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Collegeclub Amsterdam

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Collegeclub Amsterdam

  1. To have a significant impact on health care ?
  2. Two Questions : How many doctors are here ? How many patients are here ?
  3. approx. 500 BC The Hippocratic oath No mention of the role of the ‘patient’ or ‘patior’ Does mention the Godly powers of the doctor To keep uninformed was common
  4. Sir Luke Fildes 1887
  5. Banking will be disrupted ❖ Since 2006 ❖ after announcement IPO in 5 hour $800M ❖ At IPO net worth $8.9B ❖ in beween Google and Twitter ❖ this … is WE banking
  6. Patients & Technology
  7. Innovation time performance 0 most demanding use high quality use medium quality use low quality use disruptive technology Clayton Christensen, Harvard
  8. Neglect time performance 0 Lucien Engelen 2011 pre-gap post-gap
  9. These are blocking me from being in Cannes right now… kidneystones
  10. On wardIntensive At home Current Vitals : Lucien Engelen @REshape And mobile
  11. 2015 / 2016 : 8200
  12. printing meds
  13. M E D
  14. everyone, everywhere, always connected
  15. ‘insideables’
  16. “for the first time ever in history, we will be present when a person gets sick. Professionals will subscribe to patients’ data" @lucienengelen
  17. DIY Health-hack
  18. DIY Aorta mesh Tal Golesworthy, suffers from Marfan syndrome. Invented mesh aortic, that got placed by surgeons
  19. Snel weer ouderwets…
  20. NL in 5 years 100 % already 70% follow-up FaceTalk 2.0 launch March
  21. - 70%
  22. Time will change…
  23. sit back and relax … ?
  24. Flipping the coin via HC IT systems Via the ónly constante in
 healthcare: The patient +
  25. 7 weeks after 1st cup of coffee
  26. We need a Global reimbursement system a THIS is your new backyard
  27. 700 Million research devices 18.000 inclusions in 48h How Apple just became an Academic Medical Center
  28. Research is about asking. Crowdsourcing is co-creation. “this will push into an era of Patient Owned Research (POR)” @lucienengelen
  29. It’s just getting started….
  30. REshapereshape.hackinghealth.ca28-30 Augustus
  31. REshape20-22 Mei, 2016 dutch.hackinghealth.ca
  32. TIME WILL CHANGE FASTER, AND FASTER… GP Specialist This is our perspectiveMillennial doctors
  33. Digital Health(care) Transformation 
 The overall change that is happening driven by digital technology New business models Role change Impact of availability data Burden of continuously change New generation in targeted groups Impact on infrastructure New players From CURE to CARE to PREVENT to WELLNESS Delocalisation Democratisation Digital Dollars
  34. New alliances
  35. most of our impact is belów the surface
  36. Paradigm shift is here already It is yet not evenly distributed, will take 7 - 17 years
  37. 2015, the tipping point of health(care).
  38. So Health(care) is changing, massively! Oppertunities to engage! Are YOU going to take that chance and firestart?
  39. “Technology is the hype, the change will be permanent” @lucienengelen
  40. @lucienengelen 573.388 followers
  41. playlist used video’s Scanadu trailer ScanaFlo TechCrunch Sight Virtual Contact lens Vasculogic Robot Blood drawing Philips Radboudumc COPD AED4.EU Apple Watch app