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Web quests educ 190

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Web quests educ 190

  1. 1. Process: We formed our group because we have worked well together before. We are seated at the same row in the MITC. Problems I, Laura, encountered was internet connection lost because of the heavy rains, so it was a good thing I already loaded the pages and evaluated some of the WebQuests early. I, Ada, found it hard to assume the roles specified. This problem is related to our lack of groupmates, but upon asking others, they did not know what role to take, nor did they give updates, so we did not consider them part of the group. The announcement about WebQuests was made while the class was distracted with the html work, so it was a good thing the WebQuest instructions were uploaded in the edu20 site. Output: WebQuest Strengths Weaknesses John Wilkes Booth -clear objective -takes a lot of time to accomplish -gives all the necessary -the evaluation of the output relies information heavily on the teacher’s perspective -credible links, maps, and pictures -the topic is too specific to one historical -difficult to cheat in this activity character Landfills -very collaborative -very hypothetical -raises awareness on -does not maximize the use of the environmental issues internet Ancient Egypt -relies heavily on technology (gave -more emphasis on the presentation links with credible information) rather than on the content -collaborative -room for “free riders” -gives instruction on the technology being used Creative Encounters -very high-order thinking skills are -the resource sites given were boring required -the activity may be accomplished -task designation is clear individually -gives instruction on the -individual tasks may be too specifically technology being used stated Poetry of War -requires the skill of composition -the activity could have stood alone -difficult to cheat in this activity (even without the links given, the students could have created a poem about war) -does not use the skill of evaluation Our group evaluated the WebQuests according to how they could be applied in the Philippine setting. Also, since we are to use WebQuests in the classroom (which is why are studying them), we tried to see how they could be used in the schools here, and how students could benefit from them. We also took into consideration the amount of time needed to accomplish the WeQuests since time is a very important factor when teaching and discussing lessons. • 2 Best: Landfills (relevant to current issues on waste disposal and pollution), Poetry of War (can be accomplished in one class meeting, the theme is part of Philippine history)
  2. 2. • 2 Worst: John Wilkes Booth (specific to American history, and to one historical character only), Ancient Egypt (it would have been better if the subject of the brochure were Philippine Heritage Sites or Landmarks; moreover, the activity can be done even if it is taken out of the WebQuest format) Reflection: • There cannot be a “best WebQuest” because there are different factors for the teacher to consider when using the WebQuests. There are only WebQuests with different objectives. • The web is a great tool for easy access to different kinds of resources such as videos, articles, pictures, lists, graphs, etc. • WebQuests enable the teacher to control the students’ internet use. He/she can already provide and specify the resources they are to consult. • WebQuests, from the name itself, should depend on technology to be accomplished. If the WebQuest activities can be accomplished without the students' use of the internet, then it defeats the purpose of a WebQuest. Attachments: ROLE: THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT You value time a great deal. You believe that too much time is wasted in today's classrooms on unfocused activity and learners not knowing what they should be doing at a given moment. To you, a good WebQuest is one that delivers the most learning bang for the buck. If it's a short, unambitious activity that teaches a small thing well, then you like it. If it's a longterm activity, it had better deliver a deep understanding of the topic it covers, in your view. WebQuest Strengths Weaknesses John Wilkes Booth -all links are there; many links -what is required is very subjective to because of the amount of material the teacher's perception despite the that must be studied rubric -many of the linked pages do not -writing the diary takes a lot of time, contain text that is too long especially with the many aspects of -one clear objective that is actually Booth's life to consider complex: to write a diary that -the language objective with the chosen reflects John Wilkes' Booth's topic that can be boring; too much time character and the missing portion to read the resources just to write a diary of his diary -needs a mastery of language, -with enough time, the students interpretation, and creativity read about a lot of historical events: Civil War, assassination, biography of Booth Landfills -did its objective: to assess landfill -process page contains what is in intro locations (redundant)
  3. 3. -too much waste of time with choices of sites and discussions as a group -very hypothetical with the issue of finance Ancient Egypt -accomplished objective of -not all the students will be able to really (best for efficiency learning about Egypt research on each special topics of Egypt expert) -reporting and brochures give -peer evaluation gives more credibility opportunities for showing to judgment, but presentation style and creativity and students can learn entertainment could distract from more about Egypt (like those content and credibility of experts things they missed) through what the other groups will discuss -takes much time to search for sources, read, note down, assess, create the presentation, and practice how to present, but lets students have a broad and thorough knowledge of Egypt Creative Encounters -good that it gives already the -too much time to have individual needed probe questions when research, then assigning of roles and studying the different number keeping those roles when reading about systems the different number systems and processing the HOTS just to learn about the base 10 number system Poetry of War -interesting theme of war to -too many resources to read just so (worst for efficiency capture attention of students students make a poem expert) -history and language integration -too much time wasted for the objective of “poetry for expression” ROLE: THE TECHNOPHILE You love this internet thang. To you, the best WebQuest is one that makes the best use of the technology of the Web. If a WebQuest has attractive colors, animated gifs, and lots of links to interesting sites, you love it. If it makes minimal use of the Web, you'd rather use a worksheet. WebQuest Strengths Weaknesses John Wilkes Booth -credible maps and pictures -not a very attractive topic -lots of links that are all there that -the colors chosen for the site aren't very the student can use engaging -interesting topic of an -the resources could be taken from assassination that students can libraries or printed out, the internet just speculate on makes it easier to access -use their creativity in writing -diary is not specifically using technology: pictures are hand-drawn
  4. 4. Landfills -nice humorous pictures in the site -blue and white site too bright (worst for -pictures too small, should be bigger technophile) -almost no use of technology for research or output -can be presented by teacher without any use of computer, just print-outs Ancient Egypt -love the pictures -a resource gives sample Ancient Egypt (best for -with animated gif files PowerPoint slides which can easily be technophile) -short texts plagiarized y the students -includes video resources -many aspects of Egypt have to be -links are interesting looked at and the number of slides is -uses technology for presentation limiting (PowerPoint slides) -tutorial for PowerPoint presentations included Creative Encounters -colorful site with nice background -presentation can be in Excel and and buttons PowerPoint, but can be through poster or -with animated gif files book -gives instruction on using word, -the resource sites are boring to look at the internet's back button, and how because the pictures aren't very colorful to save the file to navigate or interesting technology -many links that have the needed information Poetry of War -interesting and haunting pictures -resource links are boring to read -color scheme of site fits the war because of the lack of pictures theme -resource materials could just be printed, use of technology limited ROLE: THE AFFILIATOR The Affiliator: To you, the best learning activities are those in which students learn to work together. WebQuests that force collaboration and create a need for discussion and consensus are the best in your view. If a WebQuest could be done by a student working alone, it leaves you cold. WebQuest Strengths Weaknesses John Wilkes Booth -the information provided are very - although the WebQuest advices the insightful and will enable the students to discuss with others their student to perform the assigned thoughts on John Wilkes Booth and the task Civil War before proceeding to writing -helpful tips are given so as to their diary entries, some students can ensure that the student has the right still do the WebQuest alone, especially if schema to accomplish the they are the type who prefer to work WebQuest individually. They can still look at the
  5. 5. clues given and come up with the diary entry even without discussing with others, although the task may become harder for them. Landfills -the approach of the WebQuest is -since the activity will be concluded the class as a part a Commissioners through an election for the most Court. This gives much room and appropriate site, some may not work as need to discuss amongst diligently as the others on the themselves the appropriate site to WebQuest. They may rely on the other choose while raising their members of the class to reach a decision. awareness on problems regarding landfills. Ancient Egypt -the number of people in the group -the required contribution for each and the required task for each member is no less than 2 slides each. member is specified Since this is the case, some members of -this activity requires smaller the group may opt to just take the groups, which in principle, should responsibilities of the others if they do be easier to manage not cooperate. Creative Encounters -the task is fairly challenging -students may tend to focus too much on (best for affiliator) which may compel the students to their own tasks within the group which really help each other as a group may hinder cooperation and -roles and tasks of each group collaboration member are specified Poetry of War - students may ask each other for - the task entails the students to research (worst for affiliator) help in understanding the poems poems individually better -there is little room for collaboration. It is more of an intrapersonal activity. ROLE: THE ALTITUDINIST The Altitudinist: Higher level thinking is everything to you. There's too much emphasis on factual recall in schools today. The only justification for bringing technology into schools is if it opens up the possibility that students will have to analyze information, synthesize multiple perspectives, and take a stance on the merits of something. You also value sites that allow for some creative expression on the part of the learner. WebQuest Strengths Weaknesses John Wilkes Booth -the activity challenges students to -some may just copy and paste the really research and make sense of information they get from the many the clues given to them in order to sources given if they do not find the come up with a realistic diary entry activity motivating Landfills -students have to really evaluate -some students may not participate in and discuss which among the 3 the discussion and collaboration. They could be the most appropriate site might just go with what the majority
  6. 6. to be chosen for the landfill. They chooses. cannot just randomly choose a site. Ancient Egypt -students are able to learn more -the activity requires students to make a (worst for about Egypt travel brochure, which doesn’t entail altitudinist) -students are to make a creative much analysis of the information given output based on their learnings to them, just synthesis. Creative Encounters -the students really have to think of -each student has a specific task to (best for altitudinist) a numerical system based on the fulfill. This may limit their exploration circumstances given to them of the data and information they are to -the required output is challenging, analyze. analytical, and creative Poetry of War - the WebQuest requires the -the students do not necessarily have to students to come up with a creative take a stance on the poems they are to output read. They are just to make a poem out -they are to make a new poem out of them. of the poems they are to read