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The investigatory project

Investigatory paper format for Jaime Cardinal Sin learning Center

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The investigatory project

  2. 2. WHY MUST WE UNDERSTAND RESEARCH? help make informed decisions need to produce research in career evaluating research in the media assist in classes
  3. 3. WHY IS RESEARCH A VALUED SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE? Common ways of knowing… personal experience/intuition experts/traditions/authority scientific method
  4. 4. Theory… a set of inter-related constructs and propositions that specify relations among variables to explain and predict phenomena should be simple, consistent with observed relationships, tentative and verifiable
  5. 5. WHAT IS SCIENCE, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, AND RESEARCH? Scientific Method… involves the principles and processes regarded as characteristic of or necessary for scientific investigation process or approach to generating valid and trustworthy knowledge
  6. 6. WHAT IS SCIENCE, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, AND RESEARCH?  Research… the application of the scientific method a systematic process of collecting and logically analyzing information (data)  Research Methods (Methodology)… the ways one collects and analyzes data methods developed for acquiring trustworthy knowledge via reliable and valid procedures
  7. 7. CHARACTERISTICS OF RESEARCH objective precise verifiable parsimonious empirical logical probabilistic
  8. 8. TYPES OF RESEARCH Trochim’s Classifications… descriptive  e.g., percentage of regular exercisers relational  e.g., link between age and exercise causal  e.g., effect of behavior change intervention on exercise participation
  9. 9. TYPES OF RESEARCH Other Common Classifications… analytical vs. descriptive vs. experimental vs. qualitative
  10. 10. IS THIS RESEARCH? Consider these examples
  11. 11. During an informal discussion with a group of students, Ms. Chan heard someone say, “Teachers always ask the same people to answer the hard questions.” She began to wonder if that were really true. To find out she sat in the back of another teacher’s class and wrote down each question asked and the student to whom the question was directed.
  12. 12. Mr. Ramirez was a beginning nurse. He kept hearing about Ms. Blaine who was “the best nurse in the clinic.” In order to find out what Ms. Blaine did that earned her that reputation, Mr. Ramirez arranged to shadow her at work three times each week. He also talked to patients and other staff about their reasons for thinking Ms. Blaine was a good nurse.
  13. 13. TIPS TO MAKE THE PAPER: Remember, 1. The paper is the sole documentation of the product. 2. One must persevere and be honest when making the paper. 3. One must be clear, brief and concise with words when writing.
  14. 14. CHAPTER 1 Nowadays, people are complaining about pimples and black heads appearing right under their noses or even covering up their whole face. Some even encounter rough and dry skin. This conveys some of us are not really happy with our skins and even had tried so many products to make our skins radiantly glowing. But now, we don’t have to worry because we have SKINNEX.
  15. 15. CHAPTER 1 (In making the first paragraph of your research, make sure give the problem, the event why you made the product and the purpose of your product. Make sure to use cohesive or transitional devices.)
  16. 16. The researcher made a facial scrub called Skinnex to satisfy people’s needs for beauty. It aims to impregnate their innermost desire to become beautiful. As well as to feel the sense of belongingness. Even so, beauty is seen as one of the causes of a high social status. (Elaborate on the effects of your product.)
  17. 17. Furthermore, the researcher called the product SKINNEX, from the name itself, Skin. The main focus of the product is to make our skins better. Skin is described as the tissues that surrounds the human body, protecting from the harmful rays of the sun or other tactile incidents. (Give the origin of the name of the product.)
  18. 18. The researchers used the products such as Baking Soda on the said – investigatory project because it contains alkaline that mostly helps to release the carbon dioxide which almost manifest oiliness on the skin. In addition, Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliate that evens the skins surface while oil is being removed from the skins’ surface. (Give a brief explanation of what you had used on your investigatory project.)
  19. 19. The researchers used the an interview as a method because it amplifies the research’s effectiveness. Thus through an interview, they may hear ideas why their research is effective in some cases. (Give a brief explanation of you method, choose either interview or a survey.)
  20. 20. Statement of the Problem: This product, Skinnex, aims to determine how feasible the grapes and the oatmeal can be as a natural facial cleanser. Furthermore, some questions may follow as: 1. What are the components of grapes and otameal to use it as the product’s main ingredients? 2. What makes Skinnex different from other products? 3. What is the time period for the Skinnex product? (Any questions may do.)
  21. 21. Significance of the Study This study has its benefits from different individuals including: For minors with many pimples This may give them some hope that their skins can still be saved from the over – infesting pimples on their skins. For minors with growing pimples This may give them the resolution that there should be no worries when it comes to pimple – related problems. (
  22. 22. Definition of Terms Here are the following terms used in the said – project: Baking Soda This ingredient is a natural agent that is used mostly in bakeries as a leavening component. In research, it may likewise be an instrument to remove the pimples through extraction of oil. (State the origin, purpose and the components of each ingredient. It must be at least two – three sentences. You can also add the method used.)
  23. 23. Scope and Limitations of the Study This study was conducted in Jaime Cardinal Sin Learning Center during the school year, 2012 – 2013. Samples were taken from individuals living inside the Jaime Cardinal Sin Village. These individuals are chosen as the prospects as they have the skins either with pimples or rough and dry skins. The nature of study used is a simple interview with each individual using recording materials such as tape recorder and a camera. The product may only use baking soda and grape extract as its sole component to test its effectiveness, nothing more. (State the origin, purpose and the components of each ingredient. It must be at least two – three sentences.)
  24. 24. Conceptual Framework INPUT Baking Soda PROCESS Grape Extract Mixing Juicing OUTPUT SKINNEX This paradigm uses an input – process – output approach whereas the input contains the… (Use different Smart Art tools..)
  25. 25. CHAPTER II Local Related Literature The grapes commonly known as the “Ubas” had been mostly filled the Filipino diet. With its sweet taste and fragrance, Filipinos often compared it to Americans’ steak and mashed potatoes. Even Ferdinand Marcos enjoyed its taste, called it, “The food of the Gods.” (Find resources or articles which is greatly related to you, the researchers)
  26. 26. CHAPTER II Foreign Related Literature Grapes first appeared in one of the greatest literature in century including in the Odysseus of Virgil. Grapes was said to possess divine powers that make heroes powerful and seemingly not doubted by the masses. Even so, it appeared in massive forms during Cleopatra’s regime when she was seen enjoy this luxurious product right at her seat. Truly, it signifies not only of power but wealth, too. (Find resources or articles which is greatly related to other countries, the researchers)
  27. 27. CHAPTER II Foreign Related Study Grapes were first found out to contain acid that almost make the texture of the skin softer and looked natural. It was first harvested in wild vines and procreated in Spain. It was made to wines and other whiskey products. (Find resources or articles which state about the products’ discovery, components, history and the name itself)
  28. 28. CHAPTER III A. Materials Used The materials used for the product are as follows: grapes, baking soda, oatmeal and water. B. Procedures The procedures follows a step by step proceedings which follow as: 1. First, mix the baking soda and oatmeal. 2. Second, add a glass of water. 3. Third, add the pounded grapes and extract orange at the same time to the product. 4. Next, stir the product.
  29. 29. CHAPTER III C. Instrumentation The researcher used an interview to know the product’s effectiveness. The interview was used because it is an elaboration of the ideas contributed by the individuals involved. Furthermore, it is subjective, therefore, one is inclined and right to his or her own opinion with how to make the product even more effective. The questions used are about the application of Skinnex, its effects and casual appearances. Information given by each individual is recorded through and the characteristics of each is closely defined. (See Appendices)
  30. 30. REMEMBER: Kinds of Instrumentation Interview – There are sets of questions given to the respondents and they are to answer freely. The method to collect is data is at large. Therefore, one is advised create a summary. Survey – No sets of questions are given. The respondents will only check the said boxes that they thought fit from their experiences.
  31. 31. REMEMBER: Interview samples: Name: Answer the following questions. Be honest as possible: 1. What is your first idea when you had seen the product? 2. Where did you apply the product mostly? 3. What did the product felt when applying?
  32. 32. REMEMBER: Survey samples: Name: Kindly check the following: 1. What do you think of the product? ___ effective ____ not effective ___ not sure 2. How long did you use the product? ___ 1 week ____ 2 weeks ____ 3 weeks
  33. 33. CHAPTER IV Results and Discussions: The following are the results of the said product: (Remember, if you had used a survey, use a graph or a table with an explanation below why the said – product gained those answers. If you had used an interview, make sure to summarize the word of each respondent.)
  34. 34. CHAPTER IV Results and Discussions: The researchers used an Interview . The respondents were from the Jaime Cardinal Village. The following were the results of the said product: Mang Kanor claimed that the product is duly effective because even after a week of use, he felt the smooth glow of his skin. Furthermore, he stated not only it moisturize his skin from the hot weather, it makes his skin even look younger. But to his dismay, the product only can moisturize, not to the effect, it can lessen his pimple – related problems. From Mang Kanor’s statements, the researchers ahd an idea that…
  35. 35. CHAPTER IV Results and Discussions: The researchers used a Survey. The respondents were from the Jaime Cardinal Village. The following were the results of the said product: very effective slightly effective not effective not sure
  36. 36. CHAPTER IV very effective slightly effective not effective not sure From the pie chart above, the researchers deduced that the product is effective due to the percentage shown. It may be effective in some cases or scenarios because it is…
  37. 37. CHAPTER V Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations SUMMARY In this investigatory, the researchers had gathered the following information. 1. The product is proven to be effective because … 2. The product is different from other products due to some ….
  38. 38. CHAPTER V Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations CONCLUSIONS The product is said to be successful based from the following results. (Pick the positive aspects of your research)
  39. 39. CHAPTER V Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations Recommendations (Find another suitable ingredient to substitute the given ingredients and explain how it helps.)