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Go places: Unlocking culture to brew a unique employer brand | Talent Connect 2017

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Embark on HEINEKEN’s journey to inspire candidates, consumers and society in general with its unique culture. This story will take you places. You will see how HEINEKEN unlocked its DNA, rallied the whole organisation behind or created an engaging, interactive and award-winning campaign. Get your backstage pass and enjoy your employer branding ride with HEINEKEN.

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Go places: Unlocking culture to brew a unique employer brand | Talent Connect 2017

  1. 1. Talent Connect – 4th October Alfonso Auñón García Global Employer Brand Lead HEINEKEN
  2. 2. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  3. 3. Growing our people, growing our business Heineken is the best premium beer brand in the world HEINEKEN will be the best employer brand in the world
  4. 4. Go Places is an Ambition #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  5. 5. Who are we? FAME Wow the World. Do things, be ambitious, create the future, leave a winning legacy. Whatever it is, do it remarkably yet always responsibly. ADVENTURE Cross your borders. Dare to be different, try new things, explore new territories. Keep being curious and progressive. FRIENDS Grow friendships, embrace meeting strangers. Share a beer or a cider, and a conversation, wherever you are around the globe. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  6. 6. Don’t mould me, stretch me! Who are they?
  7. 7. Creative Direction #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  8. 8. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  9. 9. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  10. 10. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  11. 11. 1 2 3 The Go Places Candidate Journey in 4 steps 4 #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  12. 12. The Interview Profiles The Pioneer The Achiever The Enthusiast The Initiator The Mediator The Investigator The High-Flyer The Traditionalist #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  13. 13. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  14. 14. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  15. 15. Go Places Around the Globe (And many more…) HUSA Mexico Brazil Nigeria Egypt Ethiopia Spain Portugal- UK France Poland Romania Italy Singapore New Zealand Taiwan Vietnam Ireland Papua New Guinea #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  16. 16. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  17. 17. Results - Summary Engagement across 70 markets in 23 languages English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese most prevalent languages +300 individual media stories Including: Dazed, Complex, Merca2.o, AdWeek, LinkedIn, Campaign MANIFESTO VIEWS +3 million total views of manifesto & teaser video 330K total interviews started 60% (198K) of interviews completed 10% share rate on social 4 million total engagements(**) on social & news +300% increase in visits and job applications +18 million impressions 130k new followers acquired Talent Brand 25% (+5%) GLOBAL REACH INTERVIEWS MEDIA COVERAGE ENGAGEMENT LINKEDIN OTHER AWARDS 2 prizes at Eurobest 2016 3 prizes at Spin Awards 1 prize at Awwwards 1 prize at FWA (*) Not including individuals’ Facebook profile posts due to API / legal restrictions (**) Engagements: Total number of interactions (i.e. Twitter re-tweets and likes, Facebook or Instagram shares and likes, post comments, article shares, etc.) with online content on 5:30 average session time 75% new sessions 50% total sessions on mobile #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  18. 18. Results – Media Stories #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  19. 19. Career Page viewers even more than tripled after the launch of the campaign 3.7x more Career Page Viewers #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  20. 20. © 2017 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. | 101 of 21 Career Page Traffic Career Page Traffic Vs. Peers
  21. 21. K 2K 4K 6K 8K 10K 12K 14K 16K 18K 20K Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Dec-16 Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 New Monthly Followers New monthly Followers more than doubled at the launch of the campaign 2.1x more Career Page Viewers #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  22. 22. Job Applications doubled during the campaign Data includes all job applications initiated on LinkedIn.com (includes applies and apply clicks) 2x more job applications #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  23. 23. Results – Quality of Hire #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces
  24. 24. #WeAreOnaMission #WeGoPlaces Thank You!