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Tips for Optimizing Your Recruiting Strategy | Webcast

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To be a modern recruiter, you have to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and tools and keep your creative and analytical skills sharp. Red Hat's talent acquisition experts and LinkedIn’s Rob Humphrey give you actionable tips and real life examples that can help you optimize your recruiting strategy, both on and off LinkedIn.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Recruiting Strategy | Webcast

  1. 1. Modern Recruiting: 3 Fundamentals You Should Master
  2. 2. Meet Your Speakers #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin Red Hat: Kristin Archbold, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner Laura Murray, Team Lead & Senior Project Manager, Employment Branding Jamie Williams, Senior Employment Branding Specialist LinkedIn: Rob Humphrey, Senior Manager, Content Rob Trout, Global Client Success Manager
  3. 3. #hiretowin rhumphrey@linkedin.com @therobhumphrey
  4. 4. LinkedIn and Modern Recruiting 3 0 0 M +M E M B E R S W O R L D W I D E 1 0 9 M +N O R T H A M E R I C A #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  5. 5. The Agenda: 3 Fundamentals 1. Tell your story 2. Source like a pro 3. Build and promote your brand #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  6. 6. A R T S C I E N C E What is Modern Recruiting?
  8. 8. Your story starts with you. Viewing member profiles is the #1 activity on LinkedIn 45 Million profile views take place every day
  9. 9. Profiles That Inspire Kristin Archbold | Red Hat 01 Picture 02 Killer opening 03 Video / Images 04 Updates #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  10. 10. Long Form Content
  11. 11. Company Pages Red Hat 01 Bold, memorable visuals 02 Focus on employees 03 Updates fuel engagement #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  12. 12. Metrics that Matter #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  13. 13. 02 SOURCE LIKE A PRO
  14. 14. Passive What? #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  15. 15. Get smart Get to know your talent pools #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  16. 16. Technology LinkedIn Recruiter Shown 02 Filters 01 Boolean Search 03 Fun with result sets
  17. 17. Master Boolean Search “ “ E X A C T P H R A S E “ G A M E P R O G R A M M E R ” A N D N A R R O W S E A R C H X X X A N D X X X X O R E X P A N D S E A R C H P R O G R A M M E R O R D E V E L O P E R N O T R E M O V E N O T R E C R U I T E R N O T C O M P A N Y ( ) G R O U P T E R M S “ G A M E P R O G R A M M E R ” A N D ( C + + O R J A V A )
  18. 18. Hi Atalay, I noticed your insightful comment on Richard Branson's Influencer post last week, 'Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services'. It sounds like you know a thing or two about technology in the financial sector. At ABC we're working on cracking the digital wallet and have some high-priority projects that..." Make InMails Beg for a Response
  19. 19. The 9 Golden Rules of InMail rhumphrey@linkedin.com
  21. 21. Talent Brand is highly social, totally public version of what talent thinks and shares about your company as a place to work.
  22. 22. Maximize your presence 01 Stretch your canvas. 02 Paint 03 Video
  23. 23. Targeted Status Updates Your update Yes, can add images Target audiences
  24. 24. Involve Your Organization Share and tell Celebrate
  25. 25. Jobs carry your story 01 Compelling opener 02 Encourage me to follow and share 03 Rich media is a must
  26. 26. Write for the Mobile Web Blank Canvas ART
  27. 27. A R T I S T S C I E N T I S T