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Building great mobile search with Productsy and CloudSearch

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Building great mobile search with Productsy and CloudSearch

  1. 1. Building Great Mobile Search withProductsy & CloudSearchSameer MaggonCo-founder, ProductsyAWS CloudSearch Meetup - Palo AltoJune 19, 2013
  2. 2. 2What’s this 20 minutes about?• Brief Overview of Productsy• Why Care about Mobile Search?• What’s different about building search on mobile devices?• How to delight your users when they use search on mobile?• Productsy APIs for Mobile & Search on top of CloudSearch
  3. 3. 3Productsy• Incubated at Clearstone VenturePartners in Jan 2012• Team of 8 with expertise in#Mobile #Cloud & #Search• Offices in Santa Monica, CAMartin - Co-founder12+ years executive leadershipin multiple senior product rolesleading teams at Yahoo!,CityGrid (IAC), Geodelic,Vodafone and more.Sameer - Co-founder10+ years executive leadershipin product developmentbuilding innovative solutions.AT&T Interactive, Geodelic,Siderean and more.
  4. 4. what we do
  5. 5. 5mobile cloud infrastructureOur mobile platform provides easy to use, reliable and secure stack of services to help youbuild better mobile products faster.Get started quickly and let us worry about servers, databases, scalability andperformance.
  6. 6. 6Upload large images, videos &files using our media storageservices & have that contentserve faster using our ContentDistribution Network.Create accounts, integrate Twitter& Facebook easily into your appsfor simple Login, posting, &sharing Build a connected socialgraph including following,friending, connectingPerform text search, facetednavigation & search suggestions.Provide content feeds based oninterestingness with customranking capabilities.APIs to build apps faster
  7. 7. Why Care about Mobile Search?
  8. 8. 8Mobile Search & Discovery“Mobile Search & Discovery is about enabling end-users and service providers to respectively find andpromote goods or services via mobile devices” -Juniper ResearchLocal mobile searches (85.9 billion) are projected to exceed desktop searches (84 billion) for the firsttime in 2015 (eMarketer)Tablet users access search 73.9 percent of the time, more than any other activity (eMarketer)45 percent of users between 18 and 29 use mobile search daily (Icebreaker Consulting)17 percent of people make a purchase after a mobile search
  9. 9. 9Mobile Search is everywhereMailbox: Travel Details Google: Directions Foursquare: Check-in LinkedIn: Contact SearchWish: Social Commerce Netflix: TV Series Search Facebook: Friends StatusFew of my usesof Mobile Searchsince morning
  10. 10. Why is Mobile Search Different?
  11. 11. 11Opportunities on Mobile• Highly Contextualized (Always On -Location)• New ways to interact• Voice Activated• Image Searches
  12. 12. 12Challenges on Mobile• Limited Real Estate• Little Attention Span• Frequent context switching• People interact in bursts
  13. 13. How to delight your users usingsearch on mobile?
  14. 14. 14Don’t Make them TypeTouch To Search• Mobile is a hand held device, so make heavyuse of facets to drive interactions• Use images instead of text that users canmake an association with• Go native, use sliding gestures to paginate• Use shake for discoveryUse New Interaction Metaphors
  15. 15. 15Use Context for Discovery• Location is inherent to mobile, usegeolocation searches to surface contentfor discovery• Mobile devices are highly personalized,use past activity and aggressiveassumptions about the user.
  16. 16. 16If you have to make them typeSearch Suggest• Attention span is limited, where appropriate,drive towards instant search and reduce afew taps.•Use Search Suggestions to assist them andreduce their work• Get quickly on a OneBox and don’t scarethem with multiple search boxes (NLP, queryclassification)• Go beyond simple spelling correction, andstart using on-the-fly spell correction
  17. 17. 17Extremely Relevant ContentConcise Search Results• Focus on continuously tuning relevancy toshow most relevant result on the top• Show why the result was on the top (10miles away, matched these keywords, etc)• Put metrics to measure search quality & clickthroughs
  18. 18. productsy &cloudsearch
  19. 19. Search APIs on CloudSearch• Near Zero Management Setup &Scale• Faceted Navigation out of the box• Let’s us focus on driving innovationfor our clients
  20. 20. CampaignEQ & CloudSearch
  21. 21. Try our Mobile APIshttp://developer.productsy.compromo code: CloudSearchTalk to us to make yourapp awesome!sameer@productsy.com
  22. 22. http://productsy.comsameer@productsy.comtw: @maggon