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ICTP - Mobile Access to Knowledge

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ICTP - Mobile Access to Knowledge

  1. 1. MOBILE ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGELorenzo CantoniMarta PucciarelliUniversità della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland)NewMinE – New Media in Education Lab ¦ www.newmine.org
  2. 2. A broad overview• Learning, Education & Communication• Throughout history…• Up to mobile devices ▫ Delivery channel ▫ Content  In- & out-put ▫ Context  Space  Time ▫ Communication  Collaboration
  3. 3. Formal & informal• Formal ▫ Learner/Teacher ▫ Institution ▫ Structure ▫ Certification• Non-formal & Informal• The case of Tourism ▫ UGC ▫ Collaboration ▫ Search & JiT
  4. 4. Four projects• eTreasure• «Travel machine»• Mobile app for UNESCO World Heritage Sites• New biz model for city wi-fi connection• www.webatelier.net
  5. 5. PeopleA few caveats• Information is not knowledge• Information transfer is not (yet) learning ▫ To «make sense» ▫ Digesting more than adding individual bricks to a wall ▫ The role of collaboration• People + Contents + Strategies Strategies = Contents / goals Learning Experience
  6. 6. Mobile Learning can be... UGC & CITIZEN JOURNALISM
  7. 7. Mobile A2K CULTURE & SAFETY in AFRICA 1. How cultural events and public art affect urban safety in African cities? 2. Can we assess these changes as positive according to a group of factors?Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and assessing the impact of cultural events and public art on urban safety is a project coordinated bySUPSI, conceived and supported by lettera27 Foundation and co-funded by SNIS
  8. 8. The City of Douala
  9. 9. Safety and Security In Douala, 60% of citizens feel insecure in their district as well as in their homes. • scams• drinking water • pick pocketing• industrial pollution • burglary of home• diseases • physical aggression• damages created by • armed robbery seasonal rains • domestic violence • rape
  10. 10. Public art and cultural events40 permanent urban interventions including:• public art installations• street furniture• design signposts to historical landmarks• architectural interventions• flag’art.
  11. 11. Corp d’eau
  12. 12. Mobile Access to Knowledge...And Knowledge Sharing!
  13. 13. MOBILE A2K INTERFACEhttp://www.mobilea2k.org/ Three content layers: 1- Cultural Heritage of Douala 2- Safety and Security 3- Tourist pathways
  14. 14. Thanks for your attention Any questions?New Media in Education Laboratory, USI, Lugano www.newmine.org Lorenzo Cantoni: lorenzo.cantoni@usi.ch Marta Pucciarelli: marta.pucciarelli@usi.ch