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Widow women ppt

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problems faced by widow women in Pakistani society. the financial issue, child rising issue, loneliness and registration of the society.

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Widow women ppt

  1. 1. Topic: social issues faced by widow women in society BY BIBI MARYAM
  2. 2. Abstract:  This research aims to find out the social problems faced by widow in a society after the death of their husband. I tried my level best to uncover and dig out the life experiences of widow women in a male dominant society and their strategies to cope up with that situation. Sometime they are being blamed for the death of their husband and does not get required respect, honor and dignity. Our patriarchal structure of society does not give their due share in inheritance right as well as other fundamental rights while in contrast expects to be obedient and submissive all the time. It makes their life very much hard for them to survive in a society where the socio culture pattern associate negative connotation with the word “widow” like it implies they are damaged, weak and need others for survival, they face stress by the sudden change. Their adjustment in society without any male person will be more difficult. This research is qualitative in nature and data was collect through in depth interviews from ten respondent.
  3. 3. Research question:  What kind of problems/barriers faced by widow women in society?
  4. 4. Problem statement:  In this research, I have discussed and highlighted the problems of women after their husband’s death and barriers in society. The aim of this study was to find out the problems faced by widows because of the gander power game in society and also the behavior of people towards them. How the widow continue their life after their husband death and how they cope up with the issue, environment and surrounding that lead the hard life with many social restriction. The social problems include the finical issue, loneliness, child raising as a single parent, decision making, to whom she will continue to live with the in-laws or with her parents.
  5. 5. Literature review: Widow in Namibia society  In the Caprivi region of Namibia a country in southern Africa . Before their husband death everyone respect them but after their spouse death their relatives only want to get their land and property. The institution of marriage provide advantage to the women like security, land, status and many more but widowhood is become the curse which takes away all these benefits from women. The biggest problem for Namibia widow is that they have to look after their children alone, they are responsible for everything and take care of their children to pay their fee, provide them food, cloth and shelter. If the widow remarry, the future of their children will be in danger. Because their kids will suffer with her new husband, he would not treat them well and not accept them as their own kids. ( Thomas, 2008).
  6. 6. Widow in Tehran society  Another research done in Tehran and written by Muhammad Taghi Sheykhi, 2006. He has discussed that widowhood experience have different dimension of life. Many widow in Tehran acknowledge that they often were alone and isolated and also many changes occurred in their lives as it’s a period of decline for them. In Iran, the problems of widow are not well recognized but they promote social welfare, health and food stander and quality of life of the families.
  7. 7. Widow in Africa society  Lady in African culture are intended to endure distressing circumstance when the spouse passes on, this unpleasant circumstance makes African ladies to endure a ton of enthusiastic physical, mental and profound issues. Well-being includes the capacity to work genuinely inwardly, intellectually, profoundly and socially in a situation African widows abhor the best of wellbeing because of weight of adjusting to widowhood practice. A great deal of authorizations put on widow by society makes it hard for ladies to communicate their perspective in widowhood. A portion of the practices widows are intended to go through free as a bird of the spouse are, shaving of hair on the head, drinking of stays of shower water used to wash the husband's carcasses, grieve her better half kicked the bucket for around three year contingent upon the ethnic gathering, right of legacy, ladies don't have option to acquire land or property, the widow isn't permitted to wash, clean her encompassing during the grieving time frame, on uncommon cases once shower a day. Eboh & Boye,(2005).
  8. 8. Widow in Indian Society  Widows have low social status in Indian society and considered as marginalized group so they face economic social and cultural deprivation. After their husband death their life style, food pattern become changed, they eat vegetarian food because they believe that non vegetarian food will initiate the sexual urges which is immoral. The second big change in their clothes they have to wear white clothes and they are strictly forbidden from the using of Sindhoor and jewelry (Ranjan, 2001).
  9. 9. Status of widow in Islam Pakistan is an Islamic country where customs and laws are expected to prevail as according to Islamic laws. No doubt, women have high status in Islam. Islam gives respectable status to women and never declare female inferior to men. She is acknowledged as equal partner in the reproduction of humanity, entitled to receive spousal gifts and keep assets for her security (Rashid, 2013). A woman in Islamic society is free of economic responsibilities and it is the husband who is solely responsible to provide all the necessities and facilities of life to family.( Rao and Hussain, 2019).
  10. 10. Even though government of Pakistan give equal rights to women but they didn’t get their rights practically. They are still deprive even from their fundamental rights. Society makes hurdles for women, which shows the dark side of social norms in the life of women.( Nasreen and Rafaqat, 2016). Allah says in the Qur'an: "They are your garments and you are their garments." (2:187)
  11. 11. Methodology: My project is qualitative in nature . Participant observation and in-depth interview method is used for data collection. Tools for Data Collection The data has been collected by using an interview schedule. Data was also collected through secondary sources such as books, journals, census reports, etc. Area of study: This research has conducted in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan because of the time and resources issue.
  12. 12. Sampling method and sample size: My target population is 10 widow women of any age. Theoretical frame work: Theory of Karl Marx: Class conflict theory of Karl Marx, is defined as a social relationship in society. Marx saw the structure of society according to its significant classes, and the battle between them as the motor of progress in this structure.
  13. 13. Gender power relationship Gendered power relations in Pakistani society demands that a woman are expected to be obedient and submissive. The roles of male and female were surrounded with complex symbolism. Men gained power through the hierarchal position in the socio cultural setup. To applying this theory in gender unequal position we can find the subordinate position of woman in our society and specially those who do not have parents and husband. If a woman do not have anyone for economic and emotional support, they suffer more than other women. that leads a society in different direction. Widows shall be entitled to get all their basic needs and rights from both
  14. 14. Analysis  Financial constrain  Feeling of loneliness  Attitude of in-laws  Child raising as single parent  Restriction from going outside
  15. 15. Conclusion: A woman in Islamic society is free of economic responsibilities and it is the husband who is solely responsible to provide all the necessities and facilities of life to family. In the life of a woman, she never been given opportunity to become economically sound and independent. And then all of the sudden she is burdened with a total responsibility of her family without any finical support and resources upon which she can maintain her income in a normal and an honored way. A women become widow after her husband’s death. Which cause depravation, sadness, loss of love and care. She became helpless and alone in society. The widow women also stigmatized for her husband’s death, society accused her to bring bad luck in the family, it really doesn’t matter whatever the cause of husband’s death.