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New Year’s Resolutions of Talent Acquisition Leaders in 2015

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We asked 8 talent acquisition thought leaders what their professional resolutions are to set both themselves and their teams up for success in 2015. Here’s what they had to say.

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New Year’s Resolutions of Talent Acquisition Leaders in 2015

  1. 1. “In 2015, I would like to move the talent focus away from purely immediate and short term needs and place greater emphasis on 5 and 10 + years ahead. The drive should be to arm ourselves against key succession gaps and work in collaboration as organizations to influence the next generation of talent.” Jennifer Candee Head of Global Talent Acquisition SABMiller
  2. 2.   “How can the TA team be laser focused on game changing recruiting strategies for the business? We can’t do what we have always done, so what are we doing differently in the key areas of Talent Delivery, Talent Operations and Talent Pipelines to win top talent for our organization.” Melissa Thompson Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition Citrix
  3. 3. “2015 is the year of improving human experiences in recruiting. My new year’s resolution is to stop having the circular conversation, “the candidate is a customer and the customer is also a candidate.” Everyone is a customer, period. At every step, ask ourselves this question: Is that how we should treat our customers?”  Phil Hendrickson Chief Talent Strategist Qwalify
  4. 4. “I’ll continue to use creative ways to engage and invigorate our employee talent ambassadors. One idea we are exploring is asking employees to be a part of telling our story with infographics or selfie videos that we can post on our career site and social media properties. This is a fun and creative way to share authentic and meaningful employment brand messages.”   Brett Underhill Director, Recruiting Programs Prudential Financial
  5. 5.  “First: Let at least 3 people per day know how grateful I am for them in specific terms. Second: Never use HR or TA lingo or language... always talk in business terms.” Brendan Browne Sr. Director of Global Talent Acquisition LinkedIn
  6. 6. Mike Bailen Director of Recruiting Eventbrite   “My professional resolution for 2015 is to reach out and get to know industry experts and thought leaders outside of the TA space. Gaining diversity of thought and perspective is the catalyst for new ideas and innovation.”
  7. 7. “One of my professional resolutions is to better understand the peripheral niche areas that touch recruiting. I plan on attending SourceCon to learn how technology is fundamentally changing the way organizations identify and attract talent. I also plan on attending Direct Employers, which offers lessons in compliance surrounding our profession.” Rob Dromgoole Director of Talent Acquisition Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  8. 8. “In 2015, I will ignite the Law of Attraction through digital storytelling. To me, this means having people identify lululemon as a brand that they have a connection with and choose. I plan to build authentic buzz about lululemon athletica as an employer by sharing the stories and experiences of our people.” Ashley Dalziel Recruitment Manager, Global Retail and Talent Scouts lululemon athletica
  9. 9. Go forth and conquer your goals! Start with the LinkedIn Talent Blog. talent.linkedin.com/blog/ Image sources: Christopher Griner; Linda Tanner; Chase Elliot Clark; Nathan; Matt Haddaway; Kelsey; @Doug88888; lululemon