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Introduction to Microsoft Azure

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Short presentation providing an overview of Microsoft Azure to the Hull Digital Developer User Group on 14th July 2016.

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  1. 1. Cloud Architect Frequent speaker at conferences and user groups Veteran of MMS, Ignite, TechEd North America and TechEd Europe Architect Azure Solutions and Data Centre Migrations Published author Author of Official Microsoft Course 10981A About Me
  2. 2. Agenda • Foundations of Microsoft Azure • Periodic table of features • What is Azure? • How do enterprises use Azure? • How much does it cost? • Is Azure secure? • Demos!
  3. 3. Windows Azure
  4. 4. Global Footprint
  5. 5. SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk Images Distributed Cache Queue Geo ReplicationRead-Only Secondary Storage Delete Disks Large Memory SKU Tag Expressions Per Minute Billing Stop without Billing MSDN Dev/Test Integration Offline Operations VIP ACLs Site to Site Virtual Network New VM Gallery Point to Site Software VPN Android SupportHTML 5/CORS Windows Phone Support Custom Mobile API iOS Notification Support Git Source Control Windows 8 Notification Support Mercurial Deployment Log Streaming IP and SNI SSL IP/DDOS Protection http Logs to Storage WebSockets New Relic Remote Debug VOD Streaming + Encoding AD Management Portal AD Directory Sync Manage Azure in AD B2B/EDI and EAI Adapters AutoScale/Monitoring Windows Server Backup Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Support http Logs to Storage Import/Export Hard Drives CORS/JSON Storage Support Storage Analytics Message Pump Programming Model AMQP Support Partitioned Queues/Topics Cloud Services SDK 2.0 Dynamic Remote Desktop Dynamic Remote Desktop Last 12 Xamarin integration HDInsight AutoScale IaaS Multi-Factor Auth Active Directory BizTalk Services Traffic Manager PowerBI Web Sites Notification Hubs Mobile Services Media Services Scheduler VS Online Hyper-V Recovery months
  6. 6. >57% Fortune 500 companies deployed on Azure >30Trillion Storage objects in Azure 1,000,000 SQL databases in Azure >10% growth MoM >1.65Million Developers registered with Visual Studio Online 10% growth MoM 300Million Azure Active Directory users >13Billion Azure Active Directory authentications per week
  7. 7. Handful of customers*… * All listed on the Azure Customer portal
  8. 8. How do enterprises use Azure? • Application scalability • Global reach • Hybrid integration • Data centre migration • Disaster recovery
  9. 9. How much does it cost? • Various pricing options available • PAYG, Commitment, EA, Education, Govt, CSP
  10. 10. Is Azure secure? • Only non government data centre with IL-3 compliance • Certified to high levels of physical and data security • Approved for storing finance and health data