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Parents-Teacher Association

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Parents-Teacher Association are mandatory in the basic education in the Philippines. This institution provides additional help to the school specially those problems concerning the school and learners. The Department of Education established this in order for the school to have an opportunity to reach out with the community to where it belongs. Programs of PTA are mentioned in the slide as well as other important information.

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Parents-Teacher Association

  1. 1. Parents-Teacher Organization
  2. 2. General Policy • PTA is an organization operating in a school both in elementary and in high school. • It must adhere to all existing policies and guidelines issued by the DepEd • It may ormay not be incorporated with the SEC • The Division Affairs Committee monitors its activities
  3. 3. Purpose •Providing a forum forthe discussions of issues and theirsolution related to school programs. •Provide mechanisms to ensure propercoordination with the members of the community. •Provide assistance to the school in promoting common interest. •Serves as support group and a significant partnerof the school to promote the welfare of the students.
  4. 4. Organization of the PTA
  5. 5. General Assembly It is composed of all parents, enrolled students, Board of Directors, School Head, Teachers, and Non- Teaching Personnel's. there must be a general assembly in the school at least twice a year afterthe PTA has been organized. In this event, PTA’s programs and projects, financial statements and other matters are discussed.
  6. 6. Privileges of Recognized PTA’s •Authorized to collect voluntary contributions from members. •Use of any available space within the school premises. •Representation in the school governing council. •Authorization to undertake fund-raising activities. •Collaboration in relevant school activities.
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