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Strategic Plan Presentation

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Strategic Plan Presentation

  1. 1. LIBR 204-10 Information Organization and Management Professor xxxxxxx July 30, 2010 Project By Rachel xxxx Sarah xxxx Stephanie xxxx Emma xxxx Amanda xxxx Madelyne Wimberley Allison xxxx
  2. 2. Sacramento Public Library The SPL is the fourth largest library system in California. There are 26 branch libraries and a main library. The SPL has over 300 employees. There are over 600,000 card-carrying members. The budget is $35 million dollars.
  3. 3. Literature Review: Marketing The Changing Attitudes Towards Marketing  In the past, librarians have felt marketing had no place in the library. Internal Marketing Before External Marketing  The staff must be educated before they can help spread marketing to their patrons. There are a wide range of traditional and non-traditional marketing methods being used in the library.  These methods could be surveys, focus groups, Facebook posts, advocacy, and relationship marketing.
  4. 4. Our MissionThe Sacramento Public Library (SPL) provides openaccess to diverse resources and ideas that inspirelearning, promote reading, and enhance communitylife. In order to continue these services, the SPL willmaintain its values and vision as well as encourageindividual branches to customize their ownstandards in websites or programs to better servetheir communities. Promoting lifelong learning isimportant to the future of both the library and thecommunity.
  5. 5. Our VisionThe SPL strives to be the best source of knowledgeand information that enriches and empowers allpeople of its community. Embracing currenttechnologies and trends and offering exceptionalcustomer service throughout all the branches willhelp them best serve the individual communities.The SPL will create the best resources possible forobtaining information that will be easily accessiblenow as well as in the future.
  6. 6. Our Values Diversity  Offering a variety of programs, materials, and services for people from different cultures and backgrounds will help improve the quality of services. Literacy  Encouraging community members of all ages to read and educating them about the importance of reading is critical.
  7. 7. Our Values Customer Service  Each customer should be treated equally with the same respect and be given high quality information. Technology  The SPL will strive to be a constant provider in the most up-to-date technologies available. Financial Resources  Using the budget wisely throughout all the departments is important for acquiring the best resources possible.
  8. 8. Consumer Base Sacramento County is the 8th largest in the state. The current Sacramento county population is more diverse than the U.S. as a whole.  36% are a race other than white vs. the U.S. average of 25%.  24% speak a language other than English at home vs. the U.S. average of 18%. Sacramento libraries serves a wide assortment of types of customers from different economic backgrounds.
  9. 9. Financial Threats In 2009, 5 out of 7 Sacramento branch libraries had one day of service eliminated reducing the days open per week from 6 to 5. The 2008/09 Fiscal Year found a decrease in revenue totaling $800,000 in the Sacramento City Fund. 15 position were frozen in the SPL, resulting in the responsibilities being divided between the staff creating a heavier workload and a more stressful environment.
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis The increase in customers through tough economic times will strengthen the libraries ties with the community. The lack of diversity among the staff and materials creates problems getting new patrons involved in the library. The SPL does not have all of the technology they need to meet the demands of public.
  11. 11. Technology Most of the SPL branch libraries report that there are too few computers to meet the demand of users. Additionally, there is not enough resources (workstations, seating and electricity) for the number of people who wish to bring their own devices. There is an increasing demand for self-check technology which offers more language services, private transaction, and customized messaging.
  12. 12. Goal 1: Increase Diversity Objective 1.1 Increase diversity among the staff Objective 1.2 Increase diversity among materials Objective 1.3 Increase diversity among library users
  13. 13. Goal 2: Promote Literacy Objective 2.1 Advertise the Summer Reading program in a positive and fun way so that participation increases each year. Objective 2.2 Increase the number of initial participants each year for the Summer Reading program as well as the number of participants completing the program.
  14. 14. Goal 2: Promote Literacy Objective 2.3 Offer more branch programs for both adults and children to enhance the writing skills of those interested Objective 2.4 Increase adult literacy and participation for SPL’s One Book Sacramento program by 20%
  15. 15. Goal 3: Explore New Technology Objective 3.1 In order to meet the digital needs of an increasingly technological society, web pages must change and grow to maintain an active web presence. The SPL website will be updated to include branch-specific pages.
  16. 16. Goal 3: Explore New Technology Objective 3.2 Use the addition of the branch-specific web page to build the digital library community. Library programming will lead the digital community development through the creation of program-specific pages that capture the local branch community in action.
  17. 17. Goal 3: Explore New Technology Objective 3.3 There are too few technology stations available for the growing library population. Computer terminals requires hardware, software, and physical space. The SPL shall seek grant money to create a pilot program concerning the use of Netbooks within the library as a means of easing the budgetary constraints. Netbooks are cheaper than computer terminals and would not require as much physical space. Existing RFID technology would be utilized to prevent theft.
  18. 18. Goal 4: Compensate for Budget Cuts Objective 4.1 Increase funding to the SPL Foundation/Endowment by 10%. Objective 4.2 Increase source of revenue by applying for grants/Training staff in grant writing.
  19. 19. ConclusionThe Sacramento libraries serve a large variety ofcustomers. The need for new technology and diverselanguage resources is becoming increasingly critical. Wehope that the suggested goals and objectives containedin our strategic plan will help the SPL make strides ratherthan falling behind or even simply keeping afloat. In thecurrent economic downturn, it is all the more crucial thatwe utilize creativity and smart marketing to ensure thatthe public library remain a source of information andcommunity for the people of Sacramento.