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Bitiya , a Non Profit

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Our mission BITIYA is to provide educational opportunities and basic facilities for underprivileged female young adults. We intend to maintain an environment that builds self esteem, develops highest potential, and instills the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to become an independent, valuable, contributing member of a progressive society.

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Bitiya , a Non Profit

  1. 1. Bringing up Independent Talented Young Adults
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Why Girl Education 2. How Bitiya Attempts to Solve the Problem 3. History of Bitiya 4. Current projects 1. Project Pragati 2. Bitiya Vikas Kendra 5. Finances 6. Future Plans 7. How Can You Help
  3. 3. Why Girl Education • Women are the primary caregivers of their families. • A woman with an education is better equipped with the knowledge she needs to improve the health and nutrition of her family. • This also leads to further beneficial results such as accelerated literacy in the household, improved health and better family income.
  4. 4. • Millions of girls every year are not born even after being conceived. • Today, China and India carry the infamous title of having extreme gender ratios of which female feticide is the leading cause. • Many other dangers exist today for the female child such as the spread of AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, self image issues, eating disorders, and dowry demands, just to name a few. • Human trafficking involves primarily the prostitution of women and children.
  5. 5. How Bitiya Attempts to Solve the Problem • If we can empower the female child through education, which leads to economic independence, we can maximize impact. • When these children become women their education and knowledge can benefit their own families. • According to UNICEF cross-country studies show that an extra year of schooling for girls reduces conception rates by 5 to 10 percent.
  6. 6. History of Bitiya • Bitiya was formed in 2008 by few passionate women who wanted to make a difference in girls’ lives. • Since then we have raised funds by different means and successfully helped several ongoing projects in India with their mission of educating young adults. • We have partnered with various non profit organizations in India, just to name a few – Mijawan Welfare Society, founded by Shabana Azmi, ICreate an entrepreneurship program for girls, Salam Balak founded by Mira Nair and Prayas a need based scholarship program for bright and deserving kids.
  7. 7. Current Projects Project Pragati Anoopshahar, UP BitiyaVikas Kendra Panchkula, Haryana
  8. 8. Project Pragati • Donated about $25,000 since 2008 for higher education of girls. • This donation has supported education of about 16 girls to go for Nursing, Hotel Management and Computer Science degrees. • These girls were selected after their primary education from Paradada Pardadadi Educational Society located in Anupshahar, UP India.
  9. 9. Girls we supported with Project Pragati
  10. 10. Summary of Finances Financials in US dollars ($) 2009 - 2014 Support and Revenue Individual Contributions Company Contributions Grants Foundation Event Sales Seed Funding Total Revenue 197,347.00 Expenses Registration Maintenance Event Expenses Total Expenses 86,752.00 Project Donation Bitiya Vikas Kendra PPES Prayas ICreate , Salaam Balak Total Donations 103,502.00
  11. 11. Future Plans • Continue Project Pragati by supporting more girls. • Start other training programs at Bitiya Vikas Kendra like Primary Teacher’s training , English speaking classes. • Start scholarship program in a local US community college for a deserving girl child.
  12. 12. Expense breakdown for Project Pragati Detailed Exp. Estimate of NTTF Students Particulars Students Amount Tuition Fees 2 Nos. - Hostel Fees @ 3000/Month 2 Nos. 72,000 Uniform @ 2500/Year 2 Nos. 5,000 Stationary @ 3000/Year 2 Nos. 6,000 Insurance @ 1000/Year 2 Nos. 2,000 Conveyance @ 2000/Trip 2 Nos. 8,000 Pocket Money @ 300/month 2 Nos. 7,200 Examination Fees @ 500/sem. 2 Nos. 2,000 Total Rs.102,200 Detailed Exp. Estimate of RAI Foundation Students Particulars Students Amount Tuition Fees 2 Nos. - Hostel Fees @ 3125/month 2 Nos. 75,000 Uniform @ 2500/Year 2 Nos. 5,000 Stationary @ 1500/Year 2 Nos. 3,000 Conveyance @ 1000/Trip 2 Nos. 4,000 Pocket Money @ 300/month 2 Nos. 7,200 Examination Fees @ 500/sem. 2 Nos. 2,000 Total Rs. 96,200 Detailed Exp. Estimate of Nursing Students Particulars Students Amount Tuition Fees @ 45000/child 6 Nos. 270,000 Hostel Fees @ 2500/month 6 Nos. 180,000 Uniform @ 2500/Year 6 Nos. 15,000 Stationary @ 1500/Year 6 Nos. 9,000 Conveyance @ 500/Trip 6 Nos. 6,000 Pocket Money @ 300/month 6 Nos. 21,600 Mess Charges @ 1500/month 6 Nos. 108,00 Examination Fees @ 2500/Year 6 Nos. 15,000 Total Rs.516,600
  13. 13. How Can YOU Help? • For all our future plans a monetary support is essential. • Bitiya is registered in United way. Donations can be made via United way through Employee matching programs. • Donations can be done online on our website. • Corporate donations are welcome. • We are already receiving donations from Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Vanguard, HSBC .
  14. 14. Thank You! Contact: Shubha Bajpay Phone: www.bitiya.org E-mail: sbajpay@bitiya.org