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Azurati SharePoint2Go - BYOD ready mobile sharepoint

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Azurati SharePoint2Go is the leading HTML5 cross-platform mobile Microsoft SharePoint solution, providing online and offline working, enterprise-class security, branding and customization.

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Azurati SharePoint2Go - BYOD ready mobile sharepoint

  1. 1. SharePoint2Go™Secure mobile SharePoint for enterprise usersRonan Lavelle - CEO
  2. 2. Unstoppable momentum of BYOD 70% Proportion of mobile professionals working on personal devices by 2018
  3. 3. The world has changed … Mobile email Consumerisation of IT and apps Smart phones Tablets
  4. 4. HTML5 web apps make sense … … in the enterprise Cross-platform Security Control
  5. 5. The rise of the mobile device • Mobile device usage will overtake PCs in the enterprise in 2014 Source: Morgan Stanley
  7. 7. Enterprise mobile challenge #1 Enterprise applications not optimised for mobile devices * *Microsoft SharePoint 2010 standard mobile UI
  8. 8. Enterprise mobile challenge #2 Authentication and security
  9. 9. Enterprise mobile challenge #3 How to implement an all-inclusive BYOD or cross-platform mobile strategy efficiently
  10. 10. Enterprise mobile challenge #4 What enterprise applications should be mobile-enabled? • Corporate Intranet • BI dashboards • Content repository • Field-based apps • CRM • Social collaboration
  11. 11. BYOD-ready secure mobile SharePointINTRODUCING SHAREPOINT2GO®
  12. 12. Secure cross-platform mobile SharePoint Security Cross-platform SharePoint 07-13 V-Parts® Branding Deployment options
  13. 13. Introducing SharePoint2Go® Standard SharePoint SharePoint2Go® 2007 2010
  14. 14. Authentication and security Log in using: o Windows Live ID o Google o Facebook o Yahoo! o ADFS 2-factor/token-based authentication supported o RSA SecureID Site secured by 256-bit SSL encryption
  15. 15. Instant mobile-optimized views
  16. 16. Custom branding
  17. 17. Intuitive mobile working
  18. 18. Working with documents offline* *Available to authorized users
  19. 19. Live document editing with MS OfficeEdit documents in full MS Office directly in SharePoint2Go® and save back to SharePoint® Requires MS Office® eCAL
  20. 20. Better support for Sales resources
  21. 21. Handling WebParts in a mobile world Transform custom SharePoint WebParts into mobile V-Parts® V-Part SDK
  22. 22. Launch-pad for enterprise HTML5 apps Lookout is a registered trademark of NewsGator Technologies, Inc
  23. 23. Working with HTML5 apps offline Online Offline
  24. 24. Native Apps vs Mobile Web AppsFeature Native Apps SharePoint2Go®Use of devicefunctions (GPS,Alerts &  notifications, HomeScreen icon, etc.)BYOD-ready/ featureparity on all devices  Central purchasing oflicenses  Central deploymentof licenses  Instant softwareupdates  Zero footprint  Central user admin  Offline  * *for specified documents
  25. 25. Viewing MS Office documents* * Server side rendering of documents. Office not required on handset. Requires Office Web Apps on SharePoint 2010
  26. 26. SharePoint2Go – mobile searching Rich, intuitive searching across SharePoint sites and farms
  27. 27. SharePoint2Go®: Secure & BYOD-ready … feature parity and mobile device optimized
  28. 28. Travel packing list  Clothes  Wash bag  iPad/Surface/Nexus  PhoneWith Azurati, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can continue to workproductively when you are on the road.
  29. 29. Architecture - authentication
  30. 30. SharePoint2Go architecture
  31. 31. Azurati Mobile Enterprise Platform
  32. 32. What next? … Free 14 day trial: www.azurati.com/products/sharepoint2go Pilot deployment: Your SharePoint on your mobile devices for 30 days Business consulting & advisory services Enterprise mobility strategy workshop Formulating a BYOD or multi-platform mobile policy Are you ready for mobile?: Architecture and security review
  33. 33. Mobile productivity starts here