010 10111000110011110000101101001 0011100100100001001101110001 101110110001101011001100111001 010110111111011111000011100100 0010010010100010111100100000 “Fingerprint” of previous block ~ 1,500 transactions A random number (Nonce) SHA-256 0000001010001010011010101… If the output starts with 18 zeroes, the block has been “solved.” The block is added to ledger & the miner earns 6.25 bitcoins! Mining turns electricity into bitcoins. Proof of Work
  6. Functions of Money Medium of Exchange Store of Value Unit of Account
  7. What gives Bitcoin Value? For money to have value, it needs to have certain qualities. e.g. Durability, Fungibility & Uniformity. vs. Portability Sent anywhere, anytime, 24/7 just like email 25 lbs. per bar Divisibility 0.00000001 bitcoin Troy ounce Storage Digital Wallet Safe or vault Scarcity Only 21 million bitcoins Scarce Adoption Market Cap $500 billion USD Market Cap $10 trillion USD
  8. What gives Bitcoin Value? Network Effects Metcalfe’s Law n2 Increased adoption Over 35m Coinbase accounts Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT Fidelity, Mass Mutual $100m Futures Markets – CBOE, CME PayPal – 26m merchants Bill Miller, Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Jones, Okung Still < 2% adoption Chart copyright Timothy Peterson - @nsquaredcrypto
  9. Bitcoin PerformanceBitcoin Gold S&P 500 1 year +304% +24% +15% 2 year +687% +47% +50% 3 year +117% +44% +39% 4 year +2,868% +65% +66% 5 year +6,617% +78% +85% 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 5,365% -58% 35% 125% 1,331% -73% 95% 304% 1/1/16 - 12/31/20Source: CaseBitcoin.com
  10. Other Cryptocurrencies - Altcoins Litecoin - LTCEthereum - ETH BitcoinCash - BCH Monero - XMR Filecoin - FIL Augur - REP Helium - HNT Chainlink - LINK
  11. How to Invest Public Markets: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), Bitwise 10 (BITW) MicroStrategy (MSTR), Square (SQ), Overstock (OSTK) , PayPal (PYPL) RIOT (8,000 mining rigs) Hive Blockchain (HVBTF) Coinbase & Coinbase Pro – Best known Gemini - Owned by Winklevoss twins Kraken – Emphasis on security – licensed bank Binance.US – Cheapest trading, most coins Phone Apps (Wallets): Cash App (Square), PayPal ABRA, Robinhood ATMs: Over 11,000 Bitcoin ATMs, Coinstar Bitcoin Exchanges:
  12. Other Considerations Taxes: Taxed exactly like stocks. - Held longer than 1 year = LT Capital Gains. - If traded for another crypto-asset it is a taxable event. Estate planning: - If you hold your own coins (not on exchange) make sure someone can get to your 24 words! Security: 2FA apps: – Google Authenticator, Authy Whitelisting: – approved addresses Hardware Wallets: – Trezor, Ledger