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  1. 1. The History Of Music Video Owain Will Sam
  2. 2. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up - 1987• Old fashioned microphone• Camera focused on Rick• Appearance: jackets, sunglasses, long dresses, shirts w/collars, slicked back hair• Not much costume changes• Conforms to era• Restrained and low budget• Simple and little story line• Repetitive
  3. 3. PSY – GANGNAM STYLE• LOTS of costume changes• LOTS of different scenes and props• Always accompanied by girls wearing little clothes• He’s represented quite camp in some scenes but in others he shows an obvious interest in women• Repetitive• Vibrant colours• LOTS of editing and camerawork
  4. 4. Similarities• One male character/singer• An obvious emotional interest in women• Pop genre• Love related lyrics
  5. 5. How it’s developed over the last 20 years• More sexual references• Better camera quality• New and shiny props• New and improved sound quality with a lot more effects added to the soundtrack• More editing• Mise en scene has changed which shows a complete difference in society in the two eras
  6. 6. Visual Comparison