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Commissioner's Year-End Report

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Presented by Carlos E. Santiago, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, at the June 20, 2017 meeting of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

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Commissioner's Year-End Report

  1. 1. Commissioner’s Year-End Report Board of Higher Education Meeting — June 20, 2017
  2. 2. 2 Commissioner’s Year-End Report BHE Goals for 2016–17 1. Fostering a more integrated system of public higher education capable of responding to local & statewide needs 2. Elevating performance of public higher education 3. Developing better integration with P–12 & workforce sectors 4. Enhancing appreciation of higher education as a central asset & competitive advantage for state 5. Incubating innovation to ensure higher quality, better access, more affordability & alignment to needs of learners throughout life
  3. 3. 3  Early College Design  Remediation Reduction  Program Approval & Strategic Planning  College Affordability  Campus Safety & Violence Prevention  Accountability & Performance-Based Funding  Online Learning Commissioner’s Year-End Report Major Initiatives Supporting BHE Goals
  4. 4. 4 Vision Project Big Three College Participation College Participation (Workforce Alignment embedded) College Completion College Completion (Workforce Alignment embedded) Closing Achievement Gaps Closing Achievement Gaps Workforce Alignment Student Learning Civic Learning Research Commissioner’s Year-End Report From the Vision Project to the Big Three
  5. 5. 5  Providing underserved high school students with a college experience  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system, developing better P-12 & workforce integration, incubating innovation  Application process for Early College High Schools near completion  Promotes dual enrollment  Aligns with STEM Starter Academies  Early college/dual enrollment also woven into 100 Males to College, which expanded this year from Springfield & Framingham to include Worcester & Brockton Commissioner’s Year-End Report Early College Design
  6. 6. 6  Ensuring that students are college ready by revising placement standards and curricula  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system, elevating performance, developing better P-12 & workforce integration, incubating innovation  Entering the second year of refined pilot programs  Quantitative and qualitative evaluation process now underway  Co-requisite model for English and math increasingly adopted in alignment with Complete College America  Focus on the creation of multiple math pathways Commissioner’s Year-End Report Remediation Reduction
  7. 7. 7  Using our strategic planning authority to promote college and university excellence  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system, elevating performance, incubating innovation  Change in BHE policy under review  Robust strategic planning processes underway under new guidelines  5 Community Colleges: Bristol, Middlesex, North Shore, Northern Essex, Roxbury  4 State Universities: Bridgewater, Framingham, MCLA, Salem  Integration into Performance Measurement System  Institutional closures, mergers, acquisitions, investigations, new institutions, cease & desist orders Commissioner’s Year-End Report Program Approval & Strategic Planning
  8. 8. 8  Commonwealth Commitment, creating academic pathways and transfer opportunities, changing allocation of financial aid  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system, elevating performance, developing better P-12 & workforce integration, enhancing appreciation, incubating innovation  First year of Commonwealth Commitment implementation, local expansions including Boston Bridge—what’s next?  New MassTransfer website launched: A2B Pathways, Reverse Transfer; student learning outcomes being integrated into MassTransfer  Restructuring of financial aid programs in process  Student food & housing insecurity data collection  FAFSA completion initiative (exclusion of IRS data) Commissioner’s Year-End Report College Affordability & Completion
  9. 9. 9  Assisting campuses in preventing and responding to violence, creating structures & processes to enhance campus safety  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system  Well-attended and successful conference jumpstarted the initiative; shared task force recommendations, campus best practices, trainings  Seeking to build on momentum through campus strategic planning processes, campus climate surveys, training and awareness programs Commissioner’s Year-End Report Campus Safety & Violence Prevention
  10. 10. 10  Working with campuses to establish a metrics system that better measures campus & system progress  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system, elevating performance, incubating innovation  Review of Vision Project and Performance Measurement metrics launched  Integrating Performance Measurement System with SU and CC funding formulas  Launch of new interactive data dashboard for presidential evaluations and campus planning Commissioner’s Year-End Report Accountability & Performance-Based Funding
  11. 11. 11  State reciprocity agreements and universal public higher education online course portal  Alignment with: Fostering a more integrated system, incubating innovation  SARA agreement application process awaiting legislative action  Mass Colleges Online Commissioner’s Year-End Report Online Learning
  12. 12. 12  Fostering a more integrated system  Visits with campus boards  Annual Trustees Conference  Annual Civic Learning Conference  Elevating performance  Distribution of Performance Incentive Fund Grants  Developing better P–12 & workforce integration  Credentialing and early childhood education  Early childhood educators scholarship  Nursing & allied health systemwide initiatives, centralized clinical placement system  Enhancing appreciation  “Go Higher!” high school events to promote public higher ed  Incubating innovation  Learning outcomes assessment and multi-state collaborative  Other  Public Records Law and policy rollout  Development of MCCC salary grid  Negotiated MCCC contract  Review of presidential compensation Commissioner’s Year-End Report Other FY2017 Initiatives
  13. 13. Discussion